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1/13/12 12:01 A

I am new to spark and I am turning 30 in June! Good Luck on your journey I just started mine yesterday and I am super excited for you too!

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1/12/12 10:43 P

Welcome to Spark People. There is so much information available to you here. There are teams that you can join that offer support, inspiration and motivation with members of pretty much any interest that you may seek. The food & fitness trackers are invaluable sources at your disposal. There are articles that cover pretty much any topic that you can imagine. Spark people members share blogs that offer you a glimpse at their experience, strength and hope and gives you a look at their perspective. There are health articles and a vast health encyclopedia, if you will, to help you with all manner of physical health issues. There are even games to help you get involved and meet new friends. This is a wonderful positive community of people, like yourself, who want to work their "weigh down" the scale on the path to better health and happiness. Jump in and get involved. I find that the more active I am, the more I get out of it for myself. It's sort of like "paying it forward" and reaping benefits from the backwash! I am so happy that you are here. Bright blessings to you my friend. emoticon Dawn

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1/12/12 9:59 P

Hi and WELCOME to SP!

Sparkpeople is a wonderful combination of information, accountability, inspiration, support and friendship. There is so much here that even after 19 months I'm STILL learning. Give yourself attainable short-range goals to keep you motivated. Join a team or two to find people with similar circumstances and/or goals. Check out the the nutrition and fitness trackers, the exercise demos and videos, the message boards, health articles and wonderful spark recipes.

Don't overlook member blogs. Some of the best advice comes from people that have shared the road with you on this journey. You can begin with mine.

If you have any questions feel free to stop by my spark page or send me a spark mail! I'll do my best to answer or FIND you an answer.

Press On!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/12/12 7:36 P


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1/12/12 7:27 P

Hey all , I'm Tina 29 and single mum to a 3 year old. I've noticed since my little was born (i think its all the cooking and baking cakes we do), and being a at home mum i have gained so much weight

Being my big 30th in march i thought i need to get the real me back. I've never been thin i never will be, all i want is to be the size 12/14 confident, happy woman i use to be... And to be able to walk into a shop with out thinking I'm to fat to wear that!!

In 2011 i went through a bad time with men and i turned to food to help with feeling down then i got lazy and next minute i wake up and all my clothes dont fit....! its getting to the point if i see thin people running i get so angry as i cant see why they doing that!!!!

Well that's me!!! Thanks for reading!!

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