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1/26/14 8:06 A

You are absolutely right! When I drink more water, there is a slight weight loss, but when I go back to my old ways of not drinking enough, I'm in a rut! I will make a conscious effort to drink more water. I do drink a lot of green tea, but that doesn't seem to work for me. Thanks for the reminder! I appreciate it.

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1/26/14 12:44 A

Are you drinking water? That makes a BIG difference.

1/25/14 4:56 P

I've been exercising for many years. I don't like vegetables that much so I tend to avoid them.
I will try to add them to my meals and cut down on salt. I suspect that I eat too much and retain water. I know I need to do a lot of changes. Thanks for the encouragement.

KELLIEBEAN Posts: 6,762
1/25/14 12:37 P

How long have you been at it. You have to be patient. Unfortunately it takes time but it's worth it.

Do you read food labels? I was shocked when I finally did and found out that what I thought was one serving of what I was eating was really two or three servings.

Get your fruits and veggies, watch the fat and salt. Don't restrict yourself too much. Cutting yourself to too few calories will not help, it will only slow down your metabolism.

Stay consistent every day. Just keep going!


1/25/14 11:07 A

You're probably right about portion. I might think I'm eating less, but not really. I know muscle weighs more than fat, but my clothes are still tight. If I seemed to be losing inches, I would happily ignore the scale.

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1/25/14 10:33 A

By any chance did you also take body measurements at the beginning (and if not do so now)?

Sometimes we lose inches before pounds.

1/25/14 10:16 A

You could also just be building muscle with all that activity. Muscle weighs more than fat and won't reflect on the scale. Did you do measurements before you started? If not take your measurements and check yourself in three to four weeks. You might end up seeing more results that way than on a scale.

But I also agree with tracking your food. When I used to work out before I wasn't tracking my food and thought I was doing really well but in actuality I wasn't. When I started tracking everyday and being honest with myself I discovered that I was eating a lot more than I thought. This was all before I found Spark which makes the tracking all that much easier!

Also, make sure you have updated your exercise goals accurately. By updating your goals accurately it will adjust your calories accordingly so you are getting enough to eat.

Good luck and stick with day at a time!

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1/25/14 9:15 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Are you tracking your food? Do you know how many calories you are taking in. Sometimes you can go too low on the calories and then your body won't lose weight. It goes into starvation mode.

1/25/14 7:29 A

Hi! I'm Sue. I work out everyday with strength training one day and cardio the next. I have been careful with portion control, and yet the scale doesn't budge. What am I doing wrong?

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