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7/21/13 1:12 A

For one thing, don't weigh yourself every are stressing yourself out big time!! Sounds, also, like you've hit a plateau. Time to ramp it up and add some exercise. Some of the weight that you lost on WW could've been muscle since you didn't exercise. Definitely time to build that muscle tone back up and lose fat instead.

7/21/13 12:59 A

So I've been on SP for about two weeks now but I'm having some challenges. I used to be on Weight Watchers and lost about 45 pounds on diet alone, no exercise. But WW got a little pricey for me being a recent college graduate. Since then, I've gained 5 pounds and joined SP but I haven't lost any weight yet. I'm feeling discouraged. I keep losing and gaining the same few pounds and I have another 35 pounds to lose. I'll admit, I have issues drinking large amounts of water everyday... could that be hindering my weight loss? My weight also fluctuates up to 5 pounds everyday, is this normal? My calorie range is 1294-1528. But I tend to eat closer to my maximum calorie range.

Any advice?

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