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11/15/13 11:05 P

emoticon emoticon

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11/15/13 2:23 P

Congratulations for changing to a healthy way of eating! emoticon
You are correct: healthy eating is so important!

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11/15/13 12:35 A

GAMMIE101, you and I have found the Holy Grail. My story almost mirrors yours except I am older than you. I started in May 2011, reached goal in February 2012, and have successfully maintained ever since. Life is not only good, it's a hoot!

Spark On!

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11/14/13 1:01 P

You are emoticon !!!

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11/14/13 11:52 A

Good luck!

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11/14/13 6:52 A

Great work!

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11/14/13 6:34 A

You rock!!!!


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11/13/13 3:59 P

I started my weight lost program the first week in May. Starting watching what I eat and exercising everyday. I have lost a total of 33lbs and only looking to lose about 7 more lbs and then just maintain. It wasn't easy. It takes real will power to cut back and put some of those goodies that we like so well. It took me several years to make myself do this. Trust me if I can do this anyone can. I am 47 years old and can now where the same size clothes that I wore in college. Keep the faith and don't give up. Sometimes you feel like you are at a stand still, but keep pushing yourself because you will be happy with the results. My prayers are with everyone who is trying to create a healthy lifestyle and not just to lose weight.

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