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11/20/11 7:07 P

There you go! The nice thing about life is that we often get "do-overs"! This time you can make your weight loss permanent by making a lifestyle change, for good!!

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LIGHT49 Posts: 25
11/20/11 10:56 A

I can relate to what your going through because I just recently went through the same thing. I found that I had gained back 14 lbs!! That when I knew I had to make some changes. That is when I committed to getting this weight off once and for all. So I joined the YWCA and I even paid for (1) session a week with a personal trainer. Best thing I ever did. She works me hard for an hour which is what I need because I wouldn't push myself that hard but now I'm much stronger. I can do (15) lying leg raises now and I used to be able to do (10).
I live in an apt so it is hard to exercise there because the neighbors don't like me stomping on their ceiling.
The point is to MOVE, get your cardio in the 85% range, and watch your portions. The weight will come off!! Mine did and it is not ever going to come back again.

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11/20/11 10:39 A

That's the spirit!

RUNNER12COM Posts: 5,441
11/20/11 1:39 A

I lost 30 and put 12 back on. It happens. But I know what caused it and I know what will fix it.

So do you. You CAN do this!

11/16/11 7:07 A

emoticon Sounds like you have an awesome husband! Support and encouragement are priceless!
Blessings on your journey to fitness!

KIMFLY2 SparkPoints: (0)
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11/15/11 10:57 P

Sounds like two steps forward one step back. But that means you get to take two more steps forward now. I bet at the end of this you'll be even fitter and living even better than last time, right?
You can do it! Keep going.

NSTARSMITH Posts: 3,650
11/15/11 9:14 P

Yeah, I know sooo much about being angry with myself. And, look, there is always something more to learn from the go-around with the weight. God forbid I got another go-around ahead of me ... And getting back on no matter how bad it seems is sooo much better than the alternative. Go for it! Welcome back.

CRYSTALDANCER SparkPoints: (107,823)
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11/15/11 8:22 P

You can do it girl! Like PATTISTAMPS said it's an ongoing (forever) effort for most of us, we're here for you the whole way!

PATTISTAMPS SparkPoints: (0)
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11/15/11 12:59 P

Good for you! Jump on that Spark bandwagon, and never give up! I too had a weight gain - 18 of my 40 pounds lost. I am angry with myself, but I realize it is not just a battle, it is a war I will always have to fight. And you didn't gain it all back, so you are starting from a better place. And you know how to do this. Keep your spark burning!!!

TROPHYWIFE0520 Posts: 15
11/15/11 12:44 P

Last night I cried on my husbands shoulder because I came to the realization I gained 18 pounds back from my original 30 pound weight loss.... I cried because I felt like I failed my weight loss journey, I cried because I am back to not feeling good about myself, I cried because I can't take my husbands complements, I cried because I felt that I have so far to go, but worst of all I cried because I feel like I failed at what I fought so hard for.

BUT! With a motivational pep talk from my husband, and my will to move on from this set back and continue on my difficult but wonderful journey, I woke up this morning determined and ready to move on!!!
My WOO HOO moment is that I realized I am ready to fight again.... I am ready to be happy about my choices!

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