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8/21/12 12:50 P

Sorry but, 145 is a healthy weight for a woman who's 5'9". I'm 5'8" and have been that weight most of my adult life, and have learned to be quite comfortable with it. You may want to consider seeing a therapist for body image issues. It's just not realistic to "get rid of your fat". Fat helps us build cells and protects our organs from damage. Most women have cellulite, yes, even skinny models (who are airbrushed). If you read fashion magazines, toss them all in the trash, SERIOUSLY. Take a look at the medically recommended weights for your height, and you'll find yourself a perfectly acceptable size. Tall women are more CURVY than short women for the most part, and men LIKE that.
Tall girls like us are probably not going to be a size 4 or 6 - EVER - and still be healthy - and that's okay.

Build some muscle. Get a t-shirt that says "Strong is the new skinny" and wear it till you are convinced. Get proud of your muscles, not your bones. Find clothes that flatter your figure, and stand up tall and confident when you wear them. Half of sexy is confidence. And get used to the concept that the grass is always greener. Some women would KILL to be 5'9" and a healthy weight, and why do you think short women wear heels and petite women wear padded bras?

If it helps, it's normal to feel heavy when you're a teen and still adjusting to your new size. When I first got curves, I felt fat for awhile until I got used to them - and I was your weight and an inch shorter. I'm 27 now, and I love my body. Life's too short to constantly criticize and dislike your appearance.

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8/21/12 12:42 P

First point, Olympic athletes are Olympic athletes and look the way they do because of their genetics. runners are runners and skinny because their genetics make them skinny so please do not use that as any form of role mode. The trifecta for fat loss in ranked order is nutrition (diet),strength training and lastly cardio. A successful fat burning strength training programme is based on doing full body and compound movement exercises engaging the maximum number of muscles in each exercise, If you can do more than 10 repetitions up the weight 10% you next workout and do as many repetitions per set as you can working you way back up to the 10 repetitions for all sets. I have my clients use 8 repetitions per set and tell them not to worry if they can not do 3 X 8 after an increase in weight but to do as many per set as they can maintaining good form. Their cardio is based on some form of interval work done on non strength training days.

A final note, women who go below a certain percentage of body fat suffer from irregular or non existent menstrual periods since their body thinks they are starving and therefor unable to bear children.

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8/21/12 10:48 A

Kaitlin Anne,

You probably won't like to hear this, but as you age, your teen metabolism will taper off, allowing for a slender, but often less defined look. Olympic athletes and models/actresses look like they do because it is their job. They can devote 12+ hours a day to it, have personal trainers and nutritionists on standby to help them. The rest of us have be a bit less extreme in how we want to look.

How do the other women in your family look? Is it easy for them to stay slender, or do they have to work very hard at it? I don't look my weight, because it's not concentrated in one spot but all over me, but the women in my family, on both sides, have a tendency to be heavier than they look. Yay for genetics. Look at your family to help get a realistic goal for what you can expect form your body. This does not mean if they are heavy but sedentary you will be, too, but if they are active, but not rock hard, then you can see what is realistic for you to aspire to. And women DO tend to have more cushioning around the mid section and hips/thighs, simply for baby-carrying purposes. Estrogen and its buddies are working against your desired body image.

It sounds like you are at a perfectly good height/weight for your body, and like you have little to worry about. There is a difference between not having super defined abs, and having an excess of fat, and I bet you have nothing to feel bad at the beach about. :)

If you are really concerned, talk to your MD at your next annual check up, and see if there is anything off in your body chemistry. Also, if you happen to have started some new medication, like the Pill or even things for allergies, it can affect whether you tend to hold onto more water or weight - so see if that's the issue.

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8/21/12 8:16 A

It wouldn't hurt to track your food. You might be eating too much or too little - hard to say without tracking.

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8/21/12 8:12 A

At 19, your body is still indeed changing; what you're experiencing could very well be just plain old growing up! I know, it's a cliche, but it's true. ;) As you get older your body changes.

If you're strength training, you need to lift weights that fatigue you - as in, you can't complete a single additional rep in good form, in about 8-12 reps. "Feeling the burn" is good (it's a sign you're challenging yourself) but if you can complete those 12 reps easily, then you may need to go up in weight.

Lifting lighter weights for more reps builds muscle endurance, yes, but it won't keep you from bulking up, as the common myth would suggest. It's really just wasting time, when you can get the same results faster using heavier weights.

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8/21/12 5:35 A

No supplements will help you tighten your belly. Your only option is to burn fat from all over and let genetics take over and decide where to take the fat from. Strength training will help your body to burn more calories when you are at rest, and it will help to reduce your body fat. It could also help your posture (it has helped mine!) which could improve the look of your mid section.

Olympic athletes look like they do because it is literally their job to do so. They train for hours and hours a day, which isn't realistic for the average person.

8/21/12 3:52 A

Trying to look like an Olympic athlete is as achievable for the average person as trying to look like a model or make it as a Hollywood actor.

There are billions of people on this planet, yet just a handful of models, actors and athletes everyone wants to look like...

Like I said earlier; please find it in yourself to talk to a professional about this...

You are heading down an obsessional route that won't take you where you think it will...

Take care...x

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8/21/12 3:32 A

No , i'm not gaining weight. I'm not trying to loose weight, just tighten EVERYTHING. Which means burning belly fat. Are there skin tightening supplements out there? That's my biggest problem is i jiggle way to much. I've seen the girls on the olympics, the runners mostly. That's what I want to look like, and I should by now... atleast with the way I've been training. And I don't not even come close. My legs and arms look fantastic, but nothing else.

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8/21/12 3:28 A

how would I know if it's hormonal. I'm 19 so I do have high hormones lol

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8/21/12 3:26 A

I'm 19 almost 20. I'm lifting heavy weights but not too heavy. Just enough to feel the burn. Yes, 8 to 12 reps. Sometimes I'll do lighter weight and more reps.

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8/15/12 7:46 A

Just a couple of thoughts.

1. I want to echo most of the crowd that says that the information given to us suggests that your weight really isn't a problem.

2. If at that BMI your belly is sticking out, it could be your posture, not any amount of fat.

3. For your abs to really show, you would have to get down to a really really low body fat, one that may be unhealthy for you. I would talk to your doctor about your fitness goals before proceeding.- see

4. Should all of the others check out, strength training to bring down your body fat % may help. Check out Starting Strength for a good strength program that will work the entire body.

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8/14/12 11:30 P

this could also be totally hormonal as well

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8/14/12 1:57 P


At 5ft 9" and 145 pounds, that puts your BMI at 21.4. That is a more than healthy weight for your height. How old are you ? If you are a teenager or even in college, your body is still changing. Women are supposed to carry some body fat to be healthy. As a generality, depending on age and percentage of lean muscle, a woman should carry 20-29% body fat to be healthy. Yes, there are women athletes and models who carry less fat. But that's just not typical for women.

Why are you gaining weight ? It could be part of your normal growing process. As we age from adolescence into adulthood, women do see an increase of fat on their hips, thighs, breasts, etc... it really is a natural part of being female.

Have you ever had your body fat tested ? And no, not by using a body fat scale or hand held meter. If you have a gym membership or you go to university, any good personal trainer can do a 9 point caliper test. They'll pinch 9 areas of your body. they'll then take the measurements and plug them into equations. the number that is chugged out will be your percentage body fat.

If your body fat is below 20%, that really is low for a woman. So, don't beat yourself up because you don't think you're thin enough. Women are supposed to carry some body fat. Contrary to what the current fashion magazines say, we aren't supposed to look like adolescent boys with boobs. Women do have curves and that's okay.

So, consider having your body fat checked out. It may be lower than you think. If so, then you don't really need to lose. Women are hard on themselves. We're never thin enough, pretty enough or smart enough. Well, that's just wrong. We're wonderful !!

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8/14/12 11:53 A

Kaitlineanne, may I ask how old you are? It really is relevant; you mention you're a girl, and I wonder if you're still a teenager.

Seeing your abs and your belly fat are both related to overall body fat percentage. There's no way to spot-reduce (so all the ab work in the world won't help) but you do need to implement a total-body strength training program to start fighting that. When you say you lift, how much are you lifting, and how long? Are you using challenging, heavy weights that fatigue your muscles in 8-12 reps, or are you using light hand weights?

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8/14/12 6:55 A

Changing your body, especially if you're already at a healthy weight, takes some time. It's a slow process. Yes, you'll need to focus more on building muscle and losing fat. Your diet will be very important--they say 80% of it is diet. I agree about changing your routine to favour strength training (lifting heavy) rather than lots of cardio. That's how you'll be building the muscle and burning the fat.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
8/14/12 4:55 A

Go checkout Ditch the insane ammounts of cardio and focus on lifting heavy. Eat around mainteance. Most importantly, give it time. You will see results, but they will be slow.

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8/14/12 4:31 A


If you're having a problem getting the results you want on your own.
My suggestion would be to engage a Registered Dietitian and a Personal Trainer.

They can assess what you're doing with your nutrition/fitness and give you guidance.
Also get a checkup with your doc express your concerns to rule out any underlining problems.

Just know, these things can take time. Especially when you don't have much to lose. So do yourself a favor and have patience.

Good Luck!

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8/14/12 2:35 A

Sounds to me like you have a body image problem...the height and weight you've stated indicate you're healthy.

Rather than obsessing about this, please, please, please find it in yourself to go and talk to a psychiatrist...

All the best...x

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8/14/12 1:33 A

I think you need to build muscle and reduce your body fat percentage. Like body building people do. So eat and train like a body builder.

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8/14/12 1:14 A

I'm a fit, athletic girl. Never been more than 145 lbs. I'm 5'9" and have always been active and thin. In the last two years I've noticed I'm gaining weight ( just a little) and I have fat which I never had before. NO I'm not fat, I know that, but I'm unhappy with the way I look. I used to not have any issue. Now I don't want to be at the beach.

I workout almost everyday. I lift, do abs 3 times a week and lots of cardio. I eat NO fastfood, sodas and recenlty no breads or pasta, even cut drinking for a month to see if it made a difference, but it hasn't. I eat every 2 hours, very small portions, lots of protien and I do atleast 20 min of cardio everytime I workout. I've been doing this for the last several months, and I barley see abs and I still have fat in my stomach. I'm uncomfortable with the way I look. I've tried EVERYTHING. Any suggestions?

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