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Yes that is correct! Could not fit alcohol in slimming world & the meals took up a lot of my time! This site is so much better with thousands of tips! from exercise to your own sparks page plus all for free! I really do like this site! Keep Just 3 times Joining for free! Must stick if want to make this work! That's how it is supposed to be done! I 2 months ago set up my own spark's page & put in Arms Excercising setting alarm on the cooker! Which I stood in kitchen and was washing cleaning Our Cat Bowls for 5 minutes with out arms stopping for 3 minutes! EXCERCISE! I felt I was excercising all week! maybe walking aswell! What do you have for Breakfast healthy meal first THEN Lunch Snacks/ Dinner/ Evening treat/ Alcohol/ or maybe not. The reason I am asking this is I can only fit in Breakfast Biscuits in & A Low Fat Yogurt in is that ok?

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Yourpost is very difficult for me to read, but it sounds like you want to be able to fit alcohol in your food plan and that you need ideas for means, is that correct? You also don't want to cook much.

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7/15/13 10:01 P

With a different username! Ohh feel heavy. Ned to lose shorts look horrible on me! Even tho they are denim size 14! Check top does not suit me don't like it! I went out for some clothes last week for my birthday. Present of Parents! this time type what do you have for breakfast lunch tea? Ah that might give me some ideas! Went & tried slimming world got fed up all this cooking & nothing getting done! only tried it for a week went back to see what the weigh was! 1/2 lb because was not doing slimming on Saturday from Wednesday group. Alcohol Alcohol cant fit it in! Not allowed Spirtits husband fair! emoticon

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