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11/8/11 9:49 A

" I am glad he wants to do it and I will gladly support him, but I fear there is a huge disconnect somewhere. I just think that kids of my kids generation have no idea how good they have it. " - I think this is said of every generation.

It's hard for kids to really understand extreme poverty and worse. BUT I think when we are empathetic to those in need, when we do charity work and have our kids assist as appropriate they learn over time to be empathetic and help others. Eventually they understand.

Keep it up your kids will "Get It" one day.

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11/1/11 5:18 A

i just started grad school and working full time as a single parent. I think at times I am crazy and workouts go out the door because there is only one of me. I feel the same way when my one year old yells mommy when I am leaving. I feel guilty about the time i am not seeing him, but I try to remind myself that this is for the future, for my dream, and for my family of 2. It is hard work being a parent and working full time. I am trying to devote lots of time to school with all of the papers I end up staying up late. I know there has to be a balance somewhere over the next 4 years. I am so glad I am not the only one that feels this pull as a parent. godbless all the people out there that write these blogs. It helps me keep focus.

ZUMBA4SHEL Posts: 14
10/31/11 11:42 P

I know! I think the hardest part for me is the kids just want more, more, more. They have no idea how good they have it. About a month ago, I lost it and made them sit down and watch a few You-Tube videos from Somalia, about starving children who had nothing. Although it probably did have an immediate impact, I doubt they remember it now. Even as my son raises money for his "Kiwana's-Kids" and trick-or-treats for Unicef, I wonder if he really "gets" what it is he is raising money for. He reads off his box, "$1.00 pays for protein biscuits for a starving child" and I am like, really? Do you even know what a protein biscuit is? I am glad he wants to do it and I will gladly support him, but I fear there is a huge disconnect somewhere. I just think that kids of my kids generation have no idea how good they have it. I am sure my mother would tell me the same thing, and as she would say, what goes around comes around. I am just really afraid there isn't going to be anything to come around again...

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10/31/11 2:23 P

oh yeah this week consisits of tonight trick or treating. working 8-5 mon thru Friday, 530 -930 teaching an eveing class, on my lunch breaks I will do home health visits. Plus when I get home I am over whelmed with mom, mom, mom. Can you , would you, see this, did you do... Where will there be anytime for me??? I dont think they see that all this extra working is going to pay off next summer for the family vacation to DISNEY WOLRD ALL CASH TRIP. Because mom gave her all, while they whined and complained they have to unload the dishwasher and clean their own rooms. Maybe I'll take me a trip all by myself. Awe then I'd just be lonely calling them and asking them if they did unload the dishwasher and clean their rooms. So, I better just take them with me, and enjoy the fact they need me. Even if there are days when I could go CRAZY!

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10/31/11 11:19 A

Love it, I can so relate

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10/31/11 9:19 A

Thanks for Sharing emoticon

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10/31/11 1:06 A


I can relate to every word in there. Thanks for taking the time to share that!

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10/30/11 11:05 P

I'm in my last semester of grad. school online and I'm completely unmotivated in terms of my school work. If I do my school work, then I feel like my kid is probably suffering. If I pay attention to my darling little one, then I feel like I'm not getting any grad. school work accomplished. I just haven't been able to find a balance this semester and wonder if maybe I'm just sick and tired of trying to please professor's, read textbooks, write papers, and stay up later reading yet again. It's enough to drive me crazy to have a full-time teaching job on top of all of this.

So, trust me, I completely relate to you. It is hard to stay motivated with all of the negativity in the news and I've just gotten to the point where I very seldom watch the news.

I don't know if this would help or not, but I keep a schedule of what we're going to eat each night and make it before the week begins. This takes discipline, but it means that we have a home cooked meal each night when I'm working and I get to spend the maximum amount of time with my little one once I get him from daycare.

Hang in there and remember that our kiddoes love us:)! It makes all the mountains worth climbing.

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10/30/11 4:31 P

I like your poem. As a new mom who is very tired from lack of sleep due to my newborn's sleep schedule, and is in someways excited and other ways dreading going back to work, I can relate to your thoughts. Definitely all worth it in the end emoticon , but parenting is a very self-less jobs that often leaves little, if any, time to take care of ones self. Good luck in your weight loss journey.

ZUMBA4SHEL Posts: 14
10/28/11 9:02 P

This is a poem I wrote yesterday, how many of you can relate?

I am not quite sure why I find myself tired, and too often I find that my life’s uninspired. When I look at my day, there are huge mountains to climb, and it always seems like I’m ten-steps behind. I find myself anxious, as if I can’t stay in my skin, like a pot full of water, boiling over at the brim. I know life is good, but I still scream and holler, and then nobody listens, so I wonder why bother? Clean up your room, get dressed, and please stay on task! Most days I don’t think this is too much to ask! There are days that I swear, that I must be crazy, but some part of me knows, I too am being lazy… I hate doing laundry. I hate doing dishes. I hate granting everybody else’s wishes. I try to be fit and stay in good health, but seriously, life would be easier with a little more wealth… When I listen to the news, it’s all gloom and doom. Sometimes I can’t stand it, and just leave the room. The politics and fighting, the left and the right, all compound my worries, and I don’t sleep at night. Don’t get me wrong, as many things are worthwhile, like the strength of a hug and warmth of a smile. The sound of laughter, and a giggle or two, and of course, those coveted words, “I love you”. Sometimes the kids tell me, “You’re the best mom on earth”, which seems to ease all those worries, and then I know what I’m worth. On the days that I’m tired, when all has gone wrong, I need to be tough and I need to be strong. I need to take a deep breath, relax and unwind and know that those mountains are all worth the climb.

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