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SUEARNOLD1 Posts: 3,448
8/3/14 2:35 P

For true! emoticon

8/3/14 2:32 P

Yes, regardless, thanks so much for your suggestion and reply. :-)

Food is too accessible these days, isn't it? Even healthy food!

SUEARNOLD1 Posts: 3,448
8/3/14 2:28 P

You have a good point - portion control!

8/3/14 2:20 P

Thanks for the suggestion. I have heard of that before. But I think PB is such a healthy snack with healthy fat. So are other nut butters. I am crazy for almond butter, too. LOL!

I think I'd rather learn how to better control my portion and be disciplined about it. :-)

SUEARNOLD1 Posts: 3,448
8/3/14 2:18 P

Have you tried the PB2 powdered peanut butter?

It's not as good as the real stuff but really low in calories. It's good when adding it to other things like protein shakes.

Good luck!

8/3/14 1:49 P

Sometimes I wonder if anyone out there has a favorite healthy food that for some reason, you just cannot seem to get enough of it?

In my case, I don't care for processed foods, or anything sweet. It's just nut butter. It keeps me sated. I don't know why. I know they are healthy, since they are unprocessed, unsalted, just plain old ground-up nuts. As they say calorie in, calorie out. This impedes my goal of leaning down a bit. This morning, I had 2 tbs of nut butter w/o measuring. But I quickly stopped. I hope tomorrow I can do better. I really aim to improve every day.

8/3/14 1:45 P


BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,212
8/3/14 1:43 P


8/3/14 12:23 P

Thank you for your support. I appreciate it. emoticon

SUEARNOLD1 Posts: 3,448
8/3/14 12:19 P

Welcome. . .

Enjoy your journey and good luck here with SparkPeople. There is some thing for everyone!


8/3/14 11:33 A

Thank you very much, Peggy! emoticon

LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
8/3/14 11:20 A

Welcome & best wishes to you!

8/3/14 10:39 A

I am new on Sparkpeople, but I have been a fitness and nutrition fanatic for a long time. I have a Type A personality so I strive for perfectionism always. Sometimes I can get too upset over it, though.

I am in no way overweight but I am not as lean as two years ago when I was able to at least enter an amateur bikini contest.

My bbf was diagnosed with bone cancer a year ago. She's only in her early 30's and just had a baby girl. What's worse, my mentor at work got diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer. They told me many regrets in life. So I have been hit hard with the reality and kind of down in the dumps, but not depression.

My bbf would like me to challenge myself and get back on the bikini lean physique again, among other things I have ambitions for, cuz life's too short! It's not just for vanity. I do feel good when my body feels good.

I eat organic whole foods, period. That said, the reason why I got flabbier is because for some reason, I crave for nut butter of any kind. emoticon I have tried eating carbs, proteins to feel sated. But only after eating nut butter will I feel sated. I really need to quit doing these. emoticon

So I am here to account for my diet! As far as exercise goes, I can hit hard with no problem.

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