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2/18/14 9:19 A

Having read your update to your original post -- yes, that could certainly do it. You need a minimum of 1200 calories of *real food* to meet your nutritional needs, and diet snacks won't cut it. They also won't help much with hunger, if at all (some might even make you feel worse). Reduce those and increase everything else (especially veggies) and you might feel a lot better.

But honestly you may also be eating way too little for your size and activity level. I had 40 pounds to lose originally; I did on average 60 minutes of walking per day (compare to whatever you're doing, since you don't specify), I NEVER ate less than 1500 calories per day and often a few hundred more, and I still lost a very steady 1.5 pounds per week on average. Even though it's entirely possible that nothing is wrong with your weight loss now -- water does weird things. you could be down another three pounds by next week -- you could still be stressing your body more than would be good for you in the long term.

It's up to you. But if making these changes doesn't help and you are still uncomfortable, definitely consider increasing the amount you eat (of the good stuff) by a few hundred calories a day. Even if it did slow your weight loss down by half a pound a week, being comfortable for the long term is much more important.

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2/17/14 6:45 P

If you are getting smaller but not losing any weight it could be because you are gaining muscle. Muscle takes up less space than fat so you will be smaller but still weight more. Also up your calories 1200-1400 calories a day is like a starvation diet. If you are working out every day you need to eat enough calories to make up for the exercise. So if you are exercising and using up 250 calories you need to eat 250 more calories. You won't gain weight you will lose it.

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2/18/13 10:11 A

Thank you for your response. I am accurately tracking my food and exercise. On top of being hungry all the time I am not losing weight. I lost eight pounds in 5 weeks and have not lost another pound in two weeks but I am shrinking so I guess that is okay. Most days now I eat at the 1400 range

SUZYB53 Posts: 506
2/13/13 12:07 P


A couple of points -

1) Often people do start out with quick weight loss, but that's often because of water loss. Is there some reason that you might be retaining water? EG: Eating more salt and spices?
I do that sometimes if I start eating a lot of veggies in broth (unless it's low salt).

2) Are you sure that you're accurate in your measurements of food for tracking calories?

3) I agree with people who say that 1200-1400 is probably too low. Have you gotten advice on what is a reasonable calorie amount to shout for. I was trying to eat 1200 a day and I was always hungry also. I am starting off smaller, and I've decide to go up to 1400 or so per day so it does not feel like torture.

4) Plus, I am trying to focus on what is hunger and what is emotional eating. A lot of it IS hunger, but I have found that a lot of my after dinner "hunger" is really something else. I'm still working on it.

5) And if you are sure you are tracking accurately, eating well, and still not losing, you might want to see if you have another medical problem.


2/13/13 11:26 A

As the other Sparkers have said, yes, QUALITY! I recommend a low-GI diet consisting of mostly veggies and lean proteins. Cut out carbs and sugars. You should do some research on the low-GI diet. For me personally, it's the only thing that works (I'm very carb-sensitive). Good news about veggies is they're low-cal AND keep you full. Protein is also great for satiety.

The other thing I'd suggest is make sure you're drinking LOTS of water. At least half your body weight in fl. oz. Oftentimes, esp. when our bodies are not propoerly hydrated, we confuse thirst for hunger. Next time you're hungry try drinking a glass of water, wait several minutes and see if that helps. Cellular hydration also protects your body against fat gain and improves metabolism, kidney function, and muscle growth!

2/12/13 1:22 P

It would help to see your nutrition tracker. Let me know if you need the steps to make it public.

Are you getting 20 grams of fiber daily?
60 grams of protein?
at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies?

Dietitian Becky

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
2/12/13 12:57 P

I totally second what the pp said, "quality counts!"

For example, a breakfast of refined carbs (let's say, 300 calories worth of white toast and jam), would leave me FAMISHED by 10am. If I switched some sugar for some protein (white toast and peanut butter) I'd do much better on that same 300 cal. If I eliminated the refined carbs entirely and replaced them with complex carbs, protein and healthy fat (1 piece whole wheat toast topped with mushrooms and peppers sauteed in 1/2 tsp olive oil, topped with a poached egg) - THAT kind of 300 calories would keep me satisfied for hours.

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2/12/13 12:27 P

With 70 pounds to lose, and working out six days a week, no wonder you're hungry on 1200-1400! 1200 is fine for someone very small or close to their goal weight, but for anyone active, it's just not enough!

You don't have your nutrition trackers shared; if you could consider making those public, we can take a look at the foods you're eating to see if that could be causing your hunger. Too often we get hung up on the number of calories we eat, when the quality counts, too!

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2/12/13 12:22 P

I am eating between 1200 and 1400 calories a day and closer to 1500 on the weekends and I am taking some sort of exercise class 6 days a week. I have not lost any weight in over two weeks and I seem to be hungry all the time. I need to lose 70 pounds and I am doing everything I know to do. Advice anyone?

After reading what all of you wrote I realize that I am eating too many empty calories. I refuse to give up snacking but at least 1/3 of my calories were from "healthy snacks" like Skinny Cow and Popped Chips. I have now replaced some (not all) with protein and veggie snacks. Thanks

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