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2/3/14 9:41 A

Thanks for the advice. When you read how hard everyone is working every day you wonder if anyone has lazy moments and for me I was feel discouraged by my lack of motivation yesterday.
Taking the day off helped me feel better today.

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2/2/14 7:37 P

That sounds normal to me. It's good to give yourself a rest occasionally.

I HATE taking rest days...but I find that if I don't get one once every 2-3 weeks, something will happen which forces me to rest. I've had a really sore neck for several days, so I am going to skip my workout today...probably. Well, maybe I will go to the gym and just sit in the hot tub. :)

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2/2/14 6:56 P

I am 3 months into this process. I have been pushing myself these past two days.

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2/2/14 4:38 P

There are lots of reasons for how you feel. I was like that the last couple days. Mainly because of disturbed sleep, however, I DO suffer from fatigue, too. I took it easy those days. Why push yourself when that can actually do more harm at times.

Apart from 'just because' other reasons could be that the last few days you have been pushing yourself a bit too much for you capabilities. Did you just start this program? A lot of people take on too much too soon and very soon start to feel 'blah' or lacking energy.

The same applies to nutrition as it does to exercise. Not eating enough can cause this, as can not eating enough HEALTHY food, including enough lean protein and fruit/veges (think a rainbow of colour for the latter to cover more nutrient bases.) Are you eating enough calories? A lot of people go too low thinking it will be beneficial. This is a situation where less is NOT more!

Giving yourself a day off exercise one or two days a week is actually advisable - it goes your body a chance to repair itself and recover. There is no need to feel guilty over that.

Good luck,

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2/2/14 2:32 P

Online Now  • ))

Sure there are days when I too just feel like taking it easy. If you had a really busy day yesterday, you may just want to kick back and relax a little today. No one says you have to "on" every single day. There are days when we just don't seem to have a whole lot of energy. It happens. Maybe you're catching a cold. Maybe you had a busy week. Maybe you've been stressed out. And maybe, you just want to watch the Superbowl. That's okay.

Recharge your batteries today so that tomorrow you can feel re-energized.

No one says you have to be healthy 24/7. Remember, you don't have to be perfect to be healthy. Every little bit does make a difference.

No worries. You're human.

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2/2/14 2:24 P

I haven't done anything crazy. I even did some exercise today, but I don't really feel like doing anything more. I just want to relax and veg. I just feel guilty because I don't want to do anything today. Is it wrong to take a day to yourself?

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