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GARFIELD274 Posts: 3
4/29/10 1:51 A

Hi, KARE68, you're not really handicapped -- you're only physically challenged. And, WOW, 200 lbs. on leg press 8 repetitions?! You go girl!! You're really an inspiration to everyone -- especially the ones who will sit around feeling sorry for themselves. I work with developmentally disabled residents daily and they are always surprising people with what they are capable of accomplishing.

SIOBYONE Posts: 122
4/29/10 1:48 A

Good for you! If you don't place limits on yourself you can achieve more than you would ever expect.

COURAGE431 Posts: 8
4/29/10 1:42 A

I agree with what you have said in every way. It is sad too see that people only look at what is on the outside and judge us because of our physical limitations.

4/29/10 1:41 A

I work with children who have medical reports suggesting they have physical or intellectual disabilities. After working with their families for many years some of the best terms used by families include diffability, determability, just himself/herself, and physically challenged but will never give up. I have found these people to be an inspiration and have learned that feeling sorry for my own situation is a challenge i must manage myself. As a person with emotional challenges I chose the term determability for myself. I know i have different challenges from those you face, but i hope this helps.
P.s. I use chest press to measure my determination.

FEED_ME_SHOES SparkPoints: (112,942)
Fitness Minutes: (22,545)
Posts: 1,342
4/29/10 1:40 A

Thanks for the motivation Karen. You are truly inspiring. I was close to giving up this morning when i read your post, and i dont even know why. I can only say that now i am feeling ashamed at how 'silly' that was.

I wish you well on your journey and every success in life!

ELOISEM Posts: 2
4/29/10 1:39 A

Thanks so much for sharing. Your post made me take a good hard look at myself. I have no physical impairments apart from my wieght and I continually make all sorts of excuses about not exercising. Thank you for your inspiration and have motivated me to stop whining and just do it! Good luck on your journey emoticon

KATIE33MAHALA SparkPoints: (8,397)
Fitness Minutes: (5,447)
Posts: 783
4/29/10 1:32 A

Wow emoticon Nothing handicapped about you! You are one tough lady, inside and out!!!!!

CLPAUL15 Posts: 14
4/29/10 1:29 A

I'm not physically handicapped, but i understand what you are going through. i had a disease which caused me to need an ostomy which changed my way to eat and i have had over 35 surgeries including 2 hip replacements and spinal fusions so easy for me to give excuses why i can't eat right or exercise properly. But after 15 years of complaining, i am doing it now. So you please stick with it and i will, too!

MARCIC76 Posts: 1
4/29/10 1:28 A

I am impressed with your courage. I need to get my butt up and exercise more.
I use to be thin and now after miscarriages and all I am stuck with all the weigt.
Now mind you, this happened a long time ago but the weight is still on and I
am sick of it. What am I complaining about? I wish you well................

2BEATIT1 Posts: 3,162
4/29/10 1:26 A

You are an inspiration to all of us.
Rather than saying 'handicap', I like the term 'handicapable'
One only needs to walk the Olympics and realize how much one can challenge themselves when they persevere. emoticon

4/29/10 1:24 A

Brilliant and inspirational!
Love your attitude.

MELLINA2 Posts: 126
4/29/10 1:19 A

wow that is such a moving message to all of us. Handicap to me is just saying to yourself you have a get out of something clause. I am proud of you for making the effort and going for it. you inspire me to do more.

DASANI4ME Posts: 1,806
4/29/10 1:18 A

What a great attitude, you go girl!

MISSBLISS13 Posts: 6
4/29/10 1:18 A

That's amazing! Good for you =)

KICK-SS Posts: 9,649
4/29/10 1:14 A

What an inspiring blog... We all need to be thankful for what we DO have, not what we don't have.

Maybe "structurally impaired" or "structurally challenged" would be a good description?

Keep up the good work and the good attitude!

LYNMEINDERS SparkPoints: (379,219)
Fitness Minutes: (71,682)
Posts: 31,586
4/29/10 1:14 A

Well done....anything can be achieved when we don't give up.....I so like your new term "structurally"...
I really trust that you are encouraged by your achievement emoticon emoticon

ELLISERA Posts: 26
4/29/10 1:14 A

I wouldn't say "physically challenged", I'd say "unique", because you are unique. Congratulations, and keep it up!

BEEBEE73 Posts: 783
4/29/10 1:12 A

Hi Karen: You are very brave. How about "physically limited". After all we are all "physically limited" in one way or another. And I wouldn't worry so much about titles or labels. You are who you are and people will respect you for just being you. Sounds like you are doing ok. The fact you are at Sparklepeople says alot. Keep on, one step after the other, even "baby step".
We are in this all together, And like my favorite saying goes, "Be especially kind to everyone you meet, because everyone is dealing with something."

Betty emoticon emoticon

MYRSOLON Posts: 27
4/29/10 1:11 A

Karen thank you being an inspiration and living your signature. :)

HAYMON Posts: 370
4/29/10 1:10 A

Girlfriend, you are awesome! I'm so proud of you! When I read your post, all I thought was "This girl is definitely NOT handicapped! You are a determined overcomer! Call it whatever feels right, but make sure you keep on keeping on!

4/29/10 1:10 A

good on you, keep up the good positive work

4/29/10 1:08 A

I was inspired by your post & motivated to share. I too am physically challenged. I make adaptions to many things, so that I can do them. Once I freed my mind and tested out my potential, that got me out of my comfort zone. Now I explore new activities and approach my workouts more creatively. I'm thankful to have a richer fitness routine these days.

DEBBIE_C Posts: 2,739
4/29/10 1:08 A

emoticon Love the term "restricted"! You are unbelievably inspirational to me.

ANNIEGOOSE10 Posts: 77
4/29/10 1:05 A

congratulations! you're awesome!!! emoticon

you give me hope that eventually my right knee and right shoulder will get stronger and i also can bench press that weight! keep up the good work!!! emoticon

4/29/10 1:01 A

Hi Karen,
Glad to 'meet' you. I understand about labels but if you are just looking for something besides handicapped just say you are differently abled. Obviously you are able to do lots of things just in a different way. Blessings on your journey to better health.

4/29/10 12:53 A

I like to use the term mixed ability

I work with a mixed ability group and I love them ! The group is called Access and it is 40 member strong group social and physical for people with Austism spectrum disorder, Down sYndrome , Acquired injury and several other labled situations.

I find it hard to explain the group I teach drumming and dance to them and love love love performing in public with them as they have such a positive able attitude to life.

I feel we all are and I also am a mixed ability citizen in that I acknowledge my mental blocks are my biggest barrier to my successes

ANNETTE0058 Posts: 140
4/29/10 12:52 A

thank you for this post! I used to be a serious runner, but now have 3 slipped disks in my back. I can no longer do strenous exercise, but Iwalk faithfully every day & swim twice a week. I have never given up & will also not whine! emoticon

MOCHAMAMA719 Posts: 23
4/29/10 12:49 A

What a great role model!

AVADISS SparkPoints: (860)
Fitness Minutes: (301)
Posts: 6
4/29/10 12:47 A

Hey Karen, I'm so proud of you. you are a living example for all of us who needs courage in life.

MINDY4632 SparkPoints: (22,927)
Fitness Minutes: (28,144)
Posts: 506
4/29/10 12:46 A

How wonderful that you've made the decision not to think of yourself as handicapped. I have a cousin who was born with multiple handicaps, and she never let it hold her back. My grandson was also born with serious deficiencies. He's five now and wears two hearing aids, has had multiple surgeries, and occupational, physical and speech therapy, and feeding therapy. He is a little trooper and has to work so hard for things most of us take for granted. We celebrate each and every one of his achievements. I'm glad you made your decision and that my grandson is being raised that way. Bless you and more power to you. You are a wonderful example for other handicapped people and all the rest of us as well. Thank you for sharing.

MUFIN1 Posts: 8
4/29/10 12:45 A

You're challenged but only handicapped if you want to be. Handicapped can become a state of mind. We all face challenges. So, consider yourself challenged?

STEVEYU Posts: 16
4/29/10 12:42 A

From my experience, the idea of being "handicapped" is more of a mental hurdle than a real one. Of course there are plenty of people who's bodies might be more "functional" than yours, but ultimately it's what you believe you can do that drives how persistent you are, and how hard you will work.

If you start off thinking you can't do something, you'll often not try very hard to do it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. I've also seen very able-bodied people with a mindset that could be considered "handicapped". These people think something is not possible, so they don't try hard enough to accomplish it. So THEY might be considered more handicapped, because they just don't believe in what's possible.

I'm trying to finish up a documentary that discusses this type of thing, and I actually interviewed the founder of SparkPeople (Chris!) a while back and hope to incorporate some of this footage. We had a handicapped Gulf War veteran who made an amazing transformation... showing just how much of a mental game it is.

I added a link to our latest trailer...

Keep up the hard work. You can do anything you set your mind to.

4/29/10 12:41 A

Hi there,
What is your name and I will pray for God to restore your health.
God bless you,

JIMINWA Posts: 1
4/29/10 12:39 A

Karen, great post. I am a physically limited 72 year old Lung Cancer survivor. There are things I can no longer do, for sure, but there are many things I can still do, only slower! I walk our local Mall with a small Oxygen bottle slung across my shoulder in a homemade sling, I maintain my own house and do my own cooking and cleaning. I like your attitude, as it matches mine, I think. Think limited, never handicapped.

PIGNON Posts: 1
4/29/10 12:31 A

AWESOME job, you are an inspiration to all of us with no restrictions.

NATACHA1972 SparkPoints: (10,826)
Fitness Minutes: (7,139)
Posts: 149
4/29/10 12:29 A


4/29/10 12:29 A

I love your courage and I love your attitude. No matter what our physical condition, we determine our own physical limitations above the neck. After a pretty serious motorcycle accident that left my brother with permanent nerve damage in his left shoulder he used to like to tell people he had "enhanced challenges".

MARLADIA Posts: 1,265
4/29/10 12:29 A


ABACUS3 Posts: 65
4/29/10 12:28 A

"Restricted, yes ... unable, no!" Terrific, YES! emoticon

4/29/10 12:26 A

Ya know - I've found the truth you're speaking here Karen to really permeate all aspects of life.


If you think about it long enough and hard enough, you can truly accomplish anything you put your mind to. Your methods may differ from what the status quo calls typical - but who cares? As long as you accomplish that which you set out to.

Note my signature line. It's really true. The only limits are the ones we impose on ourselves mentally.

NATACHA1972 SparkPoints: (10,826)
Fitness Minutes: (7,139)
Posts: 149
4/29/10 12:24 A

excellent post!

4/29/10 12:22 A

In our family (with a child with SN) - we call it "enabled" ;-)
Loved your post - great attitude!

BLPRETTYGIRL1 Posts: 12,176
4/29/10 12:22 A


You inspire me to keep going. I am limited also, but that has never stopped me before.

emoticon Deb

VXWALL1942 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (8,232)
Posts: 27,137
4/29/10 12:22 A

You've no idea how much I relate to this blog. My issues are certainly not as severe as some of yours but I get tired of accepting the 'disabled' label. Your attitude inspires me. Thanks for a great blog.

vicki emoticon

SUER1814 Posts: 1
4/29/10 12:17 A

Fantastic attitude, keep up the good work.

PATSDIARY Posts: 3,268
4/16/10 12:17 P

Congrats! And have you considered "Differently Abled"? I have a brother who was brilliant but had a stroke at 22 years old, and has had lasting effects (he is now 59), so I know how it is when someone goes from having it all to not quite having as much. It's what you do with what you've got, and you are doing it!!! A big ole WOO HOO to you!

LUCKYONE60 SparkPoints: (19,456)
Fitness Minutes: (16,548)
Posts: 638
4/16/10 12:13 P

Thanks for posting this. It is inspiring and will remind me to not complain about things (and I have use of all four limbs) Keep up the good work and good for you for challenging yourself to be bigger, badder and better!

4/16/10 11:13 A

Thanks Chris! I'm looking forward to continuing in this new direction!

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (69,980)
Fitness Minutes: (58,527)
Posts: 14,445
4/16/10 10:55 A

Woohoo - congrats Karen and welcome to the SparkPeople community, we're happy to have you join us!

This is such a great example of health improvements/results leading to momentum and confidence in other areas of life, one of our favorite concepts!


Chris (SparkGuy)

4/16/10 10:22 A

last night working out at the gym I did 200 lbs. on the leg press for 8 reps!!!

background: 16 yrs. ago I was hit head on by a driver that fell asleep at the wheel. Both legs and my left arm were broken. Left leg is now 2 1/2 inches shorter and my left arm only bends at the sight of a non-union above my elbow (which was shattered and has fused to being unmoveable)

I'm trying now to come up with a new term for myself. Structurely I'm handicapped and there are things my body will never ever do, but today I feel like that whole handicapped thing is a label I need to get out of my head emoticon

I can't say in my head "but, I'm handicapped (whine whine whine)" as an excuse any more. Restricted, yes ... unable, no!

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