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8/29/13 11:35 P

Welcome! Congrats on admitting you need help and reaching out for it. You can live a healthier life, for both you and your brother.

All you have to do is decide everyday to live a little healthier then yesterday! You don't have to be perfect, just a little better.

We all know that diets don't work. I dieted myself to 245#s. By deciding to be a little healthier everyday I've lost 100#s. I'm not perfect, I make poor choices some of the time. But because I try to do a little better every day, it works.

I love routines. They work for me. They might (or might not) work for you.

I eat the same breakfast everyday, a homemade protein shake that I make the night before and a fiber bar. I know the calorie count, it's easy to track, it's easy to fix and I don't have to think about it. It helps me because I'm not a morning a person and I don't like to eat in the morning.

The point here is that if you find routines that work for you, it can make being a little better today a little easier.

OA is a great resource, so is SP.
Keep coming back, keep posting and keep trying to make today a little healthier than yesterday.

MISSPEACHES3 Posts: 1,920
8/29/13 11:08 P

There is a lot of good advice here on Spark.

I agree with another Spark member here........Make yourself a Spark page and open it up for friendships. There are so many wonderful people on this site. And all willing to help and encourage each other

I started my journey by cutting out ALL breads. That may not be your thing, but find the one thing you can do to get started.

Good luck.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,484
8/29/13 4:07 P

Everyone has given you great suggestions.
I would add that the Sparkpeople books give a great outline to follow for steps to follow on your journey. As everyone else has said, use the trackers both for nutrition and exercise. And make a point of putting bad habits behind you...
You Can Do This....It Isn't Painful, but It means changing your attitude
from wanting the foods that don't help you to wanting ....
to learning to like the foods that will help you get rid of the weight and some of the medical issues. It is a are the only one who can change your lifestyle.

When it comes to don't need to enter the Olympics.
Do 10 minutes at a time and build from there. Do what you can, when you can.
Even if it means just walking during lunch or stepping in place while you watch TV.
And there are loads of spark videos on this site.

And let go of the ALL OR NOTHING concept. It's building on aiming for the better choice. It's persistence and determination, not perfection.

SHKIRK Posts: 1,168
8/29/13 3:48 P

Your problems are not yours have US ! Here at SparkPeople there will always be someone to talk to. Hang in there and do what little you can and increase that as you go. I started. last year and have only lost 8 pounds but I feel a lot better now that I think about what i am eating and I moved more. I just walk and climb stairs but every little thing counts. I am 326 pounds at this time but refuse to get discouraged w/ my slow progress. A co-worker told me " As long as you are moving forward it does not matter you WILL get there !" emoticon

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/22/13 4:22 P

Creating a SparkPage and connecting with others can also be really helpful. There is a lot of support here (friends, teams, the general message boards) if you reach out. One of the things that I like about this site is that you can share as much or as little as you want.

I wanted to friend you, but you don't have a page yet!

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/22/13 4:18 P

Having metabolic problems makes things a lot harder, but you CAN do it. I also have Hashimoto's, I was pre-diabetic and I have several other serious metabolic issues. I have gone from 300 down to 208. I still have a ways to go (18 more pounds!) but I think the key thing is just to keep trying and do what you are able to each day.

Start recording everything you eat.. Run the daily reports. Over time you will learn what does and does not work for you. Start moving, even if it is only a little bit at first. Increase the duration and intensity of your exercise over time.

I don't have any perspective on binge eating, but I have heard that there are several teams on Spark that are really helpful for those dealing with those issues.

Good luck to you!

JHAACK39 SparkPoints: (12,343)
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8/22/13 2:01 P

Here's the great news.
That old cliché, you know, about the first step being the hardest?
You're already past it. Actually, I lied. I think the second step is hard too, but here's the better news:

No. Seriously. You have it. There's people here who will have your back if you want. Find them. They'll find you too.

Here's my SP tips I always give:
Set your longterm goal and then Ron Popeil it. Set it and forget it.

-set Fast Break goals
Be aggressive. Put food tracking and exercise in your goals. You can do anything for a week or two, right? I can guarantee you will at the very least FEEL a difference after a week or two, and most likely see a difference on the scale or the fit of your clothes. High five yourself on hitting short term goals. .5-1 lbs. a week seems like it'd take forever to reach that original goal....wait. Forget that goal again. .5 lbs. lost in a week simply by following a plan? Heck yah. Next week, you'll do even better and push off .7 lbs!!! Pretty soon, you're high fiving yourself for losing 10 lbs. and knowing that you can keep doing that until you reach that big time goal.

-food track food track food track
Get nitpicky and track EVERYTHING. Don't worry about going over calorie goals now and again. You're gonna. Just make it a productive happenstance by learning what sent you over. Whether it was just a bad choice of a second helping, a large soda, or using food to overcome a 'bad day'. Learn from it, and be prepared for it next time round.

Also, I'm a food guy. I love food. I love eating a lot. I'm the guy that wins the pancake eating contest at the Cub Scout breakfast fundraiser. Well, I used to be. I feared eating healthy would amount to 'losing a part of myself'. I was wrong. Food can absolutely be MORE delicious and satisfying and healthy. I found I threw a lot of stuff down my gullet because it was 'easy' and satisfying. Sure, a hamburger is tastier than a ham sandwich. But, if you load up a ham sandwich with peppers, spicy peppers, onions, tomato, mustard, spinach, oregano...wait a minute now. You find that's almost as good, and often better than a greaseburger and equally satisfying. Especially when you count in a little self congratulation afterwards.

Now go and seize the proverbial day. You will cry with joy at some point, I did. Not afraid to admit it.

GRAMMYNSC Posts: 669
8/22/13 1:44 P

Sorry for you loss! All I know is the battle against food is only won with 1 bite at a time....pick something you are eating that you know is bad for you. For me it was soda. I was drinking between 4-6 32oz sodas a day!!! Now I still have soda but I only have 7.5oz! I only buy the little cans and I feel satisfied cuz I still get to have my soda! If you just decrease 1 thing in your diet you will see some improvments. I also eat alot of egg whites with mushrooms and peppers in them and I buy Melba thin bread so I can have 2 pieces... I am all about the way food looks and I like to have alot on my plate. If you look at my pics on my page you will see some of the kinda meals I eat. Maybe this will help but if not please don't give up! Good luck and God Bless and if you need to talk hit me up anytime Im here!
Love Kitty emoticon

NEPTUNE1939 Posts: 17,932
8/22/13 1:39 P

emoticon Most people are over weight to some degree and many are not satisfied with the way they look or feel so you are not alone. emoticon I hope this helps: many of us have afflictions that we would not necessarily care to have but find a way to push through our afflictions. You are in the right place emoticon .

1st recognize that you are unique, you can CHOOSE to remain stagnant or challenge yourself to live a healthy life style. Spark people are the latter so you must be too. emoticon

I have my own set of handicaps & daily must be reminded that my goal is to LIVE a healthy life style. Being inundated with all the goodies around can be a challenge in itself. But knowledge is power. I began my knowledge of living healthy by joining SP. emoticon

My1st step was to begin TRACKING what I ate (a pain in the butt at 1st) and TRACKING my cardio & exercises (which at 1st was also a pain in the butt). I chose also to take to heart what dietitians & bodybuilders have espoused for years - "Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle": is an E-book by Tom Venuto. It is my mainstay for adhering to sound nutrition & body building advice.

Let's face it, bodybuilding is what living healthy is mostly about. SP has good advice on exercises but so does a site such as My own immune system became much better when I began "Strength Training" - muscle supports the body while excess fat destroys it. I choose to support muscle growth to the detriment of my fat. My fat today does not like me for my choice emoticon .

The program I'm now following along with SP is It's not only a site for men. But again muscle is superior to excess fat which has proven to be harmful to both sexes.

You can do it, you are not alone. God Bless you effort. Read daily the words of Solomon in "The Book of Proverbs". Earl

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JENMIS80 Posts: 3
8/22/13 1:12 P

Thanks, MLAN. It's hard for me not to go all-or-nothing, so baby steps are hard. I'm used to black and white behavior, but I guess that's what got me into this problem, isn't it? lol.

Appreciate the words,

MLAN613 Posts: 19,048
8/22/13 1:04 P

I am so sorry to hear about your brother. And I think you've already made the most important step: you have decided to start living a healthy lifestyle. What always helps me is to remember I didn't become overweight overnight. Therefore, it won't come off overnight either.

And make small goals for yourself. For example, start by tracking your food daily or exercising for 10 minutes a day 3 days a week.

JENMIS80 Posts: 3
8/22/13 1:01 P

Thanks for the kindness. I guess it's just a matter of trying again. As is the case with most of us, I've tried and tried a hundred times before and I fail to keep it up because I'm addicted to using food to deal with life. I'll try baby steps again. And I did recently look into meeting of overeaters anonymous, as well, so this just drives it home. I'll start attending. Meanwhile, I'll come to Sparkpeople to try and stay encouraged.


OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (251,943)
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8/22/13 12:54 P

have you checked for Overeater's Anonymous meetings in your area?

take baby steps. Don't go for all or nothing, because it's just not realistic. Make a few small changes (drinking water, 15 minutes of exercise, tracking everything you eat, for example). After a few weeks of those changes, make a few more.

so, so sorry about your brother. emoticon

JENMIS80 Posts: 3
8/22/13 12:46 P

Guys. Seriously. I need help.

I've been struggling with my weight since I was a little girl. I hale from a skinny family, but the trait didn't seem to rub off on me! ;) Essentially, long story short, I'm pre-diabetic, I have high blood pressure, pain in my ankles, I get out of breath too easily, I'm exhausted. I'm a 340 pound, 33 year old woman who feels as tired as an 80 year old. Add to that the fact that I have Hashimoto's Disease (an autoimmune disease), which means that I can't afford to keep putting bad foods into my system as I'm allergic to half of them!

Yet I do.

I can't seem to control myself anymore. I've finally acknowledged, for the first time in my life, that I compulsively overeat and I need help. Still, I don't know where to start because I feel out of control of my own behavior and I'm too isolated with this problem. I'm a proud, independent, hard-working, self-made woman. In a lot of ways, I have jobs that put me in the public eye. So I'm reaching out in a safe way with Sparkpeople. All I know for sure is that I have too much to do/look forward to and I can't just slowly kill myself like this.

My beloved younger brother died, unexpectedly, at 25 this past winter. I made a promise to him that I'd try to live my best life and continue to encourage and inspire people for as long as I live. But how can I really do this for others if I can't do the same for myself? This feels bigger than me. :-/ I can't just give up. I HAVE to do this and make it stick. But how?

Beyond frustrated,

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