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5/5/13 2:03 P

thank you!
lol I couldn't not look, but I'm not going to record it today i'm back to +1lbs gain for the week hopefully the other 5 will fall back off soon...

I was happy that I finished my indulgent food yesterday morning and still remained in calories for the day

but I'm thinking between my body preparing to bleed and eating something very sugary that i just took on water like a sinking ship :x

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5/5/13 2:40 A

First of all, you are entitled to cheat and even if it was 1000 calories you packed on extra for the day, it wouldn't make you gain 8lbs lol I'm NO medical doctor, by any means, but I always pack on 2-3lbs of water weight during period week and it all begins the week before when I ovulate too. If I were you, don't even LOOK at the scale on Sunday. You don't wanna get discouraged. I would hate for you to have that happen when you've started off so well (and who can resist a 90 minute massage?!?!?!) You'd have to be crazy to wanna hold back on that :P You'll be alright, Hun. Weigh yourself NEXT WEEK sunday...and do your best to stick to a healthy diet. You can do it! We're all behind you!

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5/4/13 7:59 P

It could be fluid retention or it could be your scale going crazy! Mine seems to do that sometimes. It may take a few days to straighten back out. When this happens to me I don't record that weight change for a few days until I see what it will settle down to. just my startegy. Millie

5/4/13 7:51 P

So my weight is going crazy this weekend... I've gained 8lbs since yesterday morning, i went over calorie last night, but not more than 800 calories. (Special occasion)
I'm hoping that this is period related bloating... just taken a bit extremely
I've been pushing fluids and eating a lot of fruit today to try and even myself out again

anyway just confirm that my weight will go back to normal in a few days so i don't feel anxious emoticon
also, sunday is my weigh in day and as of friday i was at -5! but now i'm at +4 :( i'd be ok with evening out to a nice -2... but would you record your weight if you thought it was skewed for some reason? I guess even if I do record it the next week should then make up for it.
emoticon emoticon

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