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JJAQUES41 Posts: 54
8/30/12 12:36 P

Excellent suggestion! Strength training is on the menu!

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8/30/12 12:29 P

I totally feel you on the big event... however, what matters isn't that you weigh a certain amount when you go. It's that you look good, and FEEL GOOD, in the skin you're in. If you want my advice, start lifting weights yesterday. :) It won't necessarily help you lose more weight faster (strength training doesn't burn a lot of calories) but it will help you feel and look better overall, as well as improving the appearance of the fat you do have.

You will look great, no matter what. You are making steps to living a healthy lifestyle, and that, my friend, will show. :)

JJAQUES41 Posts: 54
8/30/12 11:44 A

THANKS so much for the response Dragonchilde! I understand what you're saying-I just have to be more patient, ugh! Unfortunately I can't move my target date as it's a big event that I have to attend, but I can adjust my mind as to what's a reasonable weight to be at by that time. You're right, it's not a linear process-no matter how much my type A personality wants it to be!

I appreciate you checking out my data and providing some useful feedback.

Have a great day!

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8/30/12 11:33 A

Jaques, ewelcome! The closer you get to your goal weight, the slower you will lose. You can reasonably aim to lose about 3% of your remaining weight to lose each week. So for you, that meant when you started you could aim for about .5-.6 pounds per week.

You lost 5 pounds in two months. That's actually right about .5 pounds per week! Therefore, you're not doign anything wrong, your'e actually right on track.

The problem in your case is your expectations. If you had 200 pounds to lose, losing 20 pounds in a few months is doable, but for you, you just aren't fat enough to lose that much, that quickly. It's time to readjust your priorities, and realize that this is going to take time. You are simply not likely to lose 15 pounds by november. Once you lose five more pounds, your expectations for how much to lose each week will drop as well. With 10 pounds left, you can aim to lose about .25-.3 pounds per week.

What you're doing is working. Just give it time, and adjust your expectations of what's realistic for your body. Move your target date out, and realize that weight loss isn't a linear process. Time-based deadlines are really not that helpful... they're good for doing the math, but the realistic truth is, our bodies aren't calculators... nor calendars.

Keep up the good work... you WILL lose your weight, but it is going to take longer than you originally planned.

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JJAQUES41 Posts: 54
8/30/12 11:12 A

I am having similar problem, not losing weight. Began the program on July 7th and have a target date to be at my target weight by early November. I figured that would give me plenty of time to lose approx. 20 lbs, but it's been almost two months and I've only lost 5lbs! That means I need to lose 15 lbs in the next two months and I don't see it happening. Am recording food religiously and use that to create my grocery list and menu for one week in advance. I make additional items for dinner to increase calories for my husband, and two growing teenagers-but I don't eat it if it's not on my meal planner.

Also recording fitness. Work out Monday for 30 min and Tues-Thurs for 1 hr with friend. You can see how we mix it it. Doing stuff on my own other days. Beginning a Wed 1 hr routine next week with another friend. Have a schedule we are all following using SP workouts, etc.

I'm missing something and don't know what it is-can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I feel great, but the numbers aren't cooperating.

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7/18/12 8:05 P

I looked at your food logs you seem to be all over the place up one day, down one. up two or three and then no tracking for a few...I know you stated your ranges were very high but even still your not making those ranges on your log. Find out what those ranges should be like Becky said. I also wonder about some of the calories that you have entered for some of the foods...are you getting this info from the label, spark or spark member entries? Some of them look kind of low to me. If you relying on spark member entries you could be entering a lot less than you are consuming. Are you breaking out the measuring cups, spoons and scale??? or are you estimating? I ask this because I see that you measure your butter in "pats"

Do you have pats of butter around? those are usually what you find in the restaurant bread basket Most of us have a stick at home and we take out a measuring spoon (not a ruler) to make sure it is correctly measured. so my entry would be 1 teaspoon or .5 tablespoons of butter.

When you enter food like eggs in are you taking into consideration the oil/butter that you cook it with? Are you thinking that can of Pam has 0 calories 0 fat...It doesn't! unless you press the button for 1/5 of a second (only) or something ridiculous like that. It usually ends up being a teaspoon or more by the time we cover the bottom of the pan which has calories and fat. I found for me that I had to measure everything including the hidden calories in condiments, sauces and dressings. Those things add up quick. and depending on what your calorie range is could be a small meal.

I would be sure that you are tracking and measuring everything first...get that down well and then step 2 would be looking at where you are getting your calories from and making better choices...Like not skipping lunch and having 900 calorie chicken salad with cake for dinner. Even though you may stay in your range by having that, your not doing yourself any favors by skipping meals and eating a high fat content in one day. Don't get me wrong having a treat once in a while or even every day is ok but it should be after you have eaten a well balanced diet and have allotted calories for those treats. I think that day 50% of your calories came from fats that particular day. Those are the things that will sabotage your weight loss, and not measuring everything you put into your mouth even if you have a bad eating day.

Don't expect this to happen overnight either...It took me about 4 weeks to be able to get the food log manageable...and there are some days I still struggle. Try to take it in steps...Any time anyone says they are not losing weight tells me that they are not logging their calories in properly or they only just started and expect immediate results.

You will hear this a lot is progress not perfection. Best wishes to you in your new healthy journey.

SPLINTTER SparkPoints: (6,601)
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7/18/12 7:52 P

A lot of it could be what you are eating as much as how much you are eating. When i started I got rid of all Soda's and sweet drinks. The only thing I drink since then is water and flavored water/Diet Ice tea. That alone let me lose 8 lbs my first week. Then you have to watch what you intake besides the calories. Every meal I eat till I'm full but instead of eating a bunch of junk to hit a calorie mark i eat a huge salad, some steamed veggies maybe a baked potato and a small meat portion. You keep your calorie count low low low but your full full full and your good for hours! Another thing if your true to your exercising you start feeling amazing and have tons of energy and love it! Its not always about the scale but how you feel in life :) Keep up the hard work and you will get there! Check out this great blog by a fellow member, it says it all! :)

SEAGIRL545 Posts: 88
7/18/12 5:06 P

The ticker at the bottom of your posts says you are trying to lose 257 pounds, which makes me think maybe you entered something wrong when you set up your plan.

Walking Away The Pounds doesn't actually walk away pounds in a week or 2. Your weight loss will come initially from your diet. Concentrate on tracking everything every day, and consider the exercise just a way to get fit, not drop pounds.

TAOZEN Posts: 237
7/18/12 4:55 P

Try to balance your meals in terms of lean protein, complex carbs, and health fats. as becky said it seems you may be eating too much. I am a 6'1 guy and spark has my caloric intake at 2,100-2,400. Just cut back a little and track and see if that help. I would recommend going to a registered dietitian. They will set up a meal plan with you and make changes to help you. I had hit a wall and went to one and found out I was not eating enough.

7/18/12 2:55 P

1890-2200 is a very high calorie range, most women would NOT lose weight on this amount.

So one of three things happened.
1. Our SP program sometimes gives a too high calorie range for people who have a greater amount to lose.
2. You entered something incorrectly.
3. A combination of 1 and 2 happened.

If you share your:
calories burned through planned exercise...

I can check this all out, and report back.

My initial guess is that you should be eating more in the calorie range of 1400-1600.

SP Dietitian Becky

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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7/18/12 2:27 P

WEll, before we start troubleshooting, let me tell you that it hasn't been long; it can take 6-8 weeks for a healthy lifestyle change (especially when you add exercise) to start showing results on the scale.

I did take a look at your tracker for the last week; it looks like you're not actually sticking with your plan... you're undereating! This can have the opposite effect you desire.

Q: If I consume fewer calories than my plan recommends, will I lose weight faster?


I also notice you haven't been tracking consistently some days.

The most common cause for weight loss not happening is inaccurate tracking, either underestimating calories eaten, or overestimating calories burned. How are you tracking your food? Are you weighing and measuring every morsel? Contrary to popular belief, it's really hard to eyeball it! I found weighing and measuring to be very eye-opening. Instead of the 2,000 calories or so I THOUGHT I was eating every day... I was eating almost twice that. And I've found that when I'm not accurately tracking, those calories creep up when I don't want them to!

If you just added a new exercise routine, that can also slow things down in the short term... it's not a bad thing, it's just a normal reaction as your muscles adapt to the new exercise. You may even find you have a slight upward shift in your weight as you get used to it. Don't worry, it'll level out with time!

BUSHI_SENDY SparkPoints: (5,419)
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7/18/12 2:12 P

Before July, I was doing a little here and there (20-30 cardio workout), then on the first week of july, I did every day 30 min cardio plus I had already been trying to stay in the range of the recommended calories I should eat by my plan (1890- 2200) since early-mid june. I weight 278 and I am still at 278. I have not lost even one pound. I switch on July 8th to 45 cardio and have tried to stick to that everyday except the 13th and 15th that I felt to tired. I have been doing walk away the pounds by Leslie Sansone since I really like it. I have been moving more, opting to walk to some places instead of taking the bus. So, I am confuse and lost as to why the scale hasn't moved! Shouldn't I be losing weight more quickly??? Especially since I am overweight and moving, it means I am burning more calories?? I made my tracker public so you can see them, and guide me. THANK YOU

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