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12/17/11 10:47 A

Hi Moni and welcome back!!! Coach Denise gave you the best info so I'll just say we are glad you returned!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 42,549
12/17/11 10:01 A

Welcome back! I'm not quite sure what you mean by going back to "regular basic sparks setting" though. If you want to reset your program and start over, you can do that, but that will clear out all previously tracked data. So if you don't want to lose that data, you won't want to reset. If you do want to reset, this page has instructions on how to do that:
Can you tell me what you are looking for when you say "regular basic sparks setting"?

As for the diabetic program, this page has info on how to add that:

I hope that helps!

Coach Denise

MONI_NOW Posts: 7
12/17/11 1:33 A

Hi All,

I'm back again after about a year away... looking back at my tracker, I notice that I'd previously messed with the setting and want to go back to whatever the regular basic sparks setting is, but I don't know how to go about that. If anyone remembers how, please share? I remember that sparks was getting ready to have a diabetic program. I am diabetic. Where do I find out more about that? I'm sure it's all here, but right now I'm feeling overwhelmed and just want to start off slow and easy to get back into the groove again. Thanks for your response.


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