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10/12/13 9:15 P

The best way to a permanent healthy lifestyle is to start slow with easy healthier everyday choices. Try walking more places, or riding a bike, make small alterations to your meals (ex. olive oil instead of butter, low fat choices, whole wheat breads, veggies over carbs) then start to work in small cardio workouts and weight training when possible. Slowly increase your nutrition knowledge and fitness level as time goes on. This way your body has time to adjust to the changes and you don't get warn out too fast. You don't want to ever feel like your "dieting" or that you "have to work out" Little changes can make a big difference. Good luck!

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10/12/13 8:46 P


JANET552 Posts: 30,007
10/12/13 6:31 P

emoticon emoticon Track your food and see what you need to work on. Baby steps!! Slow and steady win the race!

PATTIE441 Posts: 45,286
10/12/13 6:14 P

Welcome Back! emoticon emoticon We are so glad you here! Yes, I agree! You can find what motivates you, and start with baby steps. Eat a healthy breakfast, look for spark recipes for meals. Look for motivating blogs. Start walking outside, or even in your hallway back and forth to music. One step can lead to bigger steps! You can do it!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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10/12/13 6:13 P

It is not easy to do it takes a real reason to do this. The strongest reason to do this is healthy living. I am 70 years young and was diagnosed Type 2 diabetes, Hugh blood pressure and high Cholesterol.
I do not struggle for weight loss I struggle to stay healthy and mobile as long as I can.

I have always been healthy and athletic and being overweight never bothered me. Then came a Physical and I was handed all of those conditions were hiding in my body. I thought I was healthy as a horse. I saw the writing on the wall it is not just being over weight it is trying to stay healthy. I am sure you are younger than I am. but I have decided it is a good plan to follow the Spark and stay healthy as long as I can.

Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon
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10/12/13 4:03 P

I was on Spark people in 2007as well.
I had a bunch of shenanigans and quit signing on as well.

I had forgotten how awesome spark people is I too am excited to make a life style change,and feel and look better..Hopefully the changes I make will be permanent.

I don't think you can just stop your old habits and instantly acquire a healthy lifestyle.
You can find what motivates you then make subtle changes in your activity and food choices and I think in time every thing else will just fall into place.

Good luck :)
You CAN do it!!!!

10/12/13 3:25 P

hey everyone! not really a new member. In fact, I joined SP back in late 2007, started my weigh loss journey pretty well. lost about 45 pounds then real life, family issues got in the way and I stopped everything that I've been doing and of course gained all that weight back and more. not wanna start over again but need tips. how do you make a fresh start into creating a healthy lifesyle and sticking with it? thank you!

Stephora aka Successbabe55 emoticon

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