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10/9/13 4:16 P

Thank you all for the encouraging words. I have to remember that I did have it within me the first time to lose some weight. But I admit I was looking for a quick fix and I did that by barely eating. Now I'm ready to go about it the right way which I know has to be slow. I am proud that I haven't had soda in 4 days. I have added lemon, lime, and mint slices to my water to help me drink 1-2 liters a day and that has worked so far. I'm ready to take baby steps instead of trying to change my whole routine in one day.

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10/9/13 8:06 A

Welcome to SP.

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10/9/13 5:58 A

First of all, don't beat yourself up over this - I think we've pretty much all been in your shoes, yours truly included.......

Self-awareness is a good thing to have in this case - you know what has happened in your life to bring you back here, and that's half the battle won!

Any number of reasons can cause one to lose momentum and slip - me, I'm a classic "stress eater" who's still struggling with that issue to this day! Since you've been here before, have you gotten involved with SparkTeams? There may be a team or two for runners - that may be a great source of support and advice for you......

Welcome back and best wishes!

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10/8/13 8:36 P

Now you are wiser and stronger. Lesson learned! Time to make some permanent changes!

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10/8/13 8:15 P

I did almost the same thing. I lost over fifty pounds four years ago with spark and here I am again. It is frustrating, but at least we know that since we did it once, we can do it again! Keep your chin up!

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10/8/13 7:52 P

Your story is so common to many. I think the only thing you can do is never give up, even a small step towards the direction that you want to go that is consistent is better than staying put or regressing back into old habits. So, make a small step towards your goal, but do it consistently and eventually you will get there.

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10/8/13 7:21 P

Hi and welcome glad you decided to come back..don't worry about the past..we have all been there in some way or another!

You CAN do this!!

I would suggest asking about exercise tips in the fitness and exercise section here:

And about healthy way of eating in the diet and nutrition section here:

You will more likely get the answers to your questions there...

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10/8/13 6:20 P

So here I am again. I realized today that I have been with Spark People for two years now. I should be happy that it's been two years because I should be at my goal weight and sharing my inspirational weight loss stories and telling everyone the secret to my success. Instead I am trying to start over. I lost 34 pounds last year. People were noticing my weight loss, I was wearing smaller clothes. I felt great. I even trained for my first 5K. emoticon Then I started to get a little relaxed here and there because I thought I had everything under control. I had put on a little weight and swore that I would never go back to my fat self. So I joined a running club that met once a week and ran with them. Then the summer came and my first excuse was that I didn't want to run in the heat. So little by little I stopped running and stopped measuring out my portions and next thing I know I am back up and 20 pounds away from where I started and back to not exercising or doing anything healthy. emoticon I hate that I have done this to myself. I don't know why I get like this. I need to start back on track but I want to do it the healthy way. I've done so many fad diets and crazy insane exercise workouts that I'm ready to take a reasonable approach and do it the right way. I know it will be slow but I want it to be permanent. I feel like I have to start from stratch. Maybe someone can give me tips on following a healthy way of eating and exercising.
Thanks for listening!

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