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5/2/12 8:26 A


I don't think the problem is with control, but with setting realistic expectations and with being more flexible.

You lost 17 pounds in three months (an average of losing more than 1 pound per week?) by excesing a TON and controling calories.

Maybe, your goal is too aggressive and that's causing you to feel guilty if you slip up?

Some people feel guilty about slipping up and that could lead to disordered eating patterns and thoughts.

When you eat a bowl of lettuce that is NOTcalled binging. There are some people on here with eating disorders (bulimia and binge eating disorder) and people who engage in emotional eating who have problems with binging eating.

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5/2/12 8:23 A

have you adjusted your goals as you have lost weight? every 10-15lbs you should be reevaluating your goals to make sure they fit where you are now. this means that as you get closer to where you want to be, you need to lose less per week. less per week means eating more per day. in other words, if you were in the 170s to start and lost 17lbs, you're around the 150s. which puts you 30lbs away from your goal. for those first 17lbs, losing 1.5lbs per week was reasonable. but now that you're lighter, you can't lose as much. so you need to scale your goal back to 1lb per week, which should raise your calories by 250 per day. as you lose the next 20lbs, you're going to have to cut that 1lb loss per week in half again to accommodate nearing your goal. when you lose this way, you're essentially slowly eating towards your maintenance calories.
trying to create too large of a deficit for where you are now could be priming you to attack the pantries at night. i know for me, if i am not at about 1000 cals by about 4pm ish [i eat around 1800 a day], i will try and inhale anything in my path. if i'm right about at that mark, i can eat reasonably and normally. but if i am eating too little, it's so much easier to try and grab anything and everything.

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5/2/12 8:09 A

The one respondant who said they don't keep anything "yummy" at home makes me wonder if it's a matter of mind set for you both.

No food is "good" or "bad", but if all the non-nutritious foods are considered the only thing "yummy", while the healthy alternatives are considered "diet", then it appears that you've set yourself up for a crash, which may be what you're currently experiencing.

You say you're alone when this happens. Perhaps therein lies the problem. You don't say if you live alone, but if so, then don't bring anything into the fridge or pantry that you don't want to include as part of your healthy lifestyle.

If these items are destined more for someone else, then ask them to put them away somewhere that you don't see them.

Stock your cupboards, fridge and freezer with whole items - fruits, veggies, whole grains - whatever makes up your specific menu plans. Plan your meals; plan your snacks. When you go shopping, don't go hungry, and don't go down the processed aisles (cookies, etc.) if you cannot refrain from grabbing them.

It's all a matter of what you're committed to doing. Nothing worthwhile is immediately easy, nor is changing bad habits something that can be done in one day. However, if you map out the larger picture, either on paper or in your mind, you'll possibly come to the conclusion that you wish to become healthier for your own well-being, and you'll be more consistent.

Yes, it's work. Yes, you'll slip occasionally.
Just keep at it, and don't expect that your initial rate of loss will continue.
As your body adjusts to the new regimen, it may be slower to lose, but that doesn't mean you're not maintaining healthy habits, and doing your body good.

5/2/12 7:58 A

I have that trouble too. I beat it by not buying anything like cakes, cookies etc etc. I dont even keep enough sugar in the house to bake anything now! I have no willpower lol but its working anyway!

5/2/12 12:33 A

I don't keep anything really yummy at home. Also... the times when I just need to eat, or if I've waited too long to eat and I'm starving, I'll "binge" on lettuce or soup. I'll make my self a big bowl of lettuce topped with 1 TBSP of balsamic vinegar. That seems to work pretty well (as long as I don't have yummy stuff kicking around). Soup, tea, coffee... something warm and liquid helps me too.

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5/1/12 8:44 P

I know how you feel. At least you got this far. I can't even make it past the first day on this program. Right now, I feel like I'm ready to explode after dinner and a milkshake.

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5/1/12 7:31 P

Hi, I have been working on losing weight for the past three or so months, and I have been doing really well--I have lost around 17 pounds so far and am trying to reach my goal of 120. I was really motivated to do well at the beginning, and so I lost quite a bit of weight then between counting calories, measuring portions, and exercising a TON. Now, however, while I am still somewhat motivated, I find it hard to control myself when I am alone. At school I can go the whole day without buying any extra candy or anything, but as soon as I am home alone, I attack the pantries and fridge, eating anything and everything in sight. I still count everything in my nutrition tracker, but I feel guilty and promise myself I won't do it again, yet I do! Any help on how to curb my cravings and hopefully stop them completely would be greatly appreciated! :)

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