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SPUDNIK8 Posts: 11
12/15/12 10:17 P

Welcome Katie, it must be hard struggling with so much health issues. But with persistence, encouragement and support from your friends and family and of course the community here, I am sure you will reach your weight loss goal! Do not feel discouraged if you experience setbacks, we all do when trying to get healthy and lose weight from time to time. Talk it out with your support network, and work on strategies to get back on track. I wish you the best in your journey to good health.

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12/11/12 12:06 P


LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
12/10/12 1:52 P

Welcome Katie.

CORKYTHEMOM1 SparkPoints: (204,376)
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12/10/12 11:52 A

emoticon Katie to SP! This is a wonderful site to begin your journey into a healthier way of living. You're never alone in this journey of ours. You are among SP friends that will offer lots of support and encouragement. Wishing you the very best! Have a Sparktacular holiday month!

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
12/10/12 8:11 A

Welcome Katie. This site is awesome for support on your journey to be healthier. If you have any questions at all, or need help finding anything, please ask.

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12/8/12 2:04 P

Welcome Katie and good luck

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
12/8/12 1:44 P

Good luck Katie!

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12/8/12 9:48 A

Hi Katie and WELCOME!!! Sparkpeople is a community with lots of caring folks....i co lead a team called Chronic illness cafe, and there are probably teams for your other issues, also!! We are so happy to have you with us...i hope you love Sparkpeople as much as i do!! Feel free to contact me if i can be of help!!

KATIEMERSON SparkPoints: (1,189)
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12/7/12 8:55 P

I'm new to this web site, I've tried various forms of weight loss, including some rather unhealthy habits, throughout the years. Now with the help of this site and a dietitian, I hope to regain health.

I struggle with several chronic conditions which make weight loss more important and unfortunately also more difficult. In addition to the depression that comes with Bipolar Disorder which leads to lack of motivation, I also have a rare genetic condition that affects the connective tissue in my body, leading to very painful joints among other symptoms. The less weight I have to put on those joints means the healthier they are and less pain I will experience, so I hope my weight loss will help decrease my pain.

I am 24 years old, and had to move back in with my parents (ugh!) after leaving college due to major health problems.

In addition to my other health problems, I am also diagnosed as Autistic/Asberger's and apologize in advanced as I know that at times my way of communication can be somewhat abrupt and occasionally confusing.

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