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BILL60 Posts: 975,130
3/10/13 9:58 A

Welcome to SP. The very best to you on your journey.

IT-IS-WHATITIS Posts: 1,998
3/9/13 3:49 P

WELCOME! Nice to have you with us! I love my Sparkworld, and so will you!
Well, sounds like you have done all the diets out there, just like me... I had to learn, which you will learn too, first step in losing weight, STOP dieting. Healthy eating is the way to go.

Here are tips I put together to share with each new Sparkperson I meet. I hope it will be a help to you as you work toward reaching your goals!

First of all, think about creating a Sparkpage or if you have the setting for private, make it public. Great place to send you encouragement, support and Sparkgoodies! It is also the place you can keep us updated on reaching your goals!
To create your Sparkpage, you will see a link to create one on your START page. The "Create Profile/SparkPage" link is located in the "My Community" section, which is in the upper right area of the Start Page. You just click on that link and then follow the step-by-step instructions to setup your Page.

The site can be overwhelming, take your time. Learn one topic at a time, when you get comfortable with it, move on to another area of the site. Soon you will be using all the tools SP has to offer, and loving it!

If you get stuck, and have a technical question about the site, here is a link to the Customer Support Team that is eager to help you:
(only technical questions, if you have a nutrition, fitness, or health question, post the question in the Forums, other Spark members will eagerly try to help you!

Use your Spark Points (click on view SparkPoints) as a map to the site. It is a good way to learn your way around and you can earn points to send yourself or others Sparkgoodies.

Go back to your Start Page if you get lost, you can get almost anywhere from there.

Be sure to use the nutrition tracker. You can ensure you are getting the proper nutrients as well as tracking your caloric intake and this is so important to any weight loss journey.
Never "diet" again! Keep focusing on living a healthier lifestyle!

Read the book, THE SPARK for guidance, motivation and inspiration!
Check out for extra support, motivation, and inspiration. I joined it, and LOVING IT! Great way to stay accountable!

Log on everyday to stay focused!

THINK POSITIVE! If you have a bad day, let it go.
Wake up to a new day, fresh start!

One of my favorite SP quotes (from BobbyD31)
"Remember we all have Setbacks:

Remember, this is a LIFETIME JOURNEY!!

The online community on the site is wonderful! We are all here to offer support when you need it, and celebrate your successes with you. Any type of interest you have, there will be a Sparkteam for it!

Stop by my Sparkpage anytime and let me know how you are doing! I would love to hear from you!

Enjoy your journey to a healthier you!

Have FUN along the way!

TIME2BLOOM4ME SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (84,670)
Posts: 5,104
3/9/13 10:33 A

Focus on a positive attitude. Beleive in yourself. Don't give up. Use the food tracker honestly, by measuring food.

If you believe you will fail - then you will.

BILL60 Posts: 975,130
3/9/13 8:13 A

Welcome to SP. I wish you success in your journey.

DANYLEIN SparkPoints: (94,578)
Fitness Minutes: (33,086)
Posts: 359
3/8/13 8:48 P

Sherry, I have tried it all as well. It all boils down to this: eat less, exercise more. It's really that simple. No gimmicks or pills are the answer. It's good old fashioned hard work.
I strongly suggest you stay with SparkPeople. The support on here is incredible. I have no support group around me. I live alone here. This website has done wonders.
Is it easy? No. But it works. A day at a time.
I wish you all the very best. Remember, we are all here for you.


NEWLISA2013 Posts: 69
3/8/13 7:46 P

I agree...the tools will really help if you utilize them. I use my nutrition tracker, as well as the fitness tracker. Spark pages, blogs and the forum. I haven't done much fitness, as I am a newbie myself. 2 weeks in. But I am on here everyday. I log all of my food. Calories sure do add up fast. You will eventually find what works for you. Hopefully this will be it.

SHERRYA9 SparkPoints: (568)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 3
3/8/13 5:15 P

Thank you for your response, appreciate it.

LAURELSPARK SparkPoints: (102,898)
Fitness Minutes: (84,404)
Posts: 6,727
3/8/13 4:35 P

Hi and welcome to SparkPeople. There are so many great tools and great people involved with this site. I'm sure that SP can help you along on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Good luck reaching your goals!

NOW_IM_IT Posts: 4,508
3/8/13 4:07 P

Hi, Welcome to SP! I hope you enjoy your time here & that it helps turn your emoticon
into emoticon real soon!!

When I started here almost 5 years ago, the thing that helped me the most was the nutrition tracker-It let me see just how much food I was consuming. I always thought, "I don't eat that much!" And it made me accountable for what I took in, and I was able to lose 75 pounds!
Plus I gained self confidence and a love for things I never dreamed I'd be doing, like playing tennis or trying TaeBo!!

I've seen a loooong 'plateau' the past few years with the onset of menopause, but I am still learning and trying new things in my quest to get healthier! Our relationships to food are very complicated it seems, but I'd recommend staying connected with others are are going thru the same things & have the same desire as you to live that long healthy, happy life!!

Glad you're here!!

SHERRYA9 SparkPoints: (568)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 3
3/8/13 3:25 P

I have been on nutri system and lost the weight only to gain it back. I've tried diet pills only to get myself with bad effects from the medicines. Tried over the counter diet pills and lost a few pounds. Tried Jenny Craig did not last. Tried protein drinks lost a few pounds only to gain it back again. Seems like nothing helps. I just look and food and gain weight. I feel like a failure and cannot look good in clothes, cause I gotta use baggy clothes to not show how much weight I have gained through out the years. Don't want to attend my class reunion, don't want to see my old class mates how I look and of course I want to look good for my husband, who has been supportive no matter how I look. But I also want to be healthy and stop taking insulins and lose the weight so that I don't have all the aches and pain that goes with getting older and over weight. I want to live a longer and healthy life and enjoy my retirement. emoticon

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