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9/3/14 5:15 P

Look through the group to find one that fits. Something you have in common with them. You will find it said ibid you have something to talk about. And blog. ... you quill find out so much about yourself. I know I have. Be honest!

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9/3/14 5:05 P

Hi, you add friends by clicking on their Sparkpage and adding them. Sparkpoints let you buy virtual presents for friends. Also, they're counted to go up levels. I find them a good way to track how much effort I am putting in to my healthylifestyle

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9/3/14 1:57 P

I haven't figured this thing out, either. I also have about 50 lbs to lose. I would love to find some motivation!

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9/3/14 11:52 A

Also what are spark points?

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9/3/14 11:51 A

How do you add someone? I still haven't figured all this out. Is it like a friend's list or something?

9/2/14 5:47 P

Hello I lost 30lbs last year. I have gained back the weight plus more. I need a motivator also. It's struggle eating health especially unhealthy food is cheaper. The phone app is helping I just got to keep motivated .

9/2/14 5:40 P

Hey I'm on the same journey! I'm wanting to loose 100lbs!

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9/2/14 5:31 P

You can do it! No it won't be easy but worth your health!!:)

DCOSTANIC9 Posts: 46
9/2/14 5:13 P

Hi I am DCOSTANIC9 also need to lose 50lbs. Have been trying to record every day can't do much physical exercise as am disabled

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9/2/14 4:58 P

This is my first time! Starting today!! I appreciate your comments please keep them coming! ! Any tips will be appreciated! ! I will help each of you as much as I can! ! Thanks a lot! !

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9/2/14 4:47 P

Hi marrianna I have about 40 to go until target weight lost 80 just using SF in less than a year but noticing that it all needs to be toned up!! Still using the SF :)

GABYRUIZ707 Posts: 2
9/2/14 4:41 P

Hey im gaby. Is this your first time ass well

SANDRAE2011 Posts: 38
9/2/14 4:38 P

Hi, I'm sandra we have something in common I also need to lose 50 lb

DENAC60 SparkPoints: (687)
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9/2/14 4:32 P

I am new to sparkpeople!! Looking for friends to help me alone the way and keep me motivated! !! I have about 50 pounds to lose!!

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