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3/3/14 11:49 A

Welcome back to Spark!!


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3/3/14 7:05 A


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3/2/14 6:13 P


I relate to your story, too. Keep Sparking! I'm glad you're here.

AMIEMICHELE Posts: 2,639
3/2/14 3:53 P

Welcome back. I very much relate to your story. The important thing is that you keep trying.
Good liuck!

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3/2/14 3:51 P

emoticon & best wishes to u.

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3/2/14 3:46 P

Welcome back!

Be proud of yourself for trying, you did great with the first week of your weight training class!
Don't beat yourself up for having a bad day; I still have those myself. The best we can do is to learn from them, and start fresh again the next day. Coming back to Spark is a great first step also!

3/2/14 2:36 P

Not that anyone here knows me, but I'm back. This journey through weight loss is a tough one. I've hit more bumps in the road and more out of control downward spirals than I care to admit. For the past couple of years I've and gained and lost, gained and lost so much that I refer to myself as a 'roller coaster'. Anyway, all that aside, this is one of my many battles in life.

Keeping my head high and not allowing the negative to consume me, yet again...
My highest weight was 296. I currently weigh 258. I've been as low as 235. I've gone back up as high as 280. You see my issues? I have many.

But here I am again today. Trying. Trying hard. I have a gym membership, Last week I completed WEEK 1 on a weight training class. It's an hour long 3 times a week and it's terribly difficult, but I did it! Getting my cardio in 2 days a week and resting on the weekend.

Yesterday was a REALLY hard day for me and today I am beating myself up for it. We had to travel and I knew I was going to be eating at restaurants for every meal until we got back home. My son's final Special Olympics Basketball game of the season, where he and his team were proud recipients of the Gold Medal, made all my poor decisions worth it. Today I deal with the guilt.

So I went from having a tremendously successful week to a day and a half of thinking "It's just one day...) I'm pretty sure I found the 2 lbs I lost over the week during the one day.

Trying to keep my head on straight and continue to tackle this because I'm not always going to be successful and I need to learn how to deal with that.

Finally I'd like to say, if I could ask God one question, it would be: "Why is food (insert your indulgences here) so enjoyable?" It really makes having less of one thing and more of You difficult.

Thanks for reading.

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