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2/6/14 9:21 P

I'm on hormone replacement & love it! No hot flashes, no mood swings, no periods! Bad news is my dr wants me off it by 55.

WRITERGIRL55 Posts: 247
2/3/14 12:18 P

I am 60 yrs old. I had finally tapered off my hot flashes to one or two a day. I recently had breast cancer surgery and was given Arimidex which is a estrogen hormone therapy drug. I now have hot flashes every hour of the day. Side effects of this drug is hot flashes. Well, I've got them. I am so miserable. I have to take this drug for the recommended 5 years to suppress any cancer cells from forming again. I need to discuss this with my oncologist. It's just hard to live like this. I know there are possibly no answers here. I just had to vent. Thanks alot for listening.

JUSTYNA7 Posts: 6,533
5/2/13 11:16 P

Walking and ugh... gardening have really helped me. Repetitive, non demanding activities. I think I heard that 10 minutes of walking helps get your circulation going. 20 helps the pain in your joints. 40 minutes is what ignites those lovely mood enhancing hormones. When I walk or garden for an hour I suddenly feel more peaceful and centered. I never thought I'd be a gardener and sometimes I have to force myself to go out... but it has worked now for a couple of years and now that is spring is here I'm excited to get started again. I think that this whole process is like "nesting" in reverse. Instead of getting ready to take care of someone else we are needing to take care of ourselves. It has certainly made me slow down. Memory, discomfort, mood swings... all seem to become not so important as I slow down and breath. It's still frustrating, especially realizing I don't need as big portions or that food is not fixing my problems any more... there is no quick fix, just a new healthy way of living.

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5/2/13 4:21 P

Hi MaryJo ..I haven't logged on in a few months so today is almost like my first day ..We[come and I wish you much happiness and success on your journey :)

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5/2/13 4:19 P

I haven't logged in for a while ..I also suffer from depression while in flashes are the worst during the day, I break out in a sweat just doing laundry. I finally broke down and started taking a antidepressant it seems to be helping some and I have a little more energy than I used too. I hope everyone is having a blessed day and are feeling good about themselves ((HUGG'S))

MARYJO19601 SparkPoints: (136)
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5/2/13 3:23 P

Well today is my first day on Spark. I am going through menopause as well. The hot sweats come and go but I am really struggling with my eating. I never used to eat all that much but now it is all I can think about.

NJMSTAR SparkPoints: (72,733)
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5/2/13 10:55 A

I haven't had to deal with mood swings but the hot flashes and night sweats have been insane. They didn't start until I was in menopause and I thought they would taper off. Finally went on an HRT patch after 3+ years of sweating every 15 min. I was probably having at least 30 hot flashes a day and was no longer a functioning person. It took about 2 months for the patch to start working, though "they" told me it would start right away. Since hitting my fifties I have also had to deal with extreme hunger pangs. No matter how much or what I eat I am hungry again within 15 to 20 minutes. Does any one else deal with this? I am always in a state of discomfort. I have managed to stop the weight gain from this when I realized eating didn't help, but I'm tired of always being hungry. I've been on the other side of menopause for several years now and it sucks!

PATHFINDER52 Posts: 752
5/1/13 11:41 P

Look at you! You've lost over 80 pounds! You ROCK!
Okay, so now you're menopausal. I loved the first answer you got but not everyone can find those special providers who customize your hormone treatment. And not everyone can afford to shop in the organic section of the grocery store. So, what can the rest of us do??

I'm (finally) done with menopause but I found these things to be most helpful in the worst of times. . .
1. Appreciate your ceiling fan (or some fan, especially in the bedroom) -- hubby too cold? Get him a blanket, but do take advantage of the cooling benefits of moving air!

2. Keep ice packs available -- they're not just for knees any more! A nice wrapped pack on the back of your neck can get you through the misery of a lengthy power-surge!

3. Use memory assistance tools -- make lists, always park in the same part of the ramp, say the new person's name to yourself several times, re-organize your desk, kitchen, where-ever so that everything has a "place" to call home -- you'll spend less time asking yourself, "Where did I put my keys?"

4. Stop trying! With me it was loosing my "readers" so I bought about 15 pair of the cheap kind of glasses and I keep them EVERYWHERE!! Now I don't kick myself when I can't find the ones I am looking for, there is always another pair close at hand.

5. Ask your MD about trans-dermal (daily skin patch) hormones; smaller doses sometimes better absorption with fewer side effects.

6. Remember, this too will pass.

Best of luck as you get to the other side -- post-menopause is a wonderful place to live!


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4/24/13 4:24 P

Been there done that plus suffered with horrible hot flashes (my menopause was due to a total hysterectomy in 2007). I went the synthetic hormone route but my body did NOTlike it - also when I learned that synthetic HRT is derived from equine (horse) urine, I knew I did NOT want that in my body. I found a functional medicine specialist who did a very complex and involved hormone test on me and I learned that my hormones were totally out of whack. He worked with a custom compounding pharmacy and I am now on a bioidentical hormone and have been for several years now. They have been a lifesaver for me. My menopause symptoms are gone (with the exception of low libido and "dryness") - I'm 55 years old, 5'6" and my weight hovers around 140 - I try to work out regularly and eat healthily (no process foods, whole foods only and organic when possible, grassfed meats, free range chicken/eggs, etc., healthy fats - EVOO, coconut oil, organic butter, avocado). I feel like I'm healthier now than I've been in a very long time.

I wish you luck - it's a tough road, but with the proper care and treatment, it can get better.

PATTYGRAN Posts: 411
4/24/13 7:55 A

Anyone else out there battling menopause along with trying to lose weight? This is tough. My mood swings are crazy. One minute I'm up and want to take on the world and before you know it, I just want to curl up in a ball on the couch. I've been to the doctor and was advised that if it continues or gets worse I might want to try an anti-depressant, but I hate adding any more medicine to my list. I'm luckily not experiencing hot flashes but the emotional roller coaster has me not knowing if I'm coming or going. I can't seem to focus and find myself staring off into space at work, I'm forgetful, and can't seem to make up my mind on anything. Anyone else out there feeling this? Any suggestions? emoticon

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