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JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,098
1/26/13 7:38 A

Don't quit. Most people give up and quit.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
1/25/13 1:13 P

I understand that it is not your own place, but isn't there anywhere that you can do some exercises? Is there a basement? What about your room? You don't need fancy equipment. You have feet, you have arms, you have legs-- do squats, do jumping jacks, do pushups, do burpees, do crunches, do planks. you don't need room to do those. A small hallway would work or right beside your bed.

Buying your food every few days would probably at least ensure that you are eating what you are buying.

Now the hard part-- this is where I get on my soapbox because it has helped me more than I can say and others on this site as well.--You own your health. nothing in the world- a disease, cancer, depression, or any other chronic ailment should stop you from doing everything you can to get healthy. Losing weight and getting in shape are really nice benefits, but getting your hormones balanced and nourishing your body come first. In order to do that, in order to truly succeed you need to know why? You say you want to lose weight? My question to is WHY? Is it to fit in a dress? Is it to just look good? Neither of those would work for me. See, my dear, i will NEVER be a fashion model. I will never be small and compact. I am just not made that way. I don't want to just look good. I don't want to just lose weight and get fit. It's not enough for me. I need more. I need something that will kick me in my butt so hard if i quit before I finish exercising. I need something that will glare at me if i choose a cupcake over a carrot. That someone is staring at me right now. He is my short tubby bald 11 month nephew. He wants a healthy aunty. He wants to play and roll around on the floor with me. He wants me to swing him around and ride on my shoulders. If i lived in a world of excuses, I could NEVER achieve that.
It shouldn't matter that it is your own house. I couldn't get from your posts other than it is not your place, but would the people who live there care if you exercised in your room or somewhere where nobody is for 15 minutes?
Your health comes first. It always has and always will and NOBODY has the right to take that away from you or give you reason not to succeed on your health journey.
You can't exercise at the place your are staying-- fine then find a friend or a neighbor and work out there. Find anyplace that you can get in free. Is there an indoor shopping center anywhere? Go walk it. Is there a school that maybe has an open gym time-- use it.

I apologize if some of this is harsh, but you really need to determine WHY you want to start on this journey and then DO NOT let anything STOP you.

SUNFLOWER003 SparkPoints: (334)
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1/25/13 7:01 A

Hey TERILCARTER1960, its been -20 here and we have been geting constantly dumped on with the snow lol so outdoors isnt really working and where its not my own place im finding it hard to exercise at home, But walking around inside the house may be an idea. I find playing with my Pug Sophie gets me wore out after 30 mins or so, for a Pug i dont know where she gets her energy lol . Thnks for the message

SUNFLOWER003 SparkPoints: (334)
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1/25/13 6:59 A

I pray everyday serveral times a day. I know God will never leave me or forsake me and that He loves me ! Awesome God ! The frustration and motivation and i dont really have a support system ya know ? Wish i had a few people i could work out with etc. I find it hard doing things like that on my own. Thanks for the msg

SUNFLOWER003 SparkPoints: (334)
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1/25/13 6:56 A

Hey MISSCUS I went out last night and bought a few things for today , lets see if i can start this shopping every few days for healthy food. Knowing what to be eating isnt all the fun either...i was thinking about joining weightwatchers 360 have you heard anything about it ? Thanks for the kind message !

INNERBEAUTY78 Posts: 217
1/24/13 10:24 P

SUNFLOWER003 - You can add me as a SparkFriend. I can totally relate and feel your frustration. It's not an easy journey, but there's a lot of support here. Together we can help each other achieve our goals. Pray and know that God will never leave you nor forsake you. Keep your head up.

TERILCARTER1960 SparkPoints: (3,659)
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1/24/13 10:05 P

You can do this your still here reaching out for support and that is the best thing you could have done. I need a friend we all help each other. So hang in there it was 5* here in iowa yesterday and I was not going out in that so I walked around my kitchen up the stairs and came back down my granddaughter who is three made it into a game and I was out of breath after 15 minutes. So I counted as 15 min. Of walking. You can do this thanks for sharing

WANDERINONE Posts: 4,515
1/23/13 10:26 P

SUNFLOWER, you sound like me in a lot of ways. I talk with my sister on the phone a lot. She keeps saying over and over, "just put one foot in front of the other and walk". I know this is hard to hear at first, as it was for me too. But, once I got the message through my sad head, I did just that, I put one foot in front of the other and just started walking!! And it is working. It didn't happen overnight, for you I wish it would. But unfortunately that's not how it works. It happens over time.
As far as groceries, I have lived in many a roommate situations, and it isn't easy. Some people don't care if it is your food or not. You may have to do what I did. Go to the store, walk there if you want, or can, and buy your food each day. Have a GOOD plan for what you are going to buy for that day. In Europe, most people buy the freshest food for each day one day at a time. So for you, you can be a European lady, going and buying a days worth of food each day.
Feel free to email me or friend me for extra support! It benefits us both if you lean on me for a while. We gain strength when we support each other. That's a SparkPeople gem.
Phyllis emoticon

SUNFLOWER003 SparkPoints: (334)
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1/23/13 8:23 P

Bad relationships is where the over eating started for me. im glad that your staying strong!! thanks

KCLIME12 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/23/13 8:04 P

Stay strong, I know it seems hard right now, but if you let the hard times motivate you you'll get through it. I'm going through a bad breakup right now, and I'm fighting letting the emotions drive me to overeat and stop working out, but rather I'm putting that energy toward getting stronger so I can move on and be me. If you have any space where you're living you might be able to do some of the sparkpeople fitness videos. Coach Nicole even has one for seated exercise you can do at a desk. Good luck! *hugs*

SUNFLOWER003 SparkPoints: (334)
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1/23/13 7:25 P

I truly want to lose weight, get in shape and feel and look better! Truly!! I feel like the only time iv'e ever lost weight is when i have been in serious depression. and vice versa i am my heaviest when depressed but mainly when i don't feel in control.
I need to lose at least 60 pounds to at least be a healthy weight, im 5'5 and im 213 pounds i honesty dont know what to do !! eat right.....i dont have my own home, i buy healthy things and go for them and they are gone....i dont have my own transportation so gym is out , not my home so time to exercise is out most of the time and i feel alone and its hard to be motivated by myself.....sighed up for a buddy thing on here and i no longer get any messages from them since i just dont know what to do. I know this isnt Gods plan for me to feel and be this way i just dont know what else to do but post something here and see what happens.

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