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ELMA1913 Posts: 5,051
7/27/13 9:08 P

"Hi" to both of you new comers. Welcome to this great site.

GMJ40GG71 SparkPoints: (1,201)
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Posts: 1
7/27/13 8:13 P

Hi, I'm new far, I'm doing good :-) I hope I continue to. :-)

have a goodnight

FISHGUT3 Posts: 17,273
7/27/13 4:13 P


LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
7/27/13 12:41 P

Welcome & best wishes to you.

SALAD4ME1 SparkPoints: (15,682)
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Posts: 558
7/26/13 12:11 P

WELCOME to Musicfan, Icandothis90 and Kim! emoticon

Glad you found Sparkpeople! emoticon
I have found alot of support here at SP and also I decided to join a team.......Feel free to check any out that you are able to. I only joined 1 team so not to get overwhelmed emoticon
I do stop and check in here from time to time! You are in the right place, just be true to yourself...It IS for YOU after-all emoticon !

See you on the boards,

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MUSICFAN1124 SparkPoints: (3,450)
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7/25/13 7:44 P

Hello. This is day 3 for me so I am new too and so far I am doing okay. I started my journey two years ago and managed to lose 40 lbs. However, I really got sidetracked and gained 12 lbs. back and am now tryingt o get motivated to get back to my journey. I am new to Spark and so far I like.

7/25/13 1:52 P

Hello! welcome to Spark People.

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,109
7/25/13 9:43 A

Welcome to SparkPeople. This site totally changed my life and how I live every day - actually "live" and not just work and zombie-out in front of the tv each evening. I'm so glad you found the site.

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
7/24/13 3:40 P

Hi, I am new as of today. I'm in the same boat as you. A couple of years ago I lost nearly 80 lbs, then with the death of my mom along with other family issues, I suceeded in gaining nearly everything back. Tried other plans and failed. So a friend told me about Spark and the support I can get here. So good Luck to Both of us Newbies!

LULUCALLY SparkPoints: (18,486)
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Posts: 833
7/24/13 11:38 A


Welcome. You did it before and you can do it again!

Lots of good support, ideas, and friends here.

emoticon emoticon

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TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
7/24/13 8:39 A

Welcome back! Wishing all success reaching your goals! We are here to support and encourage you along the way!

Coach Tanya

KIMBONE13 Posts: 4
7/24/13 3:20 A

Hi! I saw this board and thought it would be the one for me. about a year ago I was eating right and losing weight and exercising and lost 4 pant sizes and 70 then I got depressed and gained all but 14 back emoticon . Well now I am ready again I've already got rid of my enemies LOL and have healthy food, so yeah just thought I'd say Hi

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