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PUNKADOO Posts: 146
1/10/13 7:58 A

Way to go! I love the holidays but am glad the temptation season is over now. It took me a couple of weeks to get back on track and it's nice to know I'm not the only one who struggled. Thanks for being an inspiration!

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
1/9/13 7:29 P

Great job!!!! Remember that moment! :)

GOMARTI Posts: 3,384
1/9/13 6:12 P

Way to go both of you!!!!!

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
1/9/13 5:18 P

Yeah! It feels good to have that moment where you are totally IN and ready! My moment was when I couldn't bend over in my jeans over the holidays and I actually showed up at my sister's house on New Year's eve in yoga pants! emoticon At least I was comfortable in my embarassment! And she put hers on, too. And we both ate and drank ourselves into oblivion and got back on the wagon the next day.

87NIGHTOWL SparkPoints: (710)
Fitness Minutes: (8)
Posts: 8
1/9/13 4:57 P

yay i'm so proud of you!!! :D I've been off the wagon as well for quite a while lol and lately i've been using the fact that my job is boring as another reason for being all mopey and depressed and throwing myself onto my bed instead of into my workout clothes lol

Finally realized though that if my jobs this easy why not use my extra time to lose weight :D haha i'm one of those people that used to freak out though and be like no i only 5 hours before work! i don't have time to workout, shower, relax, eat, dress, and head out :P Silly me.

Glad you're back on though :D Hopefully everyone hits their revelations soon :D

STARDUST2K4 Posts: 1,376
1/9/13 4:48 P

That's awesome! sometimes all it takes is one small action such as you putting the candy back down, to feel completely motivated and empowered. It's a reminder that we ARE in control of what we do and what we out into our mouths


KATHYTOLLEY SparkPoints: (74)
Fitness Minutes: (5)
Posts: 1
1/9/13 1:42 P

me too, in Jesus' name!

MIRV22 Posts: 643
1/9/13 1:30 P

Just wanted to rejoice in the fact that I'm back on track. All it took was one ice breaking moment and I was back on that wagon....yay! Since my son started school in August, I've been out of sorts. It messed up my workout routine, then going into the Holidays I started eating badly and I gained 10 pounds back in 4 months! I knew I wanted to get back on the wagon, but I kept thinking..."I'll start tomorrow," but never would.

Last week, when passing the kitchen table at work there was a bowl of candy. I picked up a piece, looked at it and immediately threw it down and thought "I don't need that." It was the moment that broke the ice and all I needed to tell me that I could do this. I have weigh in on Friday, I'm hoping to see a few pounds lost.....I FEEL so much better though.

I'm just so relieved to be back to healthy habits again! Phew!

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