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8/6/10 6:59 P

Coral - It is intense. Today I had to pause the DVD 3 times to rest my muscles. I did 30 Day Shred before and this one is a little harder. Some of the circuits are worse than others (the Shoulders and Legs one is killer, I did that today). I started about 3 weeks ago. I worked out on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and today of this week. I don't want to cut back because I'm just dying to see results soon. So far my numbers haven't gone down at all and I'm beyond frustrated.

One thing I've noticed is this workout gives me 0 energy. I think it's just because it's pretty intense compared to jogging or other cardio workouts. Should I try adding cardio in on my "off" days?

DANAKSCULLY64 Posts: 207
8/6/10 4:57 P

Another person suggested it might have been blood sugar too, so I started sipping on orange juice when I felt shaky and it doesn't seem to help much. I usually eat up until about 15 minutes before working out (today it was 1/2 a whole grain bagel with cream cheese and a caramel latte, about 30 minutes before). I really wish I could go see a doctor, but I'm without insurance.

Thank you so much for replying. I'm going to keep up with the OJ trick, see if sipping during the workout would help. :) It's probably just a blood sugar issue or my muscles are freaking out from this workout. I went from barely doing anything in terms of working out to this overnight.

(Oh, and I had bloodwork done last August and it was perfect, so as far as I know, I don't have any existing conditions except for allergies and slight asthma. I know things could change, but I just wanted to give a little background on my health that I'm aware of :) )

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8/6/10 4:53 P

I get the same way after doing a really intense Jillian Michaels circuit routine. It could just be your body telling you , hey, you pushed it a little too hard today, you overtrained. I'm not sure how long you have been doing the DVD, but I have heard it's really intense (Level 1 of the Shred is still really intense for me, and I heard NMTZ is a lot harder than that).

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8/6/10 4:44 P


It's difficult to say for certain, but it could be that your blood sugar is dropping too low. You may want to try eating something light an hour or so before your workout and see if that helps. If not, or if you feel this way at any other time, you may want to contact your doc's office just to see what he/she might say.

I wish you well!

DANAKSCULLY64 Posts: 207
8/6/10 4:40 P

I've been doing Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones almost 5 days a week for 3 weeks (took a break right before my period and for the first 2 days). I've been doing a warm-up, cool down, and 3 - 6 minute circuits every time. About 1/4 of the time, I am very shaky and feel a little dizzy after working out. I make sure to breath and I'm eating before and after. Any suggestions on stopping this?

I was dealing with it fine until today when I was feeling shaky and sick for a full 2 hours after. I could barely eat lunch. Thanks!

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