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CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,686)
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8/13/14 4:14 P

I am usually up a few hours before I eat.

ROMEOTHECAT SparkPoints: (1,310)
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8/13/14 12:43 P

The idea of "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" is straight from the bacon lobby. This actually isn't a joke - it was invented to sell breakfast food.

That doesn't mean that breakfast is detrimental or not important to those who do eat it. It's just not for everyone, and for many, a light breakfast - or a later one - is preferable. Jared Fogle, the Subway guy, lost his weight without the help of breakfast. I myself don't usually eat until about four hours after waking up, and since I get many breaks throughout the day, I tend to eat a small amount at two of them and use three others to walk out indoor walking path. (I'm a casino dealer; we get a ton of breaks.)

Don't like breakfast? Don't eat it. The reason there are so many solutions to weight loss is that nothing works for everyone.

AZRIDERS Posts: 215
8/12/14 10:43 P

Smoothies are good for us not liking to eat early. Even a glass of chocolate milk made with 1% milk and no fat/sugar syrup.

SHOTOKIDO SparkPoints: (101,572)
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8/12/14 10:29 P

Are you still eating late at night?

Because if you set a cut off time for your eating (a few hours before your bedtime) in the morning breakfast will be your best friend.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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8/12/14 10:00 P

I usually eat later too. First thing when I wake up, I make a cup of hot tea and enjoy that while I get my wits about me.

I work an overnight shift to begin with, so my eating schedule is very different from most.

My suggestion is pack your "breakfast" along with you to work and eat it on your break or if your job allows while you are at your designated work station.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
8/12/14 8:51 P

i eat late too, which is why i am generally not hungry for breakfast. but eating breakfast basically sets up my hunger cues for the rest of the day. my default breakfast has always been a half bagel with about a half ounce of cheese. it's quick and easy to make and eat and i basically forget i ate it about five minutes after i did. now, it might just be that i hate oatmeal in any form that's not a bar or cookie, so the idea of eating it is a slog across the board, but it seems like you could find something a little more calorie dense to start your day. nuts or nut butter or some cheese or a hardboiled egg and a piece of fruit for example. when you're not really hungry but know you need to eat, the dense stuff is the way to go. it gets you the nutrients you need in a small volume, which seems to be much easier to get down and therefore much less of a trial.

8/12/14 8:30 P

You already have the reason why you don't eat breakfast:

".........I'm an emotional and late night eater, so I used to not eat all day........"

I'm not gonna say that is bad, but there is no way I could operate that way. I get up at 4:30 so that I have time to fix breakfast, a nice full breakfast. I need it because I am active from the word go. Breakfast is not the first thing, a shower, pack my lunch, and any domestic duties that need to be done are first. That gets the "blood moving" so to speak. I typically have things Mise En Place, as much as possible. The same is true for lunch, it is typically Dinner leftovers.

If you think you need to, and if you really want to eat breakfast you have to stop eating earlier and go to bed earlier. How many hours of sleep do you typically get?

If you are going to make a change, start it on your days off.

Breakfast is my favorite meal, other than the fact that it is typically alone. The other two are wonderful also, but that is typically because of the company. :-)

NENATO2 SparkPoints: (185,008)
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8/12/14 6:56 P

I can't eat early either. I get up at 4:45, at work by 6:00. I workout when I get there (they encourage this) and at 8:00 I have my yogurt and a couple of hours I have some awesome banana muffins that I make. Spacing it out really helps me.

JWHITMAN75 Posts: 137
8/12/14 6:32 P

I make a chocolate or vanilla shakeology shake with powdered peanut butter...I throw it in the blender with some ice and almond milk and then bring it with me on my 45 minute commute to work. I then eat some fruit mixed with plain fat free Greek yogurt a couple hours after that. I can't stomach a big hot breakfast during the school year (I'm a teacher) before 6:30 am. I eat the same thing in the summer though because it's too warm to eat anything else.

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
8/12/14 2:29 P

If I eat breakfast, and that's a big if, it's not until much later in the morning, I just can't eat when I first get up. Most of the time I'm not hungry until like 10am, so I'll either skip it completely or just eat a Larabar or something similar to tide me over until lunch.

Honestly, I don't buy in to the whole "eat frequent, small meals" theory. I eat when I'm hungry, and eat however much it takes to not be hungry anymore.

MBPP50 Posts: 45,549
8/12/14 12:53 P

I make a shake out of shakeology, protein powder, bananas, sometimes a little peanut butter, water and ice and I am good and full for a while- I am not starving by lunch, that's for sure.

KASTRA Posts: 369
8/12/14 12:29 P

I'm not a breakfast person, either. I pour myself 10-oz of almond milk and add a half scoop of protein powder. Shake and drink on my way to work. I do pack a "breakfast," but I typically eat it later in the morning after I'm at work, settled in, etc. I've tried smoothies but have yet to find one where the texture doesn't put me off.

LIFENPROGRESS SparkPoints: (115,161)
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8/12/14 11:40 A

Have you tried making a protein shake or smoothie? Use it to replace the traditional breakfast. You'll still get the protein, fiber, carbs, etc.

“Your dreams are worth it. Persevere. Your focus is your power. Harness it.”
~ Amy Leigh Mercree ~

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
8/12/14 11:08 A

I wake up about 5:30, workout, drink lots of water, but don't eat breakfast until 8 or so. I just can't eat first thing. I get it, it is important, but I also think force feeding yourself isn't good either. I'm very hungry at 8, so I eat! I think WHAT you eat is way more important than when.

8/12/14 10:56 A

I'm not a breakfast first thing person either. I get up 6:30 and eat breakfast at 10am. I do have some coffee with heavy cream in the morning though.

Breakfast @ 10
Lunch @ 1
Dinner @5 or 6

Although every now and then I will wake up hungry and I eat right away.

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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8/12/14 10:47 A

Maybe waiting until your first break at work to have breakfast would be a better idea...? I don't eat right away after getting up in the morning. I get up at 4-5am and have breakfast at 7:30am.

8/12/14 10:26 A

I'm finally getting it. Nutrition matters. With what and when I fuel my body matters. And I'm seeing results. But lawd, I hate breakfast. Eating before 11 is a serious challenge for me. It's hard to explain, but the whole concept is just repulsive. I start work at 6 AM, so scarfing down food at 4:30 when I'm still half sleep, just yuck. At this point, I'm force feeding myself oatmeal (which I actually love at other times of the day) and just dealing with it. I'm an emotional and late night eater, so I used to not eat all day. It's really hard learning new habits. Didn't eat breakfast yesterday, but forced myself to stay on track this morning.

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