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9/13/13 8:21 A

I noticed you said you "generally" hit the mark on your fats, fiber, and proteins. Coach Jen makes a good point that if you are only hovering around 1200 AND working out, you definitely need to get more.

And focus on those areas that you are low in; example: if you are low in protein one day, then add some more in the next instead of filling that space with either empty calories or something that you already get enough of.

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9/13/13 6:25 A

The previous poster has given you some great advice. You don't have to stick to the lower end of your recommended calorie range all the time, especially if you're hungry. And if you're exercising, you should be eating more than 1200 calories anyway.

Eating some healthy fat and/or protein with every meal (making sure you're getting enough overall each day), as well as adequate fiber intake both help with feelings of fullness. Also consider dividing your meals into mini-meals throughout the day so that you never go too long in between eating.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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9/13/13 3:02 A

I had a wee peek at your Nutrition Tracker and noticed that your protein is fairly low - mostly under 60g, and most times your calories are barely much over 1200, but when you factor in your exercise, it takes the calories below 1200.

If you increase the protein at least, and possibly some non-processed carbs, (i.e. whole-grains) so the calories and protein increase, then you may find that the hunger diminishes.

Good luck,

9/13/13 1:24 A

I have been trying to eat clean for about 2 months now (I try stick with an 80%-20% ratio to be realistic about the whole thing). Now that I've felt like I have gotten onto the right track with regards to the kind of food I can eat, I want to start working on losing the 6kgs I've put on over the summer. I live in an extremely hot climate so my exercise regime took a knock (I despise gym more than you will ever know so I only exercise outside).

So I've come back to SP to help track portion control again but now I find myself continuously hungry. I snack on fruit and nuts and eggs etc and generally try make sure I'm eating the correct amount of fats, fibre and proteins and even though I hit my 1200 calories (and sometimes even more) I am still ALWAYS hungry. The quality of food I'm eating is generally good and although I slip up occasionally I don't think this should make any difference to my hunger levels.

I drink well over 2L of water a day (probably closer on 3L actually due to the climate). Ideas on staying fuller for longer? Should I look at increasing my calorie allowance? I haven't actually lost any weight this week yet but I know that because I'm not actually overweight, it's going to be a bit longer and harder for me to shift the kgs. I'm just getting tired of being hungry!!!!!

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