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OZARKMARY Posts: 8,506
5/24/10 8:09 A

Hi! Just wondering how you are doing? Hoping you have caught on and that you come to the Spark daily. That is what has kept me going this time. Did you make your Sparkpage yet? Hope so. Have a great week! mary emoticon emoticon

MASHAMOO Posts: 1,667
5/24/10 7:02 A

Three basic things:
Food tracker
Fitness tracker

If you spend a bit of time trying to get a lot of sparkpoints (look under the tab that says "My Tools" and click on ""My Sparkpoints") you'll find you're navigating your way around with more ease.

JUSTBIRDY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (67,620)
Posts: 9,840
5/23/10 11:22 P

The more I am on, the more I tend to go to the start page.

5/23/10 11:10 P

You are right there just is SO MUCH to do as a Spark person. But I think the easiet approach is to Login spin the wheel to get your Spark Points and take it from there. What I try to do is get as many points as I can and through all those opportunities to get points, you can read, learn, looks at comments, find articles of interest and get more motivated. The more time spent on the website the more motivated you get and the more experienced you become on navigating this website. Good Luck!

KASSIANDORA SparkPoints: (40,996)
Fitness Minutes: (39,046)
Posts: 1,941
5/21/10 11:00 P

I like idea of using the Sparkpoints page as a guide on what to do when you feel lost. There is a link to the right that says View Sparkpoints. If you click it on it you will see a list of ways to earn sparkpoints.

5/21/10 7:16 P

I agree. It took me a while too, but once I really put myself into it...I've stuck with it and luv it!

OZARKMARY Posts: 8,506
5/16/10 5:10 P

The hardest thing is just keeping at it. This is my 3rd yr on SP, but only the first time to let it work for me. Keep at it. It takes awhile to figure things out, but it is soooo worth it. Read, learn, will help you to stay on track. Best of luck to you on your journey! Like I said, stick with it!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

HAPPYHARTZ SparkPoints: (90,009)
Fitness Minutes: (124,735)
Posts: 2,131
5/15/10 6:21 P

Everyone is giving you great advice. I joined in June of 09' and quickly got overwhelmed. Take a breath and follow the advice the others have given. Keep in mind why you came here and what your goals are. You don't need to do it all unless you want to. It takes time you are not here to win a race you are here to make a better you. I wish you all the best!

TRIGFROST SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,599)
Posts: 2,192
5/15/10 4:44 P

Go to the Start page
Go to the Quick Links on the side of page
Go to the Spark-Diet page

FIEVEL96 Posts: 107
5/15/10 4:08 P

I have joined SP a few times in the past, and have "quit" each time (until this one). I just gave up. This time, I have real motivation -- free vacation days from work if my team wins the weight loss competition! Something I don't need money to reward myself with!

I also started over a couple of times...there is a button for that under your Account Preferences/Settings from your Start page. This might help you get back on track, without having to delete & re-make an account!

I agree with KJEANNE about setting up your SparkPage! I did that this time, and am loving the interaction with other members! I am also active in my SparkTeam (currently the one for my joined week only), and a make a point to make a blog entry each day. I get comments on my blogs, which makes me feel special on top of getting a few things off my mind!

Hope this helps!

KJEANNE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (31,713)
Posts: 2,093
5/12/10 12:21 P

Great ideals. I would also suggest you take time to set up your spark page. That really made me think about myself and what I wanted achieve.

LISSA17SMITH SparkPoints: (3,527)
Fitness Minutes: (1,200)
Posts: 66
5/12/10 11:04 A

I would have to agree - the most helpful thing was to start tracking food and exercise. After that, I go to "View Sparkpoints" and see what other tasks I can do for the day.

AMOHAME2 Posts: 1,557
5/12/10 8:23 A

I found it helped just to start by tracking food and exercise. Then maybe start poking around the message boards and make a post or two when you're ready. Take it slow and eventually you'll know your way around the site and enjoy finding new things to read, new teams and forums to post in and new people to interact with

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,369
5/11/10 12:34 P

It can be overwhelming, but you don't need to do everything or do everything all at once. Try picking just a few things that you feel are more important and do those. Some resources that might help you with this are below.

Getting Started Guide:

Tutorial videos:

The help button at the top of the page may be helpful for you too.

Some main tasks to do that you may want to do are: track your food with the nutrition tracker, track your exercise with the fitness tracker, blog and/or join some teams that interest you. Those are just some of the main things that may be easier for you to focus on, but you are not limited to those things either.

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

MARYTEA Posts: 2
5/10/10 7:16 P

I "joined" SparkPeople a few years ago, although I have not been at all active in this. I purchased "The Spark", and it is beginning to light a "spark" with me! However, when I come back to the site, I am "lost" as to where I begin, and how much time I have to spend on the site each day. Are there three basic things that I could start with? So much available here, it is overwhelming!

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