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6/30/13 2:19 P

Georgetown Cupcakes! Yum

STARSHINEFL SparkPoints: (1,072)
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6/30/13 10:32 A

I'm lucky in this sense, in that I am really picky about my cupcakes. I like the kind from the box with the frosting from the tub (both loaded with all kinds of delicious chemicals), and I really prefer them frozen, for whatever reason.

So as long as I refrain from making them at home (just occasionally to take to work and share), I can resist most of this cupcake craze.

However, if I do make them at home and have leftovers... WATCH OUT.

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RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
6/30/13 10:00 A

The problem is that many of us have issues with sugar causing cravings. So while the cupcake may fit into your diet, the food that is eaten by the binge that follows, isn't. Be careful. Try the cupcake, and track whether your food intake goes up afterwards. Carbs always make me crave more carbs, but we rarely count the cheats afterwards.

I would suggest some other sweets, like fruit w/whipped cream, but do what you must, and hope it all turns out okay.

MLAN613 Posts: 19,027
6/30/13 8:30 A

The glory of having a cupcake shop close: I am sure you can buy just one versus a container of 6 or 12. Go and enjoy.

JUSTICE19 SparkPoints: (11,034)
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6/29/13 6:39 A

I say go get one. I have decided this time around I am not going on a diet, I have decided to make a life change. Sure, I may only lose 1 lb this week instead of 1-1/2, but I am on this journey for life, and guess what I am going to eat a cupcake or a piece of birthday cake. I will make adjustments in other calories for the day, maybe a little more exercise. I have lost over 50 lbs twice in my life and because I was on a diet-when I got to my goal weight, I stopped and gained it all back. This time I will lose it and keep it off-may take a little bit longer but am hoping to keep it off


DETOX55 SparkPoints: (1,380)
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6/29/13 4:38 A

Desparation is never an attractive trait....why do you want a cupcake so bad...what pleasure can it possibly bring outside immediate gratification....

CHERRIEST Posts: 2,235
6/28/13 11:26 P

If you don't have diabetes, then I think a cupcake every now and then is ok. But I agree with what others have said, have a mini cupcake instead of a regular size.

I do have type II diabetes and am insulin dependent. So I can want a cupcake all day long, but there's no way I'm going allow myself to have one. It would send my sugar through the roof! :(

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
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6/28/13 11:25 P

I have to laugh about some people's comments about the icing being unnecessary, For some of us, the icing is the reason for the cupcake ... the cake is just a vehicle to deliver the icing.
This thread makes me want to go buy a gourmet cupcake tomorrow. My favorite is the chocolate chip cookie dough one. The cake is a marble cake and not bad ... the icing is a butter cream that is a really sugary cross between butter cream and cookie dough.


BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
6/28/13 11:14 P

Go get a cupcake then. It's OK. Ask if they have mini ones. If not, get one, eat half and throw the other half away. Or go with someone and split it. The icing is excessive so scrape some off (you don't need that much, it is piled high for decoration).

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,532
6/28/13 10:48 A

I agree with everyone that said to plan for the cupcake and have one. After all it is just one cupcake.

I have Georgetown Cupcake but I seriously have to plan to get one because they are so delicious and if I order them I have to order a dozen.

WANNATHIN Posts: 971
6/28/13 8:42 A

Well, all I can say is that all this talk of cupcakes has made me want a cupcake REAL BAAAAAAD!!!!!

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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Posts: 2,744
6/28/13 7:52 A

Have one and then decide if its really worth the 400+ calories that is probably has. If it is, enjoy and put it on your "rare treat" list. If not, don't finish it and remember that the cupcakes at this shop aren't particularly good and not worth your time. If I'm going to indulge, it better be pretty darn good. After all isn't SP about making "quality" choices? emoticon

KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
6/28/13 5:30 A

You have to treat yourself sometimes. Do a little extra exercise one day and then go for a cupcake. Just eat one though!

ADEARMAN Posts: 161
6/27/13 10:22 P

Thank you to everyone who commented and offered advice for my cupcake quandary! I love cakes and sweets. I will keep these bits of advice in mind. I think I will plan ahead and then indulge. Thanks! :)

6/11/13 8:58 A

enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. There's no sense in driving yourself into crazy refusing to get one if you're this focused. And there's no sense driving yourself into guilt once you do.

Plan for it. Enjoy it. And then walk right back onto your plan for living the best healthy life you can.

6/11/13 8:51 A

I'm having the same obsession with a piece of pumpkin pie. I promised my husband I was going to make him a pumpkin pie and I know he wants me to have a piece with him. I decided I'm going to go for it, whipped cream and all. Rather than gobble it down and feel guilty about it later, I'm going to plan it out and enjoy it. Then NOT LOOK at the rest of the pie.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/11/13 8:06 A

great ideas.
I was going to go with the mini, if available.

I like the 'inner three-year-old' advice

Even if you get the nutritional info, and cut the cupcake in quarters to eat, allow for it's presence in your tracker (throw out 3/4 if you have to - to keep from eating it all at once) (share with someone if that bothers you).

Is it a particular flavour, or just the idea that is calling like a siren song?

LDHAWKE SparkPoints: (19,069)
Fitness Minutes: (1,818)
Posts: 771
6/11/13 7:35 A

Ask the cupcake store if they have the nutritional information for 1 cupcake. That information may quickly change your mind about eating one. It could also help you plan to eat one and still stay on track.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
6/11/13 7:26 A

one other thing that you can do is to bank up some of your calories to accommodate it. pick a day, say next tuesday, and decide that you are going to get it that day for whatever reason [this is where i tend to twist the excuses i use to not exercise into the excuses i use to put off eating stuff i want to be eating less of. like it makes more sense to go to the cupcake store after i do my weekly bank run because then i will be turning right to get into the cupcake store and i usually would have to turn in left from most places i would go. or i know i have a lot of little errands to do so instead of making eight trips i will just save them up and do one big trip. or day x is susie's half birthday, we'll get cupcakes then. ]. then, for the next six days, eat 100 cals below the top of your range. so if your range is 1200-1550 cals, you'd eat at 1200-1450 cals for wednesday through monday, and then you'd have 600 cals banked up to spend on that cupcake on tuesday so that you could eat in your regular ranges next tuesday and have the cupcake.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
6/11/13 2:02 A

Good ideas so far - I also agree that if you can't stop thinking about the cupcake, you should have the cupcake. But you should also plan for it.

I have to say, my eating habits have led me to become much better at sharing. It may be difficult to work in a whole cupcake, but it's not as hard to work in half a cupcake. Bonus points because someone else gets a half a cupcake, which means new friend.

ALIUHOH86 SparkPoints: (172)
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6/10/13 9:50 P

Plan your meals out for tomorrow and allow for one cupcake as a snack at some point during your day. There is nothing wrong with having a sweet treat now and then. In fact, it's a good idea to work them into your diet, because forbidding foods you really like is unrealistic and can lead to horribly destructive binging later.

Eat that cupcake slow and enjoy every sweet delicious bite of it! emoticon

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
6/10/13 8:12 P

The problem with cupcakes from the fancy cupcake shops is they always have a HUGE pile of icing perched on top.

The cake part isn't so bad for a treat...

But that icing! Hrrrrnnnnggggggggggggg.

Have you considered making your own, or something similar that might 'get you by'? I'm thinking those individual-serving "mug cakes" might be a good option - cakey but just one serving, no leftovers to tempt you....

ANARIE Posts: 13,200
6/10/13 7:55 P

Crack open your nutrition tracker and plan out your day for tomorrow. Put in a large cupcake for lunch, and figure what you need to eat for breakfast and dinner to get your nutrients while not going over your calories. There's nothing wrong with having less-healthy foods now and then as long as you still get the nutrients you need.

Planning for your indulgences can also help you get over the craving. Once you see that you can do it, but you have to work for it, sometimes you'll decide it's not worth it.

You have little ones, right? Basically, do with your inner three-year-old what will also work with your real kids when they throw a wing about wanting a toy. You say, "yes, that toy does look fun. Today's not a toy day, but why don't you write it down/cut out a picture of it, and if you still want it later, you can ask Santa Claus/buy it with your birthday present money." You're acknowledging that it's okay to want it, but you have to wait for an appropriate occasion to get it. That way you don't push them into a screaming temper tantrum, and there's a very high probability that they'll forget all about it as soon as you get their mind off of it.

SONICB Posts: 4,381
6/10/13 7:15 P

Do they carry mini cupcakes? They're so cute and you can satisfy your craving without overindulging.

LILLEAN Posts: 884
6/10/13 7:11 P

Then eat a cupcake just make sure your calories even out for the week

ADEARMAN Posts: 161
6/10/13 7:04 P

There is a cupcake store close to my house. They have delicious cupcakes. My favorite is the red velvet. I want one so bad. That is all I can think of!!

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