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ANDIBG Posts: 228
11/18/12 10:17 P

I would love to invite you to my new SparkTeam!

I was noticing that some of the SparkTeams that I had joined were lacking in support. For example, the leaders of my SP Class SparkTeam are completely invisible. It's as if they don't exist. While I understand that people have busy lives, I need a place to come and find motivation from close friends who have similar goals.

I also am passionate about challenges and would love to start some in which we can all participate.

Because of those reasons, I created a SparkTeam - Looking for Motivation & Support. You can visit this team by clicking on the link below:

My idea was to have 20-somethings join and work together to achieve our goals. However, even if you aren't in your 20s....feel free to join! :)

Much love,

JJJJ1111 SparkPoints: (3,937)
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11/18/12 8:10 P

The one thing I have been consistent with is exercise. I have a solid morning routine now. I get up with my son, have coffee-relax!! Send him off @ 7:15 and hop on the treadmill or eliptical for 30minutes. Then I get my other son up and rush like a crazy person to get ready and out the door myself by 8:15. It works for me though and I have been loyal to it. My scale hasnt shown that but now that I am in the routine, its my time and I would be lost without it. I hope you are able to find the same. They say it takes 30days to make or break a habit, I believe it.

TAZINITE Posts: 1,373
11/18/12 8:04 P

I too have been on the yo yo cycle. So I feel for you. Spark coach has helped me. I keep hanging on and going back to spark. I started in 2007 and lost about 20 lbs. Then I fell off the wagon yet kept hanging on to the dream of being fit. I started back up after my mom died. I have gone up and down the same 10 pounds since July. I found that reading the articles is a great help. Understanding our bodies and what we eat and how it affects us. My time is so limited; This week I just made my mind up I would chart and exercise. It a mind set we have to keep. What is this going to do for me. Do I want to be like this forever? Am I willing to change my habits to become what I want? Only I can answer that.

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11/18/12 7:42 P

I read your note and I understand completely. I weigh much more than you and am older, but we have the same habits. As I do the grocery shopping I decide whether to bring the potato chips home or not. Since I have started Spark, I am very good in the grocery store. Want chips? Buy an individual bag and be really picky about which brand, flavor, etc. Ice cream your thing? One individual serving is available in many brands. Can't find your favorite flavor? Put it on your bucket list next trip. That makes the junk food really special. But what I do bring home is a new fruit or vegetable I have never tried. If I drink the 8 glasses of water and eat 5-7 fruits and vegetables, I am stuffed. As far as the emotional eating, I started fall cleaning, doing a short task when I think of food. I wish you well.

JJJJ1111 SparkPoints: (3,937)
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11/18/12 7:14 P

Starting yet again. I for the most part eat healthy, exercise daily etc. My problem is snacking, emotional eating and portion control. I have to admit I love my potato chips, french fries, cheese, fresh baked bread and candy too though :), I have such difficulty staying on track. Once I mess up for the day I am done. I need somebody to be accountable to, check in with and keep me motivated! I am only 5 pounds away from my highest weight and feel awful!!!

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