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MISSNUGGY Posts: 347
8/30/12 8:50 A

You wrote your true feelings and I agree with you about this community. Let's stick together. Keep on keepin' on. Missnuggy

NANCYHOME247 SparkPoints: (25,227)
Fitness Minutes: (19,352)
Posts: 550
8/30/12 8:50 A

Thanks for stating what I've felt since joining SparkPeople. One of the (many) reasons I jump out of bed each day and open my computer is to "feed my soul" with the positive messages and encouraging words I know I'll find.

I never imagined there could be an online community where the folks are so well-spoken and positive-minded!

Visiting here makes me feel like I'm wrapped in a virtual hug!

DJSHIP46 SparkPoints: (161,095)
Fitness Minutes: (106,717)
Posts: 8,863
8/30/12 8:47 A

I love this community too! Thanks for the reminder that this is a community focused on the health and happiness of others... What a great thing to be part of!!!

8/30/12 8:44 A

Thanks for the lovely reminder of the wonder of Spark. We are a community - in the best sense. We are friends who care about each other. Some are closer friends, but all are cared about. Chris certainly realized his dreams and people have come. He has also built a safe place with people to monitor and see that it stays that way. I LOVE THIS PLACE TOO!

8/30/12 8:39 A

I think one of the main features on SP that is most helpful is the fact they have teams of people with similar goals or interests. Thanks for blogging and keep up the good work! HUGS

ANDRAYAYA Posts: 2,054
8/30/12 8:37 A

Wonderful post, and so true!!! Thank you for sharing!

MNNICE Posts: 17,438
8/30/12 8:36 A

I agree -- the support and motivation found here in SP makes all the difference!

SPOKENWORD Posts: 6,046
8/30/12 8:34 A

Awesome post! Thanks for sharing! And I too agree!

MELOSPARKLE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (72,166)
Posts: 1,903
8/30/12 8:32 A

I agree with you - Spark people are the amazing people! Have a wonderful day ;)

JANET552 Posts: 29,473
8/30/12 8:31 A

What a lovely post!!

LOSER05 SparkPoints: (481,203)
Fitness Minutes: (122,652)
Posts: 23,760
8/30/12 8:30 A

me too

STARDUST_1970 Posts: 203
8/30/12 8:29 A

I agree, there has never been a more helpful, generous, and kinder bunch of people than i have seen on sp. Thanks for the post. Great Job and keep up the good work.

PALMETTOGIRL22 SparkPoints: (30,312)
Fitness Minutes: (11,377)
Posts: 2,664
8/30/12 8:28 A

This post is wonderful. Thank YOU for posting it!!



JUDY106 SparkPoints: (19,486)
Fitness Minutes: (14,015)
Posts: 235
8/30/12 8:27 A

I am so glad you can express in those words how I feel also about this site.Tthanks for sharing this with us. I am not much for expressing myself through written words and your Blog really is how I feel too. Thank You so, so, much.

ELOQUENTZ SparkPoints: (6,833)
Fitness Minutes: (1,441)
Posts: 310
8/30/12 8:26 A


SARAHF1988 Posts: 603
8/30/12 8:22 A

What a great post. It's surprising how motivated you can be just from seeing how strangers are doing, and from their words but here it really works. I can't tell you how much better I'm doing just because of SP

8/30/12 8:11 A

I wish you well.........we are all on the same journey..and it's one day at a time.

BARBANAL Posts: 4,557
8/30/12 8:10 A

Great site, Spark. Always find folks helpful. Happy to be part of this group !!!

TIFFANYACHING SparkPoints: (10,502)
Fitness Minutes: (9,559)
Posts: 314
8/30/12 8:07 A

I'm a newbie, what a great post, it's good to hear about how positive and supportive the forum members are.

WINEALITTLE SparkPoints: (31,531)
Fitness Minutes: (9,133)
Posts: 718
8/30/12 8:03 A

I have experienced the very same response from these wonderful Sparkers! I wish each and everybody here "joy for the journey!""

JOYCECAIN SparkPoints: (137,849)
Fitness Minutes: (95,475)
Posts: 3,627
8/30/12 8:00 A

Yes, our community is very loving and supportive. Here to help in any way they can.

MOTOMAMA Posts: 2,010
8/30/12 8:00 A

This just makes me even more happy to be here :)

MISSMARY3 SparkPoints: (243,110)
Fitness Minutes: (141,636)
Posts: 1,730
8/30/12 7:58 A

What a nice way to say it. You are right. The community is very supportive and trys to help. Keep up the good work! emoticon

GOLD11042 Posts: 1,786
8/30/12 7:56 A

Thanks for your blog.

LESELLERY Posts: 125
8/30/12 7:46 A

You are welcome. I hope you use all the Spark People for help and to Spark People.

YOBOELI SparkPoints: (26,915)
Fitness Minutes: (12,205)
Posts: 1,380
8/30/12 7:45 A

This is an awesome community and I am so happy to be apart of it, and thankful for all the wonderful encouraging people that are on here. Everyone keep up the good work emoticon

ARDISSA SparkPoints: (12,524)
Fitness Minutes: (2,010)
Posts: 272
8/30/12 7:42 A

You got that right . . . all the people that make up sp community are wonderful. And thank you for being a member as well.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
8/30/12 7:38 A

Well said

IZZIESTORM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,556)
Posts: 59
8/30/12 7:38 A

Thank you for sharing - I'm new to this site, myself, and I've found the same atmosphere. It's warm and inviting.

LRSILVER SparkPoints: (208,729)
Fitness Minutes: (189,394)
Posts: 3,854
8/30/12 7:34 A

Great post. Wishing you the best in your weight loss and good health journey.


HUBBYANDI SparkPoints: (95,599)
Fitness Minutes: (119,358)
Posts: 2,777
8/30/12 7:18 A

Sparkpeople has some awesome members and I have become friends with some and even met some of them which was an amazing time. This summer I got to see and meet more and intend to see some of them in the future! It's great finding friends and sharing our struggles and triumphs. What works and what the stumbling blocks are.
Glad you found some great people on here for your journey pals. This journey can be long for us and hard-going but the encouragement we find in fellow sojourners is truly a blessing to keep us heading down the right path!
Thanks for sharing your post with us!

GOAL40TH Posts: 669
8/30/12 7:18 A

Loved all the help from others on this site, and glad when I've been able to help another, walking the same journey as myself.

LESELLERY Posts: 125
8/30/12 7:15 A

I sometimes feel hateful to. I use to think that people are out there to hurt but now I don't. I have lots of friend out there that like me and willing to help me. So there not that many people out there are to hateful. So don't give up they out there. You are do at keeping positive and think not everyone out there is not hateful.

ARTJAC SparkPoints: (494,238)
Fitness Minutes: (288,105)
Posts: 114,843
8/30/12 7:06 A


8/30/12 6:56 A

I am so glad to have this part of the internet too!

LOGOULD SparkPoints: (111,310)
Fitness Minutes: (64,165)
Posts: 4,494
8/30/12 6:53 A

That's what is so wonderful about this community. In the nearly three years that I have been Sparking, I can count on one hand (two fingers actually) the number of times that anyone was in the least "snarky" with either myself or someone else. SOOO much better to associate with those who are SPARKY!

JGRAY76 Posts: 2,515
8/30/12 6:47 A

Truly a message from your heart. I love it when members respond to a post. It feels good to know that someone took the time to shares words of support, kindness and understanding. Thank you for putting that good feeling into words.

CINDYB3511 Posts: 123
8/30/12 6:43 A

I know what you mean sparkPeople rocks!! :-P

CLAIREINPARIS SparkPoints: (69,797)
Fitness Minutes: (79,760)
Posts: 8,019
8/30/12 6:31 A

I agree, people on SP are very special, every day I am glad I found Sparkpeople!

KATHIC2 Posts: 54
8/30/12 6:29 A

So well said. Thank you!

GABONGAL SparkPoints: (127,375)
Fitness Minutes: (96,118)
Posts: 4,790
8/30/12 6:17 A

Thank you for expressing, so eloquently, what makes SparkPeople so special. It feels like a safe place to be and is so unlike many sites where the ranting and raving and rude comments bring you down instead of building you up and helping one become a better person. This is one of the main reasons that SparkPeople is the only social networking site I chose to be a part of and to invest my time in. Thank you for taking your time to spread this important message.

TENNISJIM Posts: 11,750
8/30/12 6:13 A

Me, too!

THIMBLER SparkPoints: (13,169)
Fitness Minutes: (8,851)
Posts: 887
8/30/12 6:07 A

I too find SP members to be very supportive. I haven't with them long, but they are making a difference in my life!

I hope one day I can give back to someone else in the same way.

SUSIEPH1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (201,770)
Posts: 17,941
8/30/12 6:04 A

Loved your post, and am looking forward to getting to know and to help in any way I can ..
This website is awesome, there is so much support and love and encouragment that you cannot help but succeed ..

All the very best ... Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

SMOKEY1002 SparkPoints: (233)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 1
8/30/12 6:03 A

I so agree with you. It is very valuable to belong to such a positive community and my day is made more pleasant and fruitful just accessing these pages. emoticon

THEIS58 SparkPoints: (154,728)
Fitness Minutes: (50,315)
Posts: 5,250
8/30/12 6:02 A

Great summation of what SP is all about!

TDWANDD2MYK9 Posts: 54,349
8/30/12 5:47 A

Thank you! It's great that you are getting such positive feed back. keep posting and sparking!! emoticon

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,980)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,444
8/7/12 12:08 P

Hi Kanachii -- thanks for sharing your incredible post! Now you are putting in the time to motivate other people. We shared your post with our entire team to motivate each other to keep working hard to help more people.

Thanks for being part of the SparkPeople family :).


Chris (SparkGuy)

KELLY_SP SparkPoints: (138,640)
Fitness Minutes: (183,453)
Posts: 9,620
8/6/12 10:47 P

Hello and Welcome!!

Thank you for sharing your positive experiences with the SparkPeople Community. We hope you find continued success on your journey and are able to reach all of your goals.

If you are interested in creating a SparkPage for yourself, you can do so using by going to the COMMUNITY tab and then the SPARKPAGES tab.

Be well,

KANACHII Posts: 24
8/6/12 4:33 P


I just wanted to tell each and every person that you are amazing and I love you. This is a fantastic community and I have really enjoyed what I've seen here.

As you can tell, I do not post much. I used to post on several forums when I was younger, but gradually withdrew because of trolls and hateful people. But this community is much different. I've never seen any flaming or hurtful comments. It's a rare find.

I made a very lengthy post a few days ago that I thought most people would skip over. To my surprise, not only did people respond - they responded very thoroughly! They gave me tons of helpful information and encouragement.

One person even sent me several messages that helped me pinpoint what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. I looked at the timestamps on the messages, thirty minutes had lapsed between the first message and the last. This person spent thirty minutes of their time sending me information and helping me, a total stranger. That's half an hour she could have been cooking, exercising, watching TV, reading a book.. doing anything, yet she spent the time helping me. I think that's amazing.

It moves me that all of you spend so much time helping complete strangers. All of you want the same thing for everyone here: to be healthy and happy. Every single time you post words of comfort, advice, or praise you create a ripple, that ripple becomes a wave, and you have no idea how far that wave can go.

It's easy to support a cause by donating a dollar, or clicking "like", or visiting a web page. Genuine charity is when you donate your time. Your time is so very precious, so very limited. To everyone that's ever posted in Spark: you're one of the good guys. Thank you so much.

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