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10/7/12 2:35 P

An old school manual push would be completely out of the question if we had more yard, or more hills, or...yeah. We have a very slight slope for a few feet of the back yard, and other than that, it is perfectly flat. I would definitely need to keep it mowed very regularly because it would be out of the question if it grew taller.

Hopefully by the time next summer's real heat and humidity return in earnest, I'll be fit enough that the effort required for the non-engine mower is a more reasonable workout. My "new" mower today kicked my rump and felt like I had done real aerobics for an hour, and that was on the coolest day of the year so far (it was only 72 when I mowed this morning) so I reserve the right to rethink that decision when this cheapo used one is ready for the junk yard!

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10/7/12 2:31 P

You "can" track anything that gets your HR into an aerobic zone and keeps it there for at least 10 minutes.

I find lawnmowing does. I get hot and sweaty and need a shower after - and that's with a power (for cutting, not moving) one, not a hand push one!

It's up to you. If you feel your lawnmowing "feels like exercise" go ahead and track that. If it doesn't, don't.

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10/7/12 2:28 P

Ha I didn't even know I could track mowing the yard?! I mow the front and backyard with a push mower, its electric but doesn't have the self propel on it and I actually prefer the non self propelled ones, but could not handle an old school manual push one in this Florida heat.

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True. I guess I'm just wondering in case I fail to put the HRM on one week, I want to make sure I find the most accurate listing. The hand mower seemed to fall close enough, so I can keep using that if I forget. Thanks! Logic is not always (understatement!) my strong suit.

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10/7/12 2:10 P

Why question what your mower is properly called? You had an HRM on - you know your personal burn from it. You don't need a tracker entry. You can either manually enter it (if the new one for example doesn't give such a similar burn rate) or keep using the hand mower entry regardless of the fact it's not a hand mower. The values work for you.

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10/7/12 12:15 P

We have a postage stamp yard (less than 1/4 acre) and it has always seemed lazy to use a riding lawn mower, but it came with the house when we bought it. The tractor died a few weeks ago, and the cost to repair is more than I'm willing to pay, so I bought a used push mower to finish out the season (in Southern Alabama, we may continue mowing grass into December; last year it never stopped growing) and am not sure if it qualifies as hand or power?

My husband has always been the lawn guy, but he is picking up extra hours helping a friend on weekends, so I will be inheriting lawn mowing and wanted workout variety. The mower has an engine to turn the blades, but it does not have power assist in the wheels - all forward momentum will be me. I wore my HRM today when using it for the first time, and in 50 minutes for front, sides, and back (and tagged half of my elderly neighbor's yard - we split her yard with the neighbor on the other side after she fell while mowing last year), and I kept pace and exertion high enough to elevate heart rate easily into cardio and it said I burned 352 calories. The hand mower choice in fitness said 338 so I went with it for now, but I'm just curious what my cheapo used mower would be called?

The thing was only $25 and will probably only last a few months' of use, so once it dies, I'm thinking about getting a non-powered old style without an engine for more work (and less expense / emissions).

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