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11/12/13 11:47 A

Distraction usually works for me. I like the suggestion of taking a walk. In general I am VERY strict about my intake and, if I overeat or make bad choices, I am convinced I have gained 10 pounds in one sitting. Maybe this is a good thing if it keeps me on track? :-)

I usually plan everything I eat ahead of time and put in tracker so I rarely have this issue. If I put a bar of chocolate, a veggie omelet, a chocolate shake, and some chocolate cake in the tracker because I wanted to eat it all, I would probably fall out of my chair at caloric intake and then change my choices. It keeps me very grounded...even yesterday when I ate half a bar of chocolate that was in my desk. LOL.

But...that's me. This is you. I agree with IVYLASS...why are you feeling the need to eat so much at one time? Once you know the why you can more accurately address how to avoid it in the future.

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11/12/13 9:58 A

We need to address the underlying problem...why are you eating so much you feel sick?

JCOW84 SparkPoints: (9,041)
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11/11/13 7:01 P

I would also toss out the cheesecake and any remaining Halloween candy. If it's not around, you can't readily eat it!

11/11/13 11:26 A

Stop, take a breath, walk away to regroup then start again. I've done this so many times it's not funny but over the last year I have lost 40 pounds and am keeping it off. I still have a way to go to my goal but I'm still going towards it. You can do this. There are so many success stories and we've all had those days/moments of no restraint. You can do this!!!

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11/11/13 10:39 A


If you were learning how to play the violin, would you throw it down on the ground and smash it just because you couldn't play a concerto the first day? ..the first week? ..the first YEAR?
Why no - that would be silly. Playing a concerto takes PRACTICE.

Guess what: today is simply a part of your learning to practice healthful eating. Nothing more; nothing less.

We all have times when we eat more or have days similar to yours. I still have them and I have been at goal for a while now. The game changer for me? I don't allow that to be a "reason" to abandon ship and go nuts for days on end. Rather, I enjoy what I decide to have; STILL eat my 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies regardless of whatever else I consume, then say to myself, "Well, that was delicious! Now - what healthful thing can I make for my next meal?"

No flogging or wailing or gnashing of teeth; no whoa-is-me. No starving later on. No punishment of any kind. NO all-or-nothing.

So you ate more than you wanted to. Okay. Movin' on. Now, what healthful thing are you having for lunch? How about some fresh cut cantaloupe w/ blueberries? Maybe with some veggies and a hard boiled egg or two and some almond milk? Some Baby Bell Lite Cheeses? What sounds good to Linda?

See the difference in thinking there?

This morning was simply part of you practicing. That's all.

I am still practicing (especially portioning) even at this stage in the game. I still overdo it now and then but I am WAY better than I used to be, and that has enabled me to keep off 90% of the weight and still retain my sanity and enjoy food and life. So I'm always practicing! Maybe I always will, but who cares?? As long as it works, I'm fine with that.

So don't crumble; just get back to learning your craft.

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11/11/13 9:30 A

Online Now  • ))

How about putting on your coat and taking a walk ? When something like this happens, you literally have to walk away from the kitchen and the house.

Don't beat yourself up because you ate too much this morning. the day is NOT ruined !! Do your best to try to eat more healthfully for the rest of the day. Don't worry that you'll go over your caloric intake. Instead try to eat foods that nourish your body for the rest of the day.

For now, go have a big glass of water or two. It'll help flush your system.

LINDAANNB1 Posts: 516
11/11/13 8:57 A

I can't stop eating this morning ! I have been up for a little mor than 2 hours and I have already eaten probably close to my whole days worth of cals. I have eaten so far a 3 egg veggie & cheese omelet, 2 glasses of chocolate milk, a large price of blueberry cheesecake and ... A Halloween size bag of cheesies. I feel like a piece of crap right now, but within another hour or two I will be looking for more to eat.
It is a holiday here in New Brunswick and instead of doing something useful with my time, I'm sitting on the couch stuffing my face .

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