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8/13/10 2:40 P

That is odd that the yogurt didn't affect you. Hm, I haven't tried the yogurt yet. It's next on my list.

-EMILYB- Posts: 106
8/12/10 3:51 P

That is great info, thank you!

I wonder why the yogurt doesn't have the same effect. Or maybe it's just minimal and I don't really notice it during the day. I just looked up the ingredients and it also contains chicory root extract. Maybe it's just in a smaller dose.

Either way, glad to know there's a reason it doesn't work out for me. Don't get me wrong, they taste FANTASTIC! I loved them. They just didn't love me.

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8/12/10 3:30 P

Here it is:

I checked my pantry and sure enough found a couple of things with 'stealth' fiber . . . luckily, it doesn't seem to have any ill effects on me. Sounds like you are sensitive to it however.

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8/12/10 3:27 P

Emily - there was a great blog on The Daily Spark about 'stealth' fiber . . . I'll find it and post a link in a minute.

-EMILYB- Posts: 106
8/12/10 2:31 P

Oh, I'm drinking plenty of water. Water consumption was my first baby-steps change before bothering to dive into meeting my fiber range. I get 2-3 cups before I even get to work and usually end the day around 10-12 (sometimes only 8, sometimes as much as 15).

I agree that water (or lack of) can affect how normal fiber is processed. If I do happen to short myself a few glasses when I've eaten a bunch of fruit/veggies, I get that bloated, bleh feeling.

The Fiber One reaction was independent of water. It wasn't immediate, either. Say, 3 or so hours later. I thought it was random other things until I realized that it only happened on days I had the cereal or bars, and the other foods I ate varied widely.

8/12/10 1:47 P

Sometimes I've found if I'm not drinking enough water after I eat it things get a little... (to borrow your phrase) unpleasant.

-EMILYB- Posts: 106
8/10/10 5:21 P

The bars and cereal both tasted *delicious* but both left me bloated and a little, um, unpleasant to be around a few hours later. Whatever they use to pack so much fiber in for so few calories did not agree with me. The Fiber One yogurt is great, though, and doesn't hit me that way.

LJRW170 Posts: 432
8/10/10 5:14 P

I've tried their bars, which are ok, but never their cereal. I guess now I'm going to have to buy some. :)

8/10/10 5:11 P

NENATO2: I also hate milk, that's why I use almond milk. It tastes better, and no nasty aftertaste. They also make Fiber One cereal bars in assorted flavors. So good. One bar= the same as 1 serving of cereal.

8/6/10 11:10 P

Oh my yes! Once your system gets over the gassiness of the first few weeks of "more fiber", it makes a huge difference.

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8/6/10 3:08 P

I TOTALLY believe in the power of getting enough fiber!

NENATO2 SparkPoints: (185,008)
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8/6/10 3:06 P

I'll buy it as a snack. I don't like milk, but I do like dry cereal.

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8/6/10 2:09 P

I love their Caramel Delights!

8/6/10 1:18 P

I spent the last two weeks eating two cups of Fiber One cereal with one cup of vanilla almond milk everyday for breakfast. I have never felt better. I'm more regular (gross and TMI, I know). Plus eating breakfast helps me feel better and have more energy throughout the day. Plus Fiber One is so yummy!

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