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5/7/13 12:32 P

thanks guys - i've been to a hospital - I went the day of the fall (b/c it was at a store) and I've had a MRI (fall was almost 3 weeks ago) I have months of therapy left - my neck and lower back are pretty much messed up

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5/5/13 3:05 P

Wow! You are truly an inspiration. And you sound truly motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I concur that healthy living is more about what you put into your body versus movement. And we all experience times when we can't move as much as we like. During those times, focus on making sure you are making wise food choices and measure and track every morsel you shove into your mouth.

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5/5/13 2:12 P

First of all, I am so sorry to hear of your difficulty and you should feel very proud to have been able to walk 1.5 miles with your walker. Great job!! Next, I would recommend that you go see a medical doctor and have an x-ray taken of your back. With that much pain and not being able to be very mobile you could have injured your back seriously in your fall. Yes, still watch and monitor your calorie intake, but you also need to get that movement into your day. I pray that you get some relief soon and please see a doctor to check you out to make sure nothing is broken. I had taken a terrible fall over my son's dog leash and did make sure nothing was broken by the doctor. THEN I went to my chiropractor and found out that my ribs and spine was out of whack so he adjusted me and I improved within 3 days. Please just make sure nothing is broken. emoticon

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5/5/13 1:54 P

Track your food. Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is not about the gym... it's about the kitchen! how much you eat has the largest impact on your weight. Regular exercise makes the process easier (and allows you to eat more and still lose weight) but the magic happens on your dinner plate.

5/5/13 1:17 P

and yes can't is literally cant.

First off I have a rare form of neuropathy - which for a while was stopping me from diong much of anything. But I was fighting it - I use a walker/wheelchair most of the time. But I got myself to the point where I was able to walk 1.5 miles with my walker (I was very proud of myself)

but I had a slip n fall and now I can't even walk from my bedroom to my living room w/o my back killing me. I have gained 10lbs in 2 weeks b/c of it (and I live in a single wide mobile home so the living room is not far away)

I wear a neck brace the pain in my back is horrible. I'm tired all the time.

but I don't want to gain a ton!

UGH - what do I do! I see a Chiropractor but not in PT yet. So what do you guys recommend.

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