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10/24/12 6:03 P

I have days/weeks like that too. If you aren't able to exercise because of an injury, try some exercises for the part of your body that you can use; for example, some light weights or even soup cans to do some upper body exercises. To avoid snacking out of frustration or boredom, find ways of keeping your hands busy; i.e., knit or crochet, organize your photographs, write Christmas cards early. Hope your knee is better soon.

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10/24/12 5:58 P

I recently switched jobs and found myself getting home a lot later than i would like. I too am tired and grumpy at the end of the day. i do love to cook, however not after working all day at my job...

so i purchased a crock pot and put dinner in it in the morning and its warm and ready for me to eat when i walk through the door....

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10/24/12 3:49 P

Coach Tanya had some great tips and links.

I hope you get the oomph you need to get you going - even in little steps at first

10/24/12 2:45 P

I've been working a lot of 8am - 7pm shifts here lately so I know tired when you get off. On the weekend I take time to pre prep my food, i make large meals and seperate them out and also prepare small meals with little prep (wraps are a good one). Take small steps. Start with planning out your meals, and when you're comfortable with that move on to the next step. You can walk 10 minutes everyday and slowly work your way up, then add other routines in there.

You have to do something you can manage.

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10/24/12 12:52 P

There are a number of ways to find a buddy here on SparkPeople. Here's an article with a rundown of easy ways to find your next fitness, motivation or weight-loss buddy at SparkPeople!

Find a Fitness Buddy
How to Find a Goal Buddy on SparkPeople

Hope that helps.

Coach Tanya

10/24/12 6:29 A

Re: Spark Buddies

Yep, SP does have a way for you to find others who want a buddy too. There's a way to ask for it by age, location, gender, etc., but I can't for the life of me remember how to do it!

Spark Coach? More experienced member?

People also request a buddy on the message boards, so you can post for it there as well.

Best of success to you.

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10/24/12 2:23 A

In making a choice to eat healthier, remind yourself of the post which said to make small changes. The example given was to eliminate soda as one small step toward healthy living. "Bit by bit, anything is a cinch."

Using this same, "Bits" theory, as you are making changes in your diet, allow yourself to still get some quick dinners from the store. But instead of grabbing anything, have a plan and be mindful about it. Some of the frozen dinners have many more calories and are higher in fat and hydrogenated oils than others. Take time some weekend and look at the labels so that you know which frozen dinners to avoid, and which are within a healthy range with more nutrients and fewer calories than other frozen meals. Two examples are Lean Cusine and Weight Watchers.

You can use some time on weekends to cook for the week in advance. For example, if you live alone, you could probably eat for a week on one chicken cooked Sunday afternoon, having left-overs prepared in a variety of ways.

You might join weight watchers. My girlfriend just lost 12 pounds in 7 weeks using that program.

A combination of both home-cooked and mindful choosing of quick meals from the store can bring you closer to your fitness goals.

Keep reading posts in these message boards for innumerable ideas and tips from other members who are going through the same struggles as you.

Best wishes....

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10/24/12 1:00 A

SP_COACH_TANYA thank you for the links emoticon

I always tell others the the biggest reason people fail with taking up activities is they expect of the go from 0 to 60 the first time out. I REALLY need to take my own advice. emoticon

LMILTON67 you are right. I HAVE to cut out the eating out. Not only would it be healthier, it would save me a lot of money.

Okay, I'm saying no more "easy meal" nights. I'm not going to say I'll stop eating out, cuz I KNOW that is setting myself up to fail. But if I want to eat out, it has to be a sit down with friends and/or family. At least, that's how I'm going to try to work it.

Does Sparkpeople have anything like dieting buddies? People that pair up and talk about their efforts and keep each other accountable?

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10/23/12 12:16 P

I understand about the wrenched knee and the worker's comp, it happened to my husband last November and he wasn't able to go back until April or so.

But if you're fully recovered, or even if you aren't, you can't use it as an excuse anymore. Small steps are the best way to start. Start by cutting something unhealthy out of your diet. For me it was Pepsi. I was totally addicted to my caffeine fix several times a day. I replaced it with bottled water and because I like drinks with flavor, I add Mio or Crystal Light packets to it. I have cut soda to pretty much just when we eat out, which is the other thing that needs to be cut back on. Eating out! Although many restaurants and stores have what they call "healthy" alternatives, often times they really aren't. Most restaurants have their menu's and nutrition information posted online, so if you are going out, choose from that first to get the healthiest dish you can. I also rarely eat the whole serving, just half, then I have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day.

You have the will power, you just need a starting point. Think of Dorothy taking baby steps at the beginning of the yellow brick road. This is your journey to Oz.


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10/23/12 11:30 A

Set small goals to get you back into the healthy habits you desire. At the same time, understand your habits and pitfalls and set goals that help you work within them. For example, dinner. You have said you are lazy and grumpy at that time of night (as many of us are after a long day). Embrace your habits and move on by planning ahead to be sure you have quick but health conscience options in your pantry to get a meal on the table that doesn't require a lot of time. This article might help you in your planning.

Think You're Too Busy to Eat Healthy?
Quick Shopping & Cooking Tips for People on-the-Go

There are plenty of options to get moving that don't include going to a gym and perhaps you want to start with those and work your way back up. Here are some articles can help you put a plan together that allows you to get at least 10 minutes of exercise a day that gets you moving again.

Small Bits of Fitness Add Up
Exercise Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Squeezing in Exercise
How I Learned to Stay Active on the Run

Think ''Fit'', Not ''Fast''
Modern Inconveniences

Coach Tanya

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10/23/12 10:16 A

I started on this site a long time ago. I've been using it on an off in that time, but often life gets in the way, or so I tell myself.

Six weeks ago I wrenched my knee and was off on Worker's Comp. Needless to say, my mobility was severely limited while I recovered. Now, I KNOW I need to get back into things, but it's so hard. I know on an intellectual level that if I just GO to the gym I'll get rid of the BLAHS and start feeling better. But at the end of the day I'm so bloody tired that I just want to chill out, have some dinner and head to bed.

The other problem I have is dinner. I am LAZY. And I'm grumpy. I don't want to cook. So instead I go to local stores and get ready made meals that have caloric values I don't want to think about. But I rationalize it because I'm just sooooo tired.

I know all this is bull$#&*. I do. I still cant' get myself motivated. I keep saying I'll start "tomorrow" and of course "tomorrow" never comes. Could someone kick me in the ass please?

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