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BLUEBIRDMAMA SparkPoints: (958)
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3/23/14 3:47 P

Thank you all for the help! I am still learning how SparkPeople works, and it has already been so helpful to me. This is my first week and I am happy to say that I HAVE LOST 5 LBS THIS WEEK!!!

JLISTER0623 SparkPoints: (6,528)
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3/17/14 10:04 A

I have been on sparkpeople for almost a month - I find the tracker keeps me honest!!

I have been able to spend some time on a Saturday morning using the meal plans and recipes to plan for the upcoming week, print a grocery list, and only go to the grocery store once per week.

It does take a bit of getting used to but a few minutes before or after each meal will keep it real.

ACHANSO Posts: 1,074
3/17/14 9:57 A

Turn off the meal plans if you don't want them- then you can type in what you ate and search for it.

If what you ate isn't there, look online (just google it) and then enter it yourself. So handy!
Also you can enter recipes and calculate nutrition for homemade items.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
3/15/14 4:31 P

Go to any page in the tracker. Scroll down past the food listings; underneath the last meal, to the left of the totals, you'll see a button marked "Tracker options." It will give you a pulldown menu, and one of the options there is "Hide menu plans." When you click it, the menus for that day and all subsequent days will go away. If you ever want them back, you can go to the same place and the option will say, "Show menu plans."

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3/15/14 4:28 P

I just figured it out, go to the page as if your going to track your food now. Go to the bottom where the last snack option is and it says tracker options, click on that and it will say you don't want to have pre selected meals click and save and it will get rid of the pre selected meals. emoticon

FITMOM69 SparkPoints: (2,096)
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3/15/14 4:19 P

Welcome to sparkpeople and congrats on doing something healthy for yourself.

There is the option of not having the pre selected meals listed. But sparkpeople has changed since I last been on this site and I can't tell you how to change it as I don't know how either.

Hopefully someone else will better be able to answer you. I just wanted to welcome you, have a great weekend :o) emoticon emoticon

BLUEBIRDMAMA SparkPoints: (958)
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3/15/14 4:10 P

I created an account yesterday and purchased the Android app today. How does food tracking work? I haven't had time yet to watch videos or read much, so I probably don't understand how SparkPeople works yet. I thought the Food Tracking app would allow me to log everything I eat and keep up with the calories (like MyFitnessPal) so I don't go over. But instead, all the meals and snacks are already listed.

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