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2/2/13 3:50 P

Great point. So many times, we are quick to jump on some new bandwagon rather than just simply eating healthier and in moderation. Our bodies are designed to know what we need and if we learn to listen to it, we will be much better off- physically and mentally.

2/2/13 4:42 A

Sounds like you have a plan- It's amazing what your body can tell you if you just listen to it! I don't always track my food on spark but I will if I feel like I've had a few days of being really hungry and eating loads. Quite often I find that although I ate all my calorie allowance my carb/fat/protein rations were waaaay off (too many carbs) and hence I wasn't feeling satisfied. Then I make a conscious effort to eat a better balance of nutrients and things settle down again.

I think it can be tempting to think "I'll stick to the lower end of what spark suggests my calorie intake then I'll lose quicker" but the fact is everyone's body is different and although some people can eat that lower number and be sated, some of us have more active jobs/faster metabolisms/whatever that means we need to eat in the higher range.

Anyway, I'm rambling now...

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2/2/13 2:14 A

Thank you for the suggestion but I won't be using it. I believe that you need a little bit of everything and I just think that if I am cautious of what I eat and how much of it then it shouldn't really bother me that much when it comes to calories. I mean, I will go under my calories but nothing at 1600 calories. I will watch out for portions and certain foods if I see them repeat or I consume too much of them.

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2/2/13 1:54 A

If you'd like to encourage yourself to eat more fruits and vegetables (not including corn beans, potatoes, and bananas), I'd suggest using a modified Weight Watchers approach. In WW, most fruit and veggies do not count. I'd suggest that you rate then at half calories.

This approach certainly worked for me. Also, despite, my "bad-mouthing" of corn and potatoes, I find that either plainly cooked is much preferable to bread and other grains.

Anyway, that's what's worked for me.

Initially (at 306 pounds), I ate two large microwaved potatoes a day. Now, I rarely eat potatoes, and instead, eat a lot of squash, especially winter squash, like buttercup, butternut, acorn and turban.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/2/13 12:40 A

it's your body...your life style change and you get to design it. You plan how it comes out in the end......You do what works for you. It's all about trial and error.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,163
2/1/13 9:30 P

It takes awhile of trial and error to find what works, you are paying good attention to that. Keep in mind, whatever you do, you have to keep on doing it, forever and ever, Amen, and that is the rub about all this. That is why there are so many different diet plans, and books written to make money, trying to catch people off guard with some eating fad, been going on for years and years. Trust yourself!!!

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2/1/13 9:16 P

I'm done setting so many different goals just to be slim. Recently I planned to only eat 1600 calories but it didn't work. I ended up being sort of hungry at night and I needed to eat something. Last week, I overate my calories and it kept frustrating me. I realized just now the problem wasn't the calories I was eating but more of the portion sizes of certain foods I was eating. For example, I used to eat a lot of carbs but I portion sized it because carbs contain a lot of calories and I'm not talking about carbs in fruits. I'm talking about carbs in pasta and grains. Because I took attention that I needed to eat less carbs, I changed my ways. I also took attention that I needed to include more vegetables and fruits in my diet. I also changed my ways around that, too! This whole thing has been a learning experience for me. I feel as if I know when I am overeating or when I'm taking too much of something. I'll make changes when need be or I'll make smaller portion sizes. Honestly, it sort of sounds like I just need to trust my gut rather than listening to "the next diet fad" or "the fastest way to lose fat." I've had enough and honestly, so has my body. I'm going to continue following my goal which is to eat 3 to 4 meals a day along with 2 to 3 snacks and to drink 5 + more glasses of water. Also, because of a tight schedule I want to make the most of my workout. So, I plan to workout cardio and HIIT 2 to 3 times a week for 30 minutes + more along with 10 to 20 minute of strength. The one thing I think I still want to continue doing is limiting the amount of sweets I eat. Even though I know how to be moderate, I might continue just eating up to 300 calories of sweets or less. My goal is to finally look amazing in a bikini this summer. Am I giving up too easily by not continuing to eat 1600 calories? Yes, I am! BUT, I am happier eating the suggested calories (1500-1940) because I don't feel hungry and I'd rather be safe and happy than eating less and starving.

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