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11/9/10 4:24 P

We all have days where nothing matters, so we overdo it. I tend to eat all the wrong things when I'm tired because it's just too much work planning, finding and preparing healthy meals. Make sure you get plenty of sleep so that you can be on the top of your game with a clear head and with enough energy to tackle what you know you need to do to eat right. Try eating something small and healthy before attending places where you know there will be "fat" foods (as I call them). Share desserts, take just a bite or two of the sweets and walk away. Eat deliberately and slowly so that your stomach has a chance to catch up with your brain and that ravenous hunger subsides.

Keep in check with the diabetes factor and don't see how far you can go before you start having "diabetic" problems. I can tell you firsthand, that if you have a chance to nip this in the bud now, do it. I wish I had done something about it years ago before I found myself falling asleep two or three times during the day for no reason, and running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. My diabetes wasn't extremely out of control, however, it was bad enough for me to wake up and take charge before I started losing my eyesight or having circulation or neurological problems. I can't tell you how much more energy and how much better I feel today since I have been diligent with my diet. It hasn't been easy for me to straighten my thinking out, nor has it been easy researching and finding new recipes that are healthy and fit into my nutritional needs, but determination to not be diabetic has greatly changed my ways. So take my advice, don't go there. It will be much easier for you now to turn things around than it will be later.

My best wishes for you. Be tough!

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11/9/10 8:42 A

I feel you! I totally pigged out last night on everything in the house. It was insane and I would die if anybody I know knew how much I ate. It was incredible. I woke up 7 lbs. heavier. I am so mortified, miserable, and ashamed. It sucks. I know most of those lbs will be gone in the morning but wow (!) I just can't explain why I did that. I wasn't even hungry.

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11/8/10 5:07 P

I have never been bulemic either i hate throwing up. But, since i started this about a month ago. I have purged after eating maybe 3-5 times! I'm ashamed that i did this. But, i honestly did feel better after doing so.... crazy i ate a stuffed bell pepper and two rolls with butter today! I feel like i want to throw it up...

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11/8/10 3:10 P

When you fall down, get back up. You didn't stay down and you didn't make a misjudgment worse by throwing up. Stand tall, brush your pants off, and begin fresh. I think this incident will actually harden your resolve to prove to yourself that you are stronger than you think you are.

I believe you can do it!!

11/8/10 3:02 P

Changing our eating patterns is not easy and this is really worthy of a lifetime of baby steps to create a new lifestyle - diets come and go but your healthy lifestyle can accommodate times when you stray from the straight-and-narrow.

Don't worry about yesterday - just close the door on the past and move on - YOU CAN DO IT!!

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In my experience, SparkPeople is like a emoticon in some ways - it's lots of fun and easy to make friends because we're all in this together. I like the way a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is emphasized - it's about waaaaaay more than 'just' losing weight so you have definitely come to the right place!


There are tutorial videos under the HELP section that can show you how to use the features of the site.


If you haven't discovered The Spark book and/or the SparkDiet linked at the bottom of the START page, check them out - the program is simple but extremely effective. There is a TON of information on this site - so much it might even seem overwhelming but fortunately we don't have to 'digest' everything at once! The FastBreak program is a good way to start.


Another nice thing about SparkPeople is that we have permission to be human - we don't have to change everything at once or be in a hurry to reach our goals. Take a few baby steps and then a few more and before you know it, you'll have completed a long journey - I hope you enjoy this community as much as I do - it teaches us how to make positive lifetime changes because that's the only thing that will work over time!


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11/8/10 7:35 A

OMG Fiona...DO NOT DO THAT, ever again! Let me tell you what I ate...
B: egg white onlette mushroom onions sundried tomatoes
S: 3 rice cakes w/peanut butter
L: sm hoagie w/chips
S: blue chips w/salsa
D: chessecake Factory pear and endive salas some fried calamari and of course a 800+ calorie cheesecake....
3000 calories total...
It is just a day and I WILL RECOVER..DO NOT ever try to eat and purge NOTHING is worth that insane cycle! Please I am sadend to hear you ahve attempted this by Wed. I will be back to normal as though it never haappened small set back. Do not let this lifestyle consume you this way..take it one day at a time, you will survive a bad day!

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11/7/10 8:51 P

Thank you, you're right. I'm not going to eat another thing tonight and tomorrow I am right back at it. I blew it eating out and I have only good foods at home. I take my lunch to work so I'm not tempted to eat the wrong foods.

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11/7/10 8:43 P

Don't let the feelings of shame and guilt get to you. They don't lead to anything good. What happened, happened, just decide what you want to do now. The past can't be changed, the future isn't here yet, so all we have is now.

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11/7/10 8:10 P

Thank you so much, Sherry.

11/7/10 8:01 P

DON'T beat yourself up, but don't give up either. Forming good dietary habits takes time, and there will be setbacks. By all means, DON'T make yourself vomit either. It's not good for your teeth!!! Just take everything one day at a time.

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11/7/10 8:01 P

Thank you for your inspiration!

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11/7/10 7:52 P

DO NOT let this mistake define you! And I am glad that you didn't purge. I know what the guilt feels like as I've been through the binge-and-purge cycle before. I decided that I didn't want to feel ashamed and disappointed anymore and actively made choices to become healthier.

You WILL overcome this and you WILL reach your goals. It just requires a little more will power some days than others.

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11/7/10 7:47 P

I am ashamed to say I pigged out today. Then I tried to throw up but wasn't successful. I have never been a bulimic before. I had a nice dinner at a buffet, then ate a pecan tort, two pieces of fudge and a cream puff. I feel very guilty as I am pre-diabetic.

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