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KRISTI2661 SparkPoints: (19,026)
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2/23/11 10:12 A

Thanks for the suggestions. Just having you answer my message is motivating - and I need that right now!

KKCRIST Posts: 160
2/23/11 8:16 A

I don't know about any pictures that might help but my motivator is remembering the 85 yr old woman I found running down the road in MI. She was training for her 3rd Marathon. She didn't start running until she turned 65! She is my motivation! I want to be a marathon running granny some day. The osteoarthritis in my knee will never permit it but my marathon won't be running :)

2/23/11 12:24 A

Too late! I'm fifty-two...

BUFFEDSTUFF-- Posts: 2,520
2/22/11 9:23 P

Hello there, whatever goal you aspire to achieve, I am sure you can find a group on sparkpeople that is willing to help. Try some of the over forty + and over fifty groups.

Oh and good luck on reaching your goal, you can do this thing. emoticon

KRISTI2661 SparkPoints: (19,026)
Fitness Minutes: (12,792)
Posts: 780
2/22/11 1:01 P

I'm looking for a motivating picture of a fit 50 year old woman. I'm never gonna be stick thin with a six pack, so those kind of pics of models and actresses don't motivate me. I want to find a picture of a woman my age, who just looks healthy and fit to use as motivation.

Any suggestions?

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