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12/12/12 5:36 A

Hi Everyone!!

Thank you for all your comments!

they all really help - i have chosen to stick to my origional goal of starting my exercise regime and healtht eating on 07.01.13 though as i have so much going on and so many meals out planned with friends over christmas and want to be able to enjoy myself and have a few glasses of wine too - i am not going to go crazy after all if i put on weight it will set me back even further in the new year and take longer to reach my goal.

guys and you think i have a realistic target of getting a washboard flat stomach in 7 months? and what things shall i do to achiveve this - i am planning to put the majority of my time and energy into this to make it happen - dont get me wrong i do not want to me to skinny as i do not like that look - also i am not large now - i wear a size 8 clothes but have some major wobbly bits on my stomach that need to go!!! please give me advice/ anything! xxx

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12/7/12 11:31 A

Why don't you make the decision to start TODAY? it's not about making the change all of a sudden. It's about making the lifestyle changes necessary over a period of time. What's going to happen after your wedding? Are you going to slip into old habits?

I'm not saying deprive yourself-at all. You can start doing exercises, for the rest of the month-just so it becomes a habit, and then once January rolls around. you can make changes with your eating....

I haven't been at a healthy weight since I was about 14, so I guess I don't understand the 'quick fix' mentality. A flat stomach is the least of my worries right now, and looks have nothing to do with my weightloss. It's more about getting healthy. I hope you don't disappoint yourself come August and 'let yourself go' because you didn't form healthy habits.

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12/7/12 9:17 A

Hi EMILY566,

Genetics plays the biggest role as to where we store our fat, however, that does not mean we can't do our best to be the best we can be. Studies show that high intensity interval workouts a couple of times a week helps with belly fat (you do not want to do these exercises daily though, because they can leave you vulnerable to injury) as well as following a very healthy diet of fruits, veggies, lean protein and healthy fats.

Below is a link to the guidelines for HIIT.

But remember this is a lifestyle. You can enjoy the holidays and still be happy. You don't have to delay starting your program just to 'enjoy' Christmas. In fact a recent study reported that those individuals who vowed to start living healthy come January will actually gain more weight during the time frame from Thanksgiving (which is the end of Nov) and Christmas. Researchers believe this is due to a diet, all-or-nothing mentality. Even if you just start drinking water instead of soda or adding in 2 extra servings of fruit/veggies per day or going for a nice 10 minute walk, come Jan 7th you will well be on your way.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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12/7/12 6:29 A

Hi Emily - congratulations on your forthcoming nuptials :-)

After reading your post I decided to peek on your SparkPage.


" I am getting married in August 2013 and looking to start a strict exercise and diet regime at the beginning of January (so I can enjoy Christmas!!) I do not want to loose weight just tone up everywhere!"


I think that if you go into this with that sort of thinking you are going to set yourself up for a fall. "Strict" diet regime NEVER works!! Because of it's nature people get bored and/or feel deprived so fall off the wagon, often only going on to regain all of the weight they have lost, and at times even more. The "Strict" exercise can also have the same effect. You need to learn balance. That means that some days you give yourself permission to enjoy special treats, or the occasional social gathering without guilt. This journey is not about Deprivation, starvation or excessive exercise - it is merely about a healthy balance.

As far as diet is concerned, just increasing your fruit/veges, considerably reduce processed food, ensuring that you get good quality protein, healthy fats, and good hydration (water is calorie free and additive free) will set you up well. As far as the exercise is concerned, Ensure that you have at least one day off a week to give your body a chance to repair and recover, and also have a mix of brisk walking, weights etc. Achieving a trim tummy can be helped immensely by Pilates. Mat Pilates works all the muscles in the body, but specifically targets the deep abdominal and lower back muscles. It improves your posture; improves your breathing technique and even without dropping weight can give the appearance of being smaller. Be aware tho' that there is physically nothing wrong with a slightly rounded tummy - it is perfectly normal and perfectly healthy, and I am more than sure that you will look beautiful regardless!

As a side comment, rather than using your marriage as the motivation for the goal, why not aim it at the rest of your life? A lot of people who go on this journey for a specific event end up quite disappointed because when they get there, they feel they have achieved their goal, and let themselves go again after.

Kris xx

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12/7/12 5:56 A

Good morning everyone!! i am getting married in August 2013 and an craving to have that flat stomach i have always wanted - not only for the wedding day but heading to some sun for my hen do and for our honeymoon - so need to have the flat stomach i have always wanted.

i dont want to loose weight but need to tone, stomach and legs mainly.

Pleaseeeee give me any tips or best ways you have found to achieve my ultimate goal!!! i am starting on 07.01.13 so i can enjoy christmas - but gathering all my information now so i am ready ready ready!

thank you xxx

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