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EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
12/27/13 3:52 P

It's possible your nice boyfriend would feel bad if you were not honest with him. He probably wouldn't want you worrying about this and keeping a gift you really can't use, when he can return it and get you something you can.

Just a thought.

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12/27/13 3:43 P


If you can't use the ipod touch, then you should be honest with your boyfriend. if he still has the receipt, it should be returned. Let him know that you are very grateful for the thoughtful gift, but because you already have a smart phone, it's of no use to you.

Let him know that you would prefer to have art supplies or some other token of his affection.

Honesty IS the best policy. Don't hide your feelings about this. Be honest and let him know he should return the gift. People return gifts all the time. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

Therefore, I vote that you have the WONDERFUL boyfriend return the ipod and get you art supplies instead. And yeah, art supplies aren't cheap either.

PS - I'm a little surprized he bought you the ipod touch when he could have bought you the IPAD mini or another type of tablet. Kindles have dropped in price since the new Kindle HDX was introduced.

Personally, when my current ipod touch goes to that great recycling center in the sky, I'll be getting a tablet of some kind to replace it.

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12/27/13 2:12 P

Yeah, I have a phone that does all that stuff too. And I already have a little ipod with all my music in it- I rarely ever use it.

This new ipod touch has a camera, so I thought maybe at least I would take some pictures with it (even though I have a nice digital camera and my phone takes great photos) But the camera on the new ipod is just a face camera- LOL. I can take selfies (not gonna happen).

I feel really bad about this- somewhere out there is a person that would love to have this thing, it's wasted on me. Wish I could give it away, but I can't.

It will eventually end up in a drawer, but for now I pretend like I like it because I don't want my boyfriend to feel bad.

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MLAN613 Posts: 19,269
12/27/13 1:24 P

I have an iPhone, which is basically an iPod Touch with a phone feature. I love it! I use it for music, including iTunes and Pandora, and reading. I have a Kindle app on it. You can also download fitness apps and even a SparkPeople App.

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12/27/13 9:27 A

I hook my iPod up to my alarm clock and listen to pandora while I am reading from my kindle. Maybe the more you play with it the more that you will like it. My son has an iPod touch that is three years old and is always doing stuff on his.

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12/26/13 4:19 P

Thanks you guys...I'm feeling really ungrateful right now. This Ipod Touch is worthless to me. I can't imagine what I can possibly use it for. I will pretend like I love it because it was a gift from the best guy in the world...but all I can think about is all the art supplies I could've had for the price of this thing.

The only place I would ever use it is at work and there is no internet connection there emoticon

On the bright side, I did spend two fun minutes talking to Siri- LOL

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12/26/13 2:50 P

Depending on how good your eyes are, you can download the ibooks or kindle APP on your ipod touch. I have tried to read books on my ipod, but personally I do find the print too small.

What do I do with my ipod touch ? I have the NIKE+ app loaded. so, I use it as a pedometer. I play games on it. I have fitness APPs loaded. I use the calculator function. I use the alarm clock. I can get on any free WIFI network with it and get onto Spark. I have "sparked" from Europe with my ipod.

It does a lot of what the iphone does, but without the phone. not sure how the camera quality is on the new ipod touch. I know the iphone camera is much better. but you should be able to take decent photos with the touch.

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12/26/13 1:28 P

You can basically use it the same way that you would use an iPhone in places where there is wi-fi. There are lots of good apps from the iTunes store--many are even free.

I LOVE my touch because it can hold my entire music collection, where as my nano was not even big enough to hold all of my playlists.

You can certainly use it to get on the internet, to read books and to watch TV shows. You can also use the camera, keep your calendar and contacts on it and use it to Skype.

Here is a random list of some of the apps that I use a lot: Sparkpeople, Facebook, Pinterest, NPR Music, Slacker Radio, Instagram, Kindle, Yelp, YouTube, Netflix, PBS, NPR News, Pandora Radio, Bump, Zite, Mapquest, Google Earth, Google Maps, the Weather Channel, GasBuddy, C25K, Zumba, JeFit, Sound Hound, Piano Free, SoundCloud...

I also have some more fitness apps, shopping apps, travel apps, cooking apps, etc.

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12/26/13 10:55 A

My sweet boyfriend bought me an Ipod Touch for Christmas.

I really want to like this little gadget, but I'm not exactly sure what I can use it for...? I already have a little ipod shuffle with all my music in it and I very rarely ever use it.

So, my question is...what (besides music) can I do with this thing? I'd like to use it for some kind of entertainment when I'm bored at work...but there is no way to connect to the internet at work.

I already have a Kindle Fire that I download tv shows into to watch at work. Can I do that with the Ipod Touch?

I plan on doing a little research on it today, but I thought maybe you wonderful Sparkpeople could give me some ideas...Thanks!

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