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GRANDMAFRANNY SparkPoints: (388,480)
Fitness Minutes: (227,003)
Posts: 6,694
4/2/13 4:57 A

HEY !! Ready to go & back. Did 10,176 steps and started at 3:35 am and finished at 4:39 am.
I am still have all this energy but I am kind've pooped. Woke up at 1:13am and started exercising at 1:57 am and ended exer. at 3:29 am. Going to get some emoticon and go again when I get up. GOOD LUCK AT YOUR GOAL & LET'S DO IT !!! emoticon .

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4/2/13 4:37 A

Your posts don't belong in this section. They are better off posted in Cafe or Motivation.

GRANDMAFRANNY SparkPoints: (388,480)
Fitness Minutes: (227,003)
Posts: 6,694
4/2/13 2:54 A

Started a little but WOKE UP at 1:13 am so started with PRAYERS OF THANKSGIVING FOR ALL OF YOU. And then started my exercises at 1:56 am I am half way through and the blood is flowing and I feel GREAT. Another day so LET'S DO IT !!! emoticon .

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