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10/14/13 8:41 A

Thank you for the welcome :) I am happy I found this site. I love the tracker already. I have to pause a minute before I put whatever in my mouth knowing I will have to add it on....makes me stop and think. I spend a lot of time alone and I was using food as a friend I guess instead of for fuel. Time to change my brain:) I didn't like it when I heard my doctor say I am Obese :( (Frankly I don't much care for her anyway because she is crazy...)

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10/14/13 1:52 A

Welcome to Spark People. This is a wonderful site full of many useful tools to help you with your weight loss journey. By joining a few teams you will get support and motivation from other members. Good luck in reaching your goals.

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10/13/13 5:01 P

')¸.•*´´*•.¸ (*•.¸♥¸.•*´')¸.•*´´*•.¸
♥«´¨ * Welcome To SparkPeople Ladies! *•´¨`»♥
´*•.¸..(*•.¸♥¸.•*´')¸.•*´.¸.•*.. (*•.¸♥¸.•*´')¸.•*´´*•.¸

So glad you are here with Sparkpeople. Joining Sparks is on of the best decisions I made in 2012 and hope you will love it as well. Come visit me any time page and I will do anything I can possibly do to encourage you. There are so many wonderful people and teams here ....... and always encouraging and inspiring blogs! ......

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10/13/13 3:58 P

Hi LKARAFFA:) You sound like me. I have a dog and osteoarthritis too. I used to work as a nurse until I injured my back in 2011. Since then I have not been able to work. Spent most of 2011 into 2012 feeling sorry for myself because I was in severe pain every time I woke up. Finally in February of 2013 I was diagnosed with nocturnal seizures. Apparently while most people sleep all night I was seizing. I would wake up feeling like a truck ran over me. Now my seizures are under control so I am able to do more during the day. I am happy that I can feel good again. It was an eye opener to me how much I took my abilities for granted until they were gone. Now I appreciate being able to get out of bed and move. One thing I do know, we can do so much more than we think we can. When you see yourself accomplish things you didn't think you can do it's an incredible feeling! emoticon

10/13/13 2:10 P

I'm also new here and have to say this journey has been the hardest thing I have ever done! I am from Lago Vista TX , which is 42 miles NE of Austin . I've been married for 46 years and both hubby and I retired in Dec.2012. We are both trying to get our weight in check . I should have never let my weight get to be 165 as it was in 2011! I am seeing a PT for a shoulder and rotator cuff issue that is so painful I could cry! When I get through my therapy for ever how long it takes, we want to move further south !
I live by my food scale and measuring cups! And thanks to the Silver Sneakers program with our insurance we are able to go to the YMCA 3 to 4 days a week!
I have an awesome dog and cat and the dog doesn't let me forget that he needs a walk! I can't run anymore because of Osteo, in my left knee so I do a lot of walking , and elliptical at the Y. With everything that I do and as active as I am , I can't believe I am overweight! Talk about a slow metabolism! My cholesterol is off the charts but my Doc is checking me every 3 mos, until it comes down, I've had my meds changed twice!
This is a great site and made a promise to me that I won't give up!
Thank you for letting me babble on!

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10/13/13 1:58 P

Hi Shawn, congratulations on your weight loss that is awesome!

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10/13/13 1:45 P

Hello and Welcome to SparkPeople!

I started Sparking in June of 2007. By using Spark and some self discovery along the way, I'm down 50 pounds, and am holding steady at a healthy weight. Spark is a massive site, you'll be discovering new and exciting things for months to come!
Diet is a dirty word, every time I hear it, I wash my mouth out with chocolate emoticon emoticon

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10/13/13 1:26 P

Thanks! I am sure I will need to vent here sometimes:) Please feel free to lean on me too:)

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10/13/13 12:32 P

Hello and Welcome to Sparks!

Although each person has different goals, you're in great company here. The amount of support and community at Sparks is unlike any other website. (Trust me, I've tried them all!) emoticon

If there is any way that I can help you along your journey, just let me know! I'm always here for friends in need.

Irish smiles,

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10/13/13 11:54 A

Hello! I am trying to lose 10 lbs. I quit smoking in May and put on some weight afterwards so it is time to do something about it. Unfortunately I have physical limitations on what exercises I am allowed to do so I am trying to walk more and just track every calorie. I was pretty depressed for a long time after becoming "disabled" and ate to cope with it. I know that isn't healthy. Trying to diet is a challenge because I live with my fiance who is diabetic and overweight. He tells me he likes a woman "with meat on her bones." Sometimes I get weak when I see him eating cookies and ice cream. He actually offers me things like that too. Lately I have made a strong commitment to staying away from junk food and exercising more. I wish he was willing to do this with me because his weight problem isn't good for him. I hope he will see he is hurting himself and try to change with me but he is so stubborn. Ok, done with my novel lol. Looking forward to getting to know all of you:)

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