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1/19/14 4:35 P

You really need to talk with your provider, one in behavioral health would help you identify why you can not stay focused. You can learn techniques that will help you to be positive self talk. I had some issues in the past and my BH provider was very helpful. Now I am in a great place and am very focused on where I want this journey to take me.

Your improved health is worth the investment of seeing a BH provider.

Good luck! emoticon

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1/19/14 3:07 A

To PHILTWY66 - this is a fairly recent press release regarding Jenny Craig

I have a feeling it will be around for some time to come!


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1/19/14 2:54 A

Depression and anxiety are serious illnesses and need to be addressed. I believe you deserve peace and joy. When you get that, the rest will follow.

ETA: I highly recommend looking at your diet, activity levels, and stress management techniques and how they relate to your moods before considering anything synthetic. I would also have blood work and assess Vitamin D levels.

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1/18/14 5:53 P

Just eat the exchanges and the snacks that Jenny tells you to eat. Always save some calories for nighttime snacking which seems to be the worst time for cheating. You paid a lot of money for Jenny so get back on track and be tough. If you reach goal and keep the weight off for 1 year you get back $125. I know this to be true because I got $125 back and I am still at goal weight. You're not going to be happy when you gain all your weight back. Jenny put me on 1200 calorie diet until I reached goal and then I got 1500 calories which was very satisfying. Please stay on Jenny and get the job done. emoticon emoticon

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1/18/14 11:23 A

You may be interested to learn that the Jenny Craig business is facing imminent closure

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1/18/14 12:55 A

Hi - it is possible that there are a few things that COULD be hindering your success. I think, IF you haven't already, please make an appointment and talk with your Dr about what you are wanting to do, and how you feel.

You mention Depression. It is possible that clinical depression and/or anxiety issues might be having an impact on your efforts. If you are already getting treatment for this, it might be something as simple as a medication review. Your Dr will be able to refer you to a Therapist who can help you deal with your stressors and provide you with the tools needed to help you get through this. You might also benefit from a referral to a Registered Dietitian who can take your likes/dislikes into account, which can have a huge impact in helping you to stay on track.

If you aren't doing so already, I suggest that you weigh all of your food for increased accuracy and enter it all into there. That will help you AND your Dietitian considerably. it actually gives us the power to tweak our intake as and when necessary.

As far as Jenny Craig is concerned, it MIGHT be that Jenny Craig isn't a format that suits you. It works for some, it doesn't for others.

Make sure that whatever changes you make are done gradually. Changing from one type of nutrition to another, suddenly, is well known to set people up for falling off the wagon. Your body needs to gradually UNlearn the old habits which got them here in the first place, as they equally gradually relearn some new HEALTHY ones.

Good luck,

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1/18/14 12:19 A

I'm on Jenny Craig currently have been since jun 17 2013 too still on it now . I'm going no where I keep eating on binges of junk food . I desperately want to stop it . I did loose 10 pounds I weighed in at 248.8 now I'm just going to 240 and up each week . My lowest weight so far has been 236. I want to stop sabotaging myself I'm failing me with negative thoughts I call the demon cravings . I want support from you people to tell me I can do this loose more than 10 pounds and be not so negative framed of mind . I'm looking for help to stay postive.

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1/18/14 12:06 A

To clarify--you were on Jenny Craig and now you are trying to make SparkPeople work? Is that right?

Do you have your meal plan turned on in your Nutrition Tracker? Are you tracking your food and exercise?

Have you look for teams to join? I believe that there are some specifically for compulsive eaters.

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1/17/14 11:36 P

I went off the plan for 2 weeks now . I'm having trouble staying focused . I keep failing myself and deep down I feel terrible about not staying on the plan. You have any advice to stop the negative thoughts that come with eating at night . I just want to be happier ! But I feel depressed and bored at home . I'm eating when I'm not even hungry and eat too much . I want help !

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