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1/28/13 1:07 P

Thank you all for your advise (hug)! I have clinical rotation today but will read all of the info in detail tonight. I have already exercised and am feeling more focused. The biggest challenge is walking out of clinicals tonight and being ravenous from all the stress and possibly no time to eat or drink properly.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,943
1/28/13 8:44 A

If I were you, I would start by tracking and measuring all my food. Don't worry so much about your Spark calorie range for now. Everything you put in your mouth should go in the tracker too, at least for a week or two. That will give you a good baseline on your eating habits - how many calories, carbs, fat grams and protein grams you are consuming. Once you finish that, reward yourself with something besides food!

Once you've completed a week or two of tracking, look back at the food you're consuming. Are you meeting your goal for protein every day? Are you eating 5+ servings of fruits and/or vegetables? Pick some aspect of your nutrition to work on first before trying to revamp your whole diet.

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1/28/13 8:09 A

I just recently got the book The Belly Fat Cure, by Jorge Cruise. I ordered this because I have been trying to loose 20lbs for 6 months with no success. I was working out 4 to 5 times a week and eating hardly nothing at all, and never dropped a pants size. ( I don't believe in weighing myself, I go by the way my clothes fit, as well as taking my measurements.)
Basically what this book is saying is that you need to cut back on sugars, and carbs. It allows you to have 15 grams of sugar/ 6 servings of carbs a day. You can eat just about anything you want so long as you stay within the 15/6.
Fyi Carb serving are counted as followed: 0 to4 carb grams not counted, 5 to 20 = 1 serving, 21 to 40 = 2 servings, 41 to 60 = 3 servings.
When I started to look at what my usual daily food intake was I was floored with how much sugars/ carbs I was eating/drinking on a daily basis. I have only over the past 2 days been trying to stay within that range, and am already feeling less sluggish.
Now I'm not suggesting getting the book. All I am suggesting is that you take a look at how much sugar you are eating/drinking daily. You may be surprised how much sugar / carbs you are actually eating.
Again I'm no expert just thought I'd give my opinion....Good luck with whatever you do...

NIRERIN Posts: 14,297
1/28/13 7:42 A

start where you are now, off the wagon. starting a fad diet is like deciding you're going to walk around backwards all day, take only left turns when driving to work, hop over cracks, spin as you cross thresholds, do jumping jacks whenever anyone says hello, and do a piroutte everytime you see someone texting. it's no wonder that you can't keep that up. only somewhere well under about 5% of the population can just turn their life upside down on the turn of a dime. if you're not one of them, starting a whole new regime is just going to make you fall off of it within the next two weeks or so. so don't do it.
make little changes from where you already are. cooking with less oil, eating another serving of veggies/fruit, eating a slightly smaller portion [7/8 or 3/4 cup instead of a cup, two teaspoons instead of a Tablespoon, etc], walking for five minutes, little changes like this are what you should be focusing on. and not all at once. pick one of them this week and make an effort to make it happen. if you still have to pay attention to it, then spend another week focusing on it. same at the end of week two, so you keep working on it until you're doing it without thinking about it. then move on to a different little goal.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
1/28/13 12:33 A have to find it within yourself to loose weight and keep it off. It;s not about a diet as they don't work. It''s all about a life style change. Use all that sparks has to offer and you will find great success. Good luck............ emoticon

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1/27/13 10:01 P

Yes, I will check that out. I just fall off the wagon over and over. I don't have any really bad eating habits except for too much bread.Yeah, that is bad! I am very petite and when I was on W W I had a low calorie allowance. I have gained so much and am very lacking in motivation. I need to lose 30 pounds or so.

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1/27/13 9:39 P

If you are someone who does well with face to face support and accountability, I wonder if TOPS or something similar may be helpful.

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1/27/13 9:23 P

Hello, I have previously lost weight and kept it off with weight watchers. I have had so many things happen in my life in the past five years. I feel like I can't lose weight again. I have started on a million diets and by the end of the second day i am done. I have never really struggled with my weight like this. I really need to do this. I am also in Nursing school and have financial and uncertain stresses. How to get motivated mentally?? I tried to return to ww and it was a different location and a different feeling. I couldn't get back into it. Help!

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