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10/17/13 1:55 A

VIDYARP, you are a lucky woman to have such a man to love!

AZURELITE Posts: 1,407
10/16/13 6:45 A

So very glad you made it through your illness and so very glad you had family helping you through.
Sending you continued healing & peace.

10/15/13 2:32 P

You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family! You are so right that we do not realize how lucky we are when we have close family and our health. It should make us grateful for every day that we can eat healthy food and move our bodies with ease. I'm so glad that you are feeling better now. Thanks for sharing.

VIDYARP Posts: 256
10/15/13 11:31 A

So, i had this awful nasty case of dengue fever for the past 10-12 days. I just wouldnt have made it but for my dear husband and mother in law. I know i just trashed him in an earlier post for being this diet police. But honestly, when it mattered the most, he was there for me...helping me to pull through...sitting with me all me the comfort and care like no one else....and my mother in law too was sooo supportive and helpful. They both got me back from the brink..and i am alive today...thanks to the two of them!! Love you...

And you know what - when i was so down and out...i realized that we fret and fume over small things, but all these become meaningless when one is faced with death...and thats when we know the value of relations....

And thats when we realize the precious gift of life and good health. We have but one life....why not give our selves the best while we are alive...

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